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-ANYONE- Can Play Fighting Games.

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Dramatic Retelling of Fanatiq Trying To Learn Blazblue:

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  1. This is without a doubt my favorite video on youtube. Thank you Jiyuna.

  2. "I'm just trying to do something cool!"
    That's how it starts! 😀

  3. definitely agree with any one can. i think where the issue is… is the player willing to endure the ass whooping they gunna get learning. and the point you make about making shit look cool and sound good definitely helps the learning process. bc even tho they getting there ass whooped they still winning by doing moves they love. ie i suck at DBZF but if i get to final flash one of my opponent characters into obivilion , im satisfied. played back in the 90's. stopped and started back up when street fighter 5 came out. been loving my journey ever since.

  4. Too many times, I've seen people look down on casuals saying how they will never want to learn to get better. Maybe that's true to an extent. But then I see this Bunny learning things on the fly, and having that "EUREKA!" moment when something clicks. It only confirms what I've known all along that those naysayers are wrong.

  5. Kinda cringe to use a streamer as an example of a normal new players process to learning. She is rewarded for doing this by money. The vast majority of people playing will have just dished out money they aren't getting back to play the game and will be expecting a return (consistent entertainment) from that investment. I don't even disagree with majinobama most of the time, just please don't reach so hard to prove your point. Really makes me and other people probably look at your whole point in a negative light

  6. she said shoryuken like someone who knows what it is.

  7. It’s funny cause I am a smash player who has desperately wanted to learn OTHER fighting games and have always been confused by the ways people show combos in that number notation cause it’s COMPLETELY different from anything I have learned. I never realized that those numbers were supposed to placed on a number pad and feel like I have learned so much. Thank you for this video.

  8. How are numbpad notations better than arrows? Japanese people will understand ⬇️↘️➡️✊

  9. If u watch very carefully, theres a talking shiba on the screen..

    Edit: fuq this bitch, shd figured out that crap just lookin at the keyboard? She capping. I had to google that shit to get it

  10. thats why i love mix mix and thrust in fuast kit that shit fun

  11. I haven’t played a fighting game since sf2 as a kid. I randomly picked up gg strive and decided to get a fight stick. Made it to the end of mission 4 stars…and can pull off the last lesson combo after like 30 minutes of failure almost every time now. Best feeling ever. Thought that cool looking stuff would always be over my head. Now how to implement that in a match lol. Def found my new genre

  12. This dog is a god.

    I also hate the term,"Esports", and I never knew fanatiq was so pressed about learning notation lol.

  13. You know why you clicked this video and it ain't got nothing to do with Guilty Gear.

  14. I still think number notation is an eyesore and a pain in big chunks, but it does function and surpass language barriers for people who want to understand what does what.

  15. *look at your keyboard, do 289"
    me:… holy shits numbers have been number pad this whole fucking time sigh

  16. I don't even know what a Roman cancel is…

  17. i love this bc her reaction is literally what i did this is a great video and the whole number pad thing really confused me at first as well then yeah i got it after i looked it up haha

  18. i mean, i recall playing #R and going on Dustloop when it was Just forums and still seeing numpad notation there, and I don't get why people would sacrifice accuracy for familiarity. Not to mention that without that accuracy it is way harder to convey unique motions, like goldlewis in strive off the top of my head. How would you notate his moves, when Every abbreviation could be 2-4 separate attacks (for instance, 'HCB' or 'half-circle back' could mean 63214 or 69874, since he has moves with both.)

  19. Let people do cool shit before teaching them tech. Hell yeah.

  20. When somebody says that there is usually a Smurf problem in FG that is because it's really hard to find players of your skill level when there are not a lot of players TO BEGIN WITH.

    Bigger the community bigger the player pool, better the matchmaking.
    Of course this gets solved automatically with everything solved before it..

  21. 5:45 'mericans: we are not stupid
    also 'merican: numbers hard

  22. "6 is my lucky number, because that means 'forward'". Wow, mindblown here too.

    Thank Osiris I love Tekken (and computer engineering), so nothing is frustrating for me anymore. I mean in life. Loosing is part of my life.

  23. You can see the magic happen. It's awesome!

  24. 2022 and still so relevant its amazing theres not many views to this day.

  25. >Make sure to follow Bunny on Twitter and Twitch

    No, I don't think I will

  26. This mf really had to make sure that we all knew he knew nothing about this girl, never heard of her before, he just happened to be watching someone else, completely innocently and was just unknowingly thrown into this hurls stream. No idea how he even got there.

  27. It’s a simple genre. You can literally button mash and sometimes win. That’s why the accessibility arguments are so annoying.

  28. To all the new people to fighting games, just have fun. That's what it's all about. And to the salty vets. Stop gatekeeping and let new people enjoy the game. A larger player base means more money for devs to deliver more content and what not. We are all here to have fun. Lessgo

  29. no joke, looking down at the numpad actually helped me understand notation

  30. Realizing I'm part FGC Boomer because the Number Pad Notation infuriates me.
    I got into Strive with my friend and I've been playing Street Fighter since he was born but when I try to look up Strive move lists online it's written in numbers and it gets worse when my friend on call is talking numbers at me. I don't have a pc so I can't just look down at the number pad to figure it out.
    I tried for 2 games in a row to use Baiken's Parry but I screwed up every time thinking I had read Quarter Circle Back + Punch so I tried Quarter Circle Forward + Punch and got it.
    Thank God Strive in-game has the traditional inputs because the numbers are Moon Runes to me.

  31. I forgot how I found Bunny on twitch, but it was this video. Thanks Obama.

  32. I love this video. I think you made a lot of very good points. The guy on the forums demonstrated it too – he said he was a quick learner but then refused to learn anything that was suggested to him. Bunny really seemed to want to learn, and you have to have that thirst for knowledge if you're going to play a fighting game. It's not something you can just do passively, as much as other games.

  33. if you watch maximillon dood's twitch stream he spends about 4 hours just learning bnb combos. Fighting games these days are so complex that you have to invest so much time just to learn the ins and outs of 1 character.

  34. I play fighting games today because I thought the guy with the moustache had nice style (Dudley)

  35. I just play casually with my husband but been trying to get back into it and play with people online again. I used to play a lot when I didn't have a job. I know to overcome where I'm at in terms of building skills such as learning the rest of the cast so I can better play against them, work on my reaction time and move reading, work on learning my frame data accurately, and learning higher damaging combos in order to continue to improve my gameplay is what keeps me from really excelling because I don't have a lot of free time and in order for me to really get into a learning mindset I have to do it for at least an hour. I have a full time job now unlike before where I worked part time. In order to get better it will just take better time management as with any hobbies. So that's the major hurdle.

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