Analysis: Taunting and Mind Games -

Analysis: Taunting and Mind Games

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How taunting and mind games work in fighting games.

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More about operant conditioning:
Hungry Rat: “Motivation and Reward in Learning” 1948 Yale University:
Lerner & Keltner “Fear, Anger, and Risk:

BGM in order:
Street Fighter V – Ibuki Theme
Street Fighter III Third Strike – Makoto Theme
Street Fighter III 2nd Impact – Yun & Yang Theme
Skullgirls – Pick of the Litter (Character Select)
Rising Thunder – Edge Theme


  1. „Cancelling into fistbumps“ 😂

  2. Ice cube in a glass reference is pretty dark.

  3. fighting game players are war criminals confirmed

  4. People who use those kind of tricks, are toxic and is better not to play with them.

  5. As soon as you talked about "Joke Characters" I remembered something a friend of mine did. He was playing Street Fighter 4 online, right? And he was having a bunch of matches with this one guy who started spamming "TOO EZ" messages via PSN between matches. So, my friend went "oh, ok then" and picked Dan. AND DOUBLE PERFECTED THE GUY. Instