Analysis: What Makes A Fighting Game Worth Playing? (한글자막 있음) -

Analysis: What Makes A Fighting Game Worth Playing? (한글자막 있음)

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Gerald from Core-A Gaming analyzes the ingredients used to make a good fighting game.


  1. I think the best figting game is easy learn and hard to master. Fir exsample mkx. Strings and specials are easy there, but there are a lot of hard things like neutral play or mix-ups. I love playing Tekken, but I think if there were sone tutorials in the game it would be more easy to learn and still hard to master. The decision is:give me TUTORIALS Namco not trainig

  2. Most Fighting games have anti snowball mechanics except smash basically its similar to rts games like StarCraft

  3. I like rewatching these old videos not cause they're still interesting but hearing just how much better Gerald has gotten at this is pretty cool

  4. I have been trying to like fighting games since I was 4, 35 now, and I just don't like them enough to warrant the effort. It always was too much investment to get good at the game, mostly monetary when I was younger, and time when I'm older. There hasn't been an argument to get me to play or a game to change my views.
    My rant aside. I love fighting game characters. I love the concept. I respect those who find success in this genre.

  5. the combos thats what makes it worth playing

  6. What makes a fighting game worth playing? Do you enjoy it? then it's worth playing

  7. If it's fun like world heroes but has strategy like street fighter. A good story and boss like samurai showdown 3. And special moves that are easy to perform unlike KOF.

  8. I think "playing a wide variety of games" is a valid, enjoyable way to play.

    You don't have to wanna compete to get the most out of fighting games.

  9. Making people rage quit is pretty satisfying.

  10. I wanna play skullgirls on xbox 360 but no one’s playin it.

  11. Will someone *please* tell me what the music at the beginning of the video is?

  12. There's a My Little Pony Fighting Game?!?!?

  13. I like fighting games…
    However i'm too poor to have a console, so to this day i'm still playing ultra street fighter 4 and skullgirls on my pc

  14. Easy. A wrestler wearing a jaguar mask drop kicking demigods.

  15. •in G voice• “What is it we fight for?”

  16. Man I keep practicing raging demon every day I nailed it damn it's worth it

  17. Are there any fighting games that focus on the Tempo of your moves?

  18. Can anyone help me finding the background music?

  19. 5:54 I don't care if you play with advanced mechanics and enjoy it, if a mistake of a mechanic that wasn't supposed to be in the game in the first place that ruined people's hands was in a game unintentionally I'd remove it.

  20. Nothing makes a fighting game worth playing. These things haven’t changed since the very first one came out years ago. They may get some pretty cutscene improvements but they are still the exact same game you played 30 years ago on your Nintendo.

  21. The ending music and remembering that all you needed was quarters to play brings tears to my eyes.

  22. I rerember my first fireball. It was on street fighter ex or something. Took a while but I got it. Then the df came after words. Eventually I could do akumas special (the one with a lot of buttons) combos still eludded me. But by sf4, for much better. Recently got into street fighter v . There’s an excitement when play against a real player. And you kinda learn to feel that on the tips of your toes excitement. It’s surprisingly quite thrilling.

  23. Damn this goes well with the new LoL fighter.

  24. Love fighting games but what kills them for me is that none of my friends do so I kinda get bored of playing alone, that’s why I’m so grateful for Smash and Mortal Kombat for being so accesible and mainstream that my friends will give it a shot and actually get hooked and play with me

  25. I played my first smash in wii emulator, it was brawl. so I dont know anything about wave dash and l-cancel

    For me, each fighting game has an idea. for example street fighter now is a game about parry. theoretically you can parry anything in the game, so it is a game about parrying various moves like a combo, a projectile, a big-ass energy ball. Eventhough you are not necessarily must be the best parry user of the two fighters to win, but all of the skill gap in it is happened because things around parry

    so in this case erasing parry move would be a turn down for those many people who have played it because of the parry. but I think, smash bros isnt a game about wave dash or l-cancel. so removing it will only remove a few people who play it for that. it is proved as ssbu has so many players and can be compared to melee

    I think if sakurai really want to make a fighting game that can be played without practiced a lot, he need to make a new official fight format that isnt heavily using ledge recovery and erasing shield. Shield use is very skill oriented and need so much practice to master. he should change the skills too to adapt to the new way of fight.

    That way, if you want to be good in playing smash bros, it is not practice that you need, it is playing regularly to amass experience to play in many situation

  26. That ending is absolutely one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen in a YouTube video.
    Well done.

  27. I bought mortal kombat 11, I can't refund it and I want a reason to not cry everytime I think about it

  28. "Inclusive" yeah they will let you in… after beating you up to near death

  29. This is the video that made me start playing fighting games

  30. Contrary to your Smash Bros opinion I DO enjoy the later entries in the series more than Melee knowing that wavedashing was removed. Making moment to moment decisions, baiting and countering, landing hard reads, all of that stuff is fun and I have a good time with it, but having a requirement of learning a really irritating unintended feature of the game just to play on the same level as any above average player is not something I'm interested in. Does that make me a weaker player? Probably. I'm not arguing that, but I am challenging your notion that no one is going to enjoy a game more because a past feature was removed. I am living proof. Knowing that my ability to read an opponent and adapt to them will decide the outcome of the match more than my ability to abuse a bug definitely makes Ultimate more fun for me than Melee.

  31. i learned how to korean backdash yesterday in tekken am i good yet.

  32. Instead of lowering the skill level, why not make a controller for newbies?

  33. You mean to tell me that the real "A Fighting game worth playing?" Is the friends we made along the way?

  34. Melee pays very little to players that win tourney’s FYI

  35. Wow you can’t even simply show footage of Smash Bros? Nintendo straight up sucks, sometimes.

  36. Isnt wavedashing a bug an not a gameplay mechanic?

  37. 3:12 It´s weird see this Rising Thunder footage now since Project L is on horizon.

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