Analysis: Tekken - The Difference Between 2D and 3D -

Analysis: Tekken – The Difference Between 2D and 3D

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A comparison of 2d and 3d fighting games.

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Watch Aris analyze one of his favorite Tekken matches:

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BGM in order:

Tekken 6 – Mystical Forest
Tekken 5 – Moonlit Wilderness
Tekken 4 – Authentic Sky
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Eternal Paradise
Tekken 7 – Metallic Experience 1st


  1. No disrespect,but why didn't you mention dead or alive? They def brought the destructible walls and uneven terrain first. Back on the dreamcast with doa2

  2. Also to stay on topic, I I don't mind at all 2D fighter characters coming into Tekken but I wish they brought in more of the non-projectile ones. Like Fei Long, zangief, r.mika, Vega and characters like that.terry bogard.

  3. I would love to see a video like this one about platform fighters and Smash

  4. I always considered tekken and games like it "faux 3D." It's true that the games operate in a 3d environmemt, but the camera and hitboxes are restricted to a 2d plane. The game doesn't allow players to move in 360° at all times because doing so would fundamentally change how fighting would work, and not everyone would be able to comprehend it, let alone accept it.

  5. It died after Tekken 5 tbh. TT2 was great and all as a fan game. But Tekken 7 is just an empty shell. Poor story, character stories are just 1 battle. Pay for characters that already should be in the game, pay for bowling, and what do you get: Death combo's, Katarina spammers, Leroy, daddy long legs and a bot system that cant handle the process of Haduken spam so it stands still 😂

  6. Wow didn’t know that about Sagat

  7. I just want to see GON back.. i dont care how impossible it is..

  8. I’d really like to see terry Bogard or rock. I mean they added Geese so it’s only right. Too be even more eclectic though I’d say add a last blade character or samsho. You’ve got a weapon wielder in yoshimitsu so yeah lol

  9. I kinda wanna see Dante from dmc to come crash the party at tekken 7

  10. The background song brings back so much tekken 6 memories

  11. Soul Calibur is 3D, Dead or Alive 5 is 3D, Virtua Fighter is 3D. Tekken is 2.5D. In a true 3D fighter, you can sidestep a linear attack left or right.

  12. We need an in-depth video about Tekken mechanics exclusively. It's the main game of the owner of the channel after all, isn't it? 😛

  13. Virtua fighter mortal kombat street fighter tekken crossover

  14. I absolutely adore the fact that, the more I learn about fighting games, they closer a lot of the concepts map onto my life-long obsession with martial arts. Real life fighting and fighting games are so much alike when you break it down, it is truly fascinating.

  15. the extra dimension offers no tactical advantage

  16. Tekken vs Street Fighter

    SF characters in tht 3d environment..

    I can only dream…

  17. Honestly, it would be really hype seeing another Final Fantasy character sneak on in. Maybe Lightning.

  18. All these characters they're adding and we still ain't getting Gon back and that makes me really fucking sad

  19. Would love to somehow see Solid Snake or Joel and Ellie as Tekken characters

  20. I would love to see more KOF characters in Tekken <3

  21. 8:44 if you put me that image is pretty obvious what I would like

  22. The most interesting(in my opinion) fighting game in terms of 3d realization is for honor. Fully 3d gameplay, with dodges in all directions. Its really bordering the line of s fighting game and a point control, and I honestly think it does it all very well. If you think for honor isn’t a fighting game, I would say it is. You still have walls and wall splats, frame data, combos, mix ups, and some common character archetypes such as grapplers and rushdowns. Its just a fighting game that happens to be 3d and have swords.

  23. Shao kahn wouldn't fit at all, damn would he be fun on tekken

  24. Imagine Guilty Gear in a 3d environment tho

  25. scorpion might be funny to see in tekken. but i don't think it's gonna happen. I also doubt if it would work.

  26. I disagree with 1:30 I felt very comfortable getting into tekken recently and I did not play any 3D game before. I think its because all the big concepts still apply. You just play them differently.
    8:00 Oh boy, If only he knew what was coming…

  27. 5:15 "…[3D fighters] take away the air-game complexity of 2D fighters almost entirely…"

    Err… wut? Firstly, surely you're not putting Tekken in the same category as trash like DoA *puke*. Secondly, "complexity" has got nothing to do with 2D/3D, since there are tons of 2D games with a completely asinine air-game, where people start floating for tens of feet with the tiniest pokes, and chaining simple input "super moves" result in 200 hit combos. I'll argue that, while e.g. Streetfighter games require far more stringent timing for juggle inputs, there is no game out there that has the complexity of Tekken's air-game, period.

  28. Funny coming back to this watching the part with Oro, and how the Street Fighter devs fixed that issue by just giving him something to hold

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