Analysis: Tekken - The Difference Between 2D and 3D -

Analysis: Tekken – The Difference Between 2D and 3D

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A comparison of 2d and 3d fighting games.

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Watch Aris analyze one of his favorite Tekken matches:

Wired Article on Virtua Fighter:

Gamasutra Interview with Harada:

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BGM in order:

Tekken 6 – Mystical Forest
Tekken 5 – Moonlit Wilderness
Tekken 4 – Authentic Sky
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Eternal Paradise
Tekken 7 – Metallic Experience 1st


  1. Any Yakuza characters fits perfectly in Tekken.

  2. Why haven’t the yakuza boys been added to tekken?

  3. I think that the PS2 Mortal Kombat games are a perfect middle ground. Instead of overcomplicating the attacks with left and right, you have 4 attack motions. The stages combine classic 2d with walls, ring approach with death traps and Tekken with open stages. There is also enough aereal and ground combat to satisfy everyone, along with classic specials and moves.
    Also, being able to change styles and bring weapons out in the fly is pretty cool.

  4. ya I alao love tekken and its combo machinics ,low perry , multy throw and wave dash so much fun counters, wiff, side step, wall combo

  5. Now there is a 3D fighter in a 2D platform fighter (kazuya)

  6. When I see this title ima say 3d allows more footsie and more defensive plays.

  7. Tekken is like the most 2D 3D fighter ever thats why akuma feels so normal in that format

  8. Okay. Did not expect to learn this much in a <10 minute video. Good stuff! Recently got back into fighting games (thanks to GG Strive) and also decided to pick up Tekken 7 since it was on sale and I used to like Tekken 3 when I was a kid. Well… yeah they're about as different as Battlefield is to CSGO. Thanks for the great vid, clarified some stuff!

  9. Hey, you know what would be interesting? Covering Kazuya in Smash after he comes out and examining his jump from 3D to 2D and how Smash changes him compared to, say, Street Fighter vs. Tekken.

  10. Did tekken steal melee's technique name???? Tf???? Who tf stole wavedashing from melee?

    Don't comment it I already know it's a joke.

  11. This video became significantly more interesting now that Kazuya's in Smash Bros.

  12. And now we have Kazuya in Smash. Will you do another video of 3D to 2.5D?

  13. Y'know I'd actually like to see something use uneven terrain and interactable obstacles.

  14. "Its much more feasable to convert a 2D fighter to 3D"
    Sakurai: swiggity swoosh, Kazuya go smoosh.

  15. Oh fuck this was before they slapped Julia back into Tekken…

  16. Siegfried or nightmare would be cool bonus characters, their swords might be a problem though 🤣 venom would be pretty cool too tbh

  17. If Tekken continues with guest characters personally I'd like to see Kilik, Chun-Li, and Kyo.

  18. 2D fighters with meters: Jarring to Tekken fans

    fast forward to 2021: Akuma still reigning surpreme as a 2D fighter. Of course it’s scary especially when you make the character broken.

    Is there an explanation why Akuma was chosen over, oh I don’t know more popular characters from that franchise? There’s literally 4 characters that everyone knows without knowing the franchise and they chose this guy.

  19. Talking about uneven terrain reminded me of "ergeiz God bless the ring"

  20. Παραρόμυγας Μαλαπέρδας says:

    From which game is the sound from 0:00 till 1:43? I really can't recall from where 🙁

  21. Honestly uneven terrain and obstacles seem like a pretty cool idea, shame they got taken out.

  22. Next DLC for Tekken should be Tomb Raider

  23. It's not the graphics… It's how you experience the fun playing it.

  24. Harada: "It is much more possible to implement a 2D character into a 3D game than the other way around."
    Sakurai: "Huh what was that?"

  25. They (kind of) managed to make a 3d fighter characters in a 2d fighter with Kazuya in SSBU
    I said kind of, because smash, whole being 2d, is a platform fighter instead of a traditional fighter

  26. seeing this now and actually getting into the gc i want to try tekken is it too late

  27. They should add kazuya from smash bros into tekken

  28. ꧁Spicy Meatballs II: The Spicening꧂ says:

    In mk11 you can manually change stances no matter whether you're on the left or right side of the screen

  29. Okay so far we got noctis which is not a fighting character so we can get fighters from other games like ……..
    Dmc just saying Virgil would absolutely amazing

  30. Thanks for waiting everyone. I left my job to pursue Core-A Gaming full time, and it took some time to transition my life. 2018 will have more and better videos, and you won't have to wait this long. In the meantime, you can join me in the Core-A Gaming Discord here: Thanks again!

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