ANYONE can learn Fighting Games. -

ANYONE can learn Fighting Games.

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How long does it take a player COMPLETELY NEW to Traditional Fighting Games to reach the Highest Floor in Guilty Gear Strive? This is the exact question I asked myself after becoming the number 1 ranked player in the world…
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Arc System Works (Arcsys) has recently made Guilty Gear Strive, the latest entry in the Guilty Gear franchise! This fighting game is heralded for its use of Rollback Netcode, included on all platforms Playstation 4 (PS4), Playstation 5 (PS5), and PC (Steam). Recently Arcsys has released it’s latest season pass 2, alongside a brand new balance patch for the Game!

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  1. Not me, there is nobody playing this game where I live.

  2. I'm new to strive and this vid had made me wanna take my Chipp/Testament skills and see if we can get to the celestial floor I'll be back with an update in 2 months

  3. you should teach me tekken or strretfighter i want to get into fifghting games

  4. Bro nick riddle used to be a heal during pm. Good too see, I like this channel

  5. Try again with someone who actually never played fighting games before

  6. I feel like I just watched a anime on trying to be the best lol

  7. Then there's me who just played the game and organically learned stuff and would just play in the park to get unlimited rematches against people WAY above my skill level. I come from Smash too, but Strive was really easy for me to learn compared to a lot of other traditional fighters, idk what it is. I miss playing the game tho, I had it on PS4 before I had to sell mine to get out of a tight financial position. I never got crazy good, but it's the only traditional fighter where I was able to occasionally beat people above my skill level with just solid fundies alone. Might have to get it on PC when I have some money cause man I miss playing KY bruh 😂

  8. I don't think I'll ever get into celestial floor since I don't believe I'm the best at video games let alone fighting games. I dropped from floor 7 to floor 3 and felt really demotivated to even play afterwards

  9. Great, let me just hit up my pro player friend real quick

  10. Normals, blocking, and neutral zone movement are the keys to any fighting game.

  11. can you try this experiment again with someone who has never played games?

  12. My friend did it in two days with like 6 hours play time and the only FG he played up until that point was MK3 on snes 💀 literally just got lucky with opponents I think Becuase now he just plays in the park since hes out matched in such high rank battles

  13. This is what happens when you play games for rank, instead of play them to get better. Applies to any game. Stop focusing on rank, KD, ELO or whatever, and just approach any match with sharpening your skills and getting better and thinking about where your issues are, the ranks will come naturally after. There are no shortcuts.

  14. Wow what a swat calling himself the best player in the world what a big ego…

  15. Plays giovanna that’s enough reason to hate u

  16. i feel sad for the guy, he should have just taken a breather after that loss to prevent the downwards spiral

  17. This video is really motivating, even if that happened in the end, but it happens, it can be difficult, even if you are not accustomed to this type of game and there is no one guiding or helping you, even more so if you choose more characters technical or difficult like Zato-1 and Happy Chaos, I've been trying and training for about the last week, because as I've always had problems with Main normally, now that he's releasing tomorrow, I'm about to go back on fire, and go up with him and one day go to EVO, after it was announced, my life changed in certain aspects among other things, which complicates and that normally I have to play against people from farther parts, and as I live in two houses currently Houses, the MS it usually goes above 200MS and Rollback sometimes reaches 7 in the house wifh bad internet, but after a few months, I'll be able to play better for longer, I even tried asking for help, but in general it didn't work, maybe I got a little lost for some reasons and for the comment I will stop here, but that's it,

  18. So this video has motivated me to start my climb up the tower and I appreciate you heavily. Im new to fighting games but you and GekkoSquirrel motivated me to dedicate time into this and have finally gotten up my first 2 floor rank ups. Thank you for the amazing content

  19. Damn too bad the game doesn't come with a built-in tutor. And I already play fighting games, GG has felt like a sheer wall to me.

  20. Very diff experience compared to someone who starts on something like chipp for example lol

  21. been getting into strive with a few friends and one of them hit celestial and i think top 500 potemkin in like 90 hours or something stupid like that, and im still over here trying to remember which button is slash and which is heavy slash

  22. This guy's pretty toxic in this video. Hope it's not the same beyond this.

  23. is there a video on youtube like this but about potemkin?

  24. what the fuck are you saying throughout this entire video i understand 2% of what you're sayin

  25. I'll be real here

    When I 1st played Street Fighter 2 & Mortal Kombat, I HATED THEM, because I was already dealing with people who knew all the Specials, and never bothered telling me how to do said Specials

    "I'm just mashing buttons"
    They claim

    Right. A load of crap.
    Total bullshit

    Way back then, before the Internet, before Game Guides, & without any Instruction Manual to show you, how to do Specials, in Fighting Games – you had to figure out stuff, entirely on your own

    It was almost bad enough, to turn me completely against Fighting Games

    Way back then, when I figured out any Specials at all, that felt monumental to me

    3D Fighting Games, like Soul Calibur, Tekken & Virtua Fighter, etc, because Special Moves didn't matter as much, in these Fighting Games – just knowing the basics, were enough, that, and technical gameplay style

    Finally, I thought, Fighting Games I can get into

    Same thing applied to Smash Bros – again, a comprehensive Fighting Game

    Times change

    Information is more readily available. The Internet. Game Guides. Proper Inspection Manuals. In Game Moves List, in the Pause Menu

    Finally, those mysterious Special Moves, in Traditional Fighting Games, were de-mystified – those Inputs were right there, for me to learn, practice & actually do, & get down pat

    So, I decided to get back into 2D / Traditional Fighting Games

    Times change.
    So do Games

    Along came Guilty Gear

    If anyone, coming off Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct, etc – tries Guilty Gear or BlazBlue, you'll be in for a… a shock? A surprise? A different experience?

