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April Fools Jokes in Fighting Games

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  1. damn i remember when we use to hate the absolute hell out of FEH (the owl in the fire emblem trailer). LK telling her to stfu brought back mad memories of being tilted post feh channel bc they didnt announce anything good

  2. Can you imagine how sick a fire emblem fighting game would be though god damn

  3. some of these 'jokes' are just sick fuck shit, it's really incredible

    the one i remember was EGM's "sonic and tails in melee" joke, that one was pain

  4. Why is it always they come up with the coolest shit for April fools

  5. This is my first time seeing the Fire Emblem fighting game April Fools joke and never before have I been hurt this bad

    I'm on my knees, please someone make it happen

  6. I would pay money to see LK colab with some FE youtubers

  7. Now that FE it's the biggest it's ever been, it's the best time to make FE Fighters a reality.

  8. I wasn't expecting you to put the idolmaster million live april fools shit in this lmfao

  9. The fire emblem heroes is actually done by Allison Kadiz a fan spriter in the fire emblem heroes community, it was never a real trailer from feh! Going to send this video to her right now though LOL.

  10. "Why does she have a gun" FEH is why.
    It's just so funny hearing LK tell the owl to STFU.

  11. the fire emblem one was fan-made by a group of people, mainly my friend allison. all of the animations were made by hand!! super impressive

  12. The FE fighter talking about rollback almost made me spit out my drink. Holy shit that hurts.

  13. The gacha industry has made it a habit of presenting good ideas as a joke. Ofc gacha can't be expected to actually make something good.

  14. It's a 3D game but a 2V2 Fate FG is Crucis Fatal Fake. It still uses motion inputs.

  15. Not really fighting games, but when capcom showed that amazing megaman x redesign a few april fools days ago i felt nothing but pain.

  16. I am SO glad that the Fighting EX Layer reveal was not just an April Fools' joke. Street Fighter EX is actually part of my childhood so to hear that the original characters (and soundtracks) of that series are getting another chance.

    Seeing that there was someone who would be so cruel enough to make a Capcom VS SNK 3 joke is just disheartening. I am sorry everyone who saw that particularly "joke"…

    And LOL. How come I actually knew about the Idolm@ster fighting game joke long before this video? XD

  17. Oh god the fake Fire Emblem fighting game trailer is so sad, why couldn't it be real. I want one! Argh!

  18. Nah i need that fire emblem fighting game

  19. 5:14 I can tell that the game is fake because there's not a dozen Wrys in that select screen.
    EDIT: Spoke too soon, but it's still only one.

  20. the fire emblem one is a premonition to a real fire emblem fighting game coming out nexy year

  21. I remember when Slippi turned on all of the non legal stages in unranked mode for April Fools and had people MAD TIGHT bc they couldn't get in practice 🤣🤣 Then Fizzi pulled up and just said "Deal with it" . Def a good one in my eyes

  22. haha woops i might've helped with that fire emblem thing LOL

  23. I didn't know about the fire emblem one until now and screw you for making me learn about it.

  24. Props to Skullgirls for keeping their super fun April fools character in the game and even polishing her into a full fledged character

  25. Will didn't punch chris rock it was a thousand fold palm

  26. You didn't talk about the best april fools that wasn't an april fools at all : the damn strive lobby announced on April the First T_T
    Everyone thought it was a joke, it couldn't be anything else than a joke, right ? Nope, here's your shitty pixel sprite lobby in the final game…

    I still haven't fully recovered from this one

  27. The FE one hits me almost as hard as the Tales of the Rays April Fools a couple of years ago. These devs out here really just love inflicting pain, I swear.

  28. I agree, a Fate 2v2 would likely blow up out of proportion these days. Your team has to be 1 magician and 1 servant, add the usual bogus story of alternate timeline where anything can happen and these pairings can happen completely unrestricted. Servant KO'd, you can't use meter anymore. Magician KO'd, lose the round. Add that Fate flavor, have a DNF Duel bonkers balance, voila. lol

  29. you showing me that Fate 2v2 2D picture makes me so sad. i neeeeeeeeed that game

  30. Man that Fire Emblem one was painful to watch. Also, who the hell would buy a game that smells like cow manure on fire?

  31. "Fan fiction characters on the left" I appreciate this so much. So, so much

  32. Sonic in melee. Lol imagine. Sonic in a Nintendo game.

  33. I think Sakura has lost her claim to that tune. That's Max's music now. :p

  34. The most painfull April fools jokes are anouncements of the game evrybody wants the devs to make but they refuse to do it
    Like the fire emblem and CvS3 ones just hurt ( ed:even tho the FE one was fanmade)
    On a lighter note my favorite joke a few years back was Arcsys turning their characters into idols,
    comprising entierly of male characters, except Kum haehyun but even shes in her buff old man robot.
    The Guilty Bear thing this year was pretty cute also

  35. CvS3 gave me lasting emotional damage, let me tell you.

  36. the sheer disrespect to smash in this video is palpable
    didn't even mention Sonic and Tails

  37. Ill never understand making an april fools joke a product I want to buy. Its like they don't want to sell us things we would pay money for.

  38. God I want a fire emblem fighting game, with like kof flow and movement

  39. That Fire Emblem one is actually pain though.

  40. Man, I really want that fate game 🙁

  41. FUCK I never knew the FE joke goddamn I'm in a lot of pain right now.

  42. That outro was the funniest shit I’ve ever heard

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