Arcade Longplay [370] Street Fighter II: The World Warrior -

Arcade Longplay [370] Street Fighter II: The World Warrior

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  1. Remember used to go the video store just to play this game because they had the arcade booth there.

  2. Ending is so nostalgic😢☺️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Man I remember this was the arcade machine in my neighbourhood, one day they tuned it all the way up to eleven and it was insanity. Every character punched like a truck, and most of them could one-shot you in some ways.
    Blanka biting your head 100 to zero and Honda hugging you to death were pretty hilarious.

  4. half way thru already one of the best youtube clips ive ever seen

  5. I’m a Thai kid and I still have no idea where Sagan lives ,also the Buddha statue right there does not exist… 14:52

  6. what all the other street fighter games are missing that street fighter 2 had. A dude getting knocked out right in the beginning.

  7. Wow thank you so much for this upload.. while watching trough all this vide5i always checked my pockets for coins to purchase credit. Plus I grew up on a small village. There was only two of this arcade machines and both were out of service 2/6 every week because the joystick would get ripped out of place because of this game

  8. I thought I was playing this game too 😂😂

  9. I could get all perfects on this game in hardest reliably.

  10. If I see you in the arcade playing SF2… Remind me to save my quarters! 😂

  11. This Street Fighter game is hard too much, and a lot of people speak as if they had played like this person on this video. This is game is a garbage.

  12. I honestly like the old version more than new one


    I never understood why Chun Li has an orange outfit in character select in the World Warrior

  14. Ladies and gentlemens this video game turned 33 years old

  15. No any match to today's games with this masterpiece my childhood sweet memories forever don't let this Masterpiece die street fighter world and mortal Kombat, contra, streets of rage no.01 game forever

  16. Sin dudas el.mejor juego de mi infancia. Se nota aca que esta en modo facil, porque en las maquinas de arcade los personajes eran dificiles de vencer.

  17. Pause at 0:55 when Ryu does the jump kick. Am I the only one saw an artwork fail? Shouldn't the non-kicking foot be pointing down?

  18. Meu primeiro jogo wue joguri no fliperama tinha entre 7 e 8 anos de idade e meu amigo.mais velho que me apresentou o fliperama e garantia a ficha tinha entre 12 e 13 anos de idade epoca irada lembro como si fossi hj depois ficava o dia inteuro interrado no fliperama minha mae ficava doida atras de mim eu gostava tanto disso que nem sentia a fome na época nem existia a moedpa real no Brasil.kkk

  19. My 7YO nephew beat my wife who is 32 on vacation with Dhalism vs Chun Li. We cried laughing 😂

  20. I still play this game bcz it looks new always.

  21. Damn watching this brought back so many childhood memories.

  22. My dad told me about this game
    And honestly i might find a way to buy it someday

  23. You're a jester. Very low mode. Jester.

  24. I still have no idea what Ryu is saying during the spinning kick move

  25. Good times. Before the world became woke and deluded. No useless evil social media. Just childhood fun.

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