    A more crazy – stacked – on crazy, over the top – Hard Rock & Heavy Metal infused, experience, to remember, especially the Soundtrack? That's more like it

    While I learned to like Traditional Fighting Games, feeling more motivated, to actually get into these games. Beating the likes of
    General M. Bison (supposed to be named Balrog lol), in Street Fighter 2, Shao Kahn in Mortal Kombat Trilogy, Eyedol & Gargos in Killer Instinct, Abyss in Soul Calibur 3, Chronos & Uranus in Bloody Roar: Primal Fury, Dural in Virtua Fighter 4, Jinpachi Mishima in Teken 5, Abyssal Gate in Rivals of Aether,
    Master Core in Smash Bros… Bosses that took me hundreds of Retries… and sheer grit & determination, to overcome

    I took a lot away, from all this,
    And other Game genres – racing, RTS, MMO, Puzzle, RPG, FPSs, SHMUPS, Souls like, Monster Hunter like, Mega Man & similar platformers… and of course, Fighting Games

    I learned to take the knowledge, wisdom, reflexes, drive, & determination & persistence, & logic, from each game & genre, & apply them to everything in gaming, regardless of genre

    I mostly learned on my own, being self taught – especially in Guilty Gear – a game keeps me coming back, hungry for more,
    (BlazBlue being no different)

    Guilty Gear, since the original, has a way of making me wanna come back to it – maybe it's the Songs. Or the anime style graphics. Or the Characters, or gameplay…

    I've come to develop a sense of;
    In a game as fun as Guilty Gear, I rarely feel like a failure, (unless I'm stick on those damn Missions – I was never good at the Combo Trials – I preferred creating my own Combos) – because I don't mind any loss, in the Online Play & Tower – besides my place in the Tower, what's there to loose?

    To me, what Floor I'm on, doesn't so much matter, as does the fact that I'm simply playing what's now 1 of my favorite Fighting Games, either against the CPU or other Players

    In this sense, there's no "failure" if I loose – just a learning experience to reflect on – if I had done it differently, or remembered to Guard or Burst at that critical juncture, or if I'd gotten that 1 Move off… also – Failure is just a reason to give it another go

    Hell – if you can get through Mission Mode, you're past 1 of the hardest parts in Strive – sheer persistence, patience, grit, determination – and LOTS of Retries – and LOTS of cursing

    I'm only 2 Missions away from 100% – 5 Star, Application of Roman Cancel & Wall Break Combo – both of which I can't seem to beat – but I did glean valuable insight – especially when you can just Create Combos or
    Recreate Scenarios, in Combo Creator, a Mode that's heaven sent

    I'm definitely looking to ascend the Tower – they say "only the strongest may enter the 10th Floor" – and I wanna know what's up there. I beat the Entrance Challenge, and was on 6th Floor, from the Start

    And this is coming from someone who started off despising Fighting Games way back when – because I didn't have the time to sit down & just try them out, on my own – it was only then – that I learned to improve myself, and realize, they're not so bad – you just need time to learn & be taught to play them properly

  26. "Anyone can learn Fighting Games" – as someone who was terrible at them, way back in time before the Internet, I can personally vouch for this statement

    With the right information, teaching & learning, anything is possible

    I went from "I hate Fighting Games, they're all the same bs, to – Fighting Games are one of my favorite genres" – after being able to just sit down & teach myself

  27. as someone who has been trying to get into fighting games man the beginner struggles are so similar to that of rhythm games (something i’m very familiar with)

  28. Dude chose someone who has tons of platform fighter experience and says "anyone can learn" shoulda choose someone with NO FIGHTING experience, Kinda invalid showcasing someone who already has an inclination for these types of games and the ability to grasp and learn due to prior knowledge, Its like a good fortnite player swapping to apex/ cod and saying anyone can be good at shooters

  29. Thank goodness you didn't take Nick to boxing ring, don't want to make it a family tradition

  30. Wow would have image he would've become the most annoying cry baby in this game


  32. I got really drunk one time and ran my Baiken up to floor 8 and then havent touched online GGS again unless it was casuals with friends hahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHA 😢

  33. I couldn't get into this game, I loved xrd 2 but now play melty blood type lumina and the learning curve is far easier to get used to the game

  34. I finally made it to celestial after 120hrs, got kicked back to floor 10 after i had to play a level 3500 Sol…

  35. Yo you must have some great combos memorised under that gigantic hurtbox of a forehead, my guy.

  36. As a smash player that just picked up guilty gear I didn't know esam had a brother

  37. it is in fact really easy when you know the basics of tradicional games and the ggs mechanics, but learning how to counter some characters is hard, theres almost no resourses of how to do that, so we need to learn by the hard way ( keep practing, ask for help in communities etc)

  38. Except 'ANYONE' here seems to refer to people who already have experience with fighting games and are instantly matched to floor 5? Sure most people can learn, I worked my way from floor 2 up with zero prior FG experience. But this just seems a bit misleading for the conditions of 'anyone'.

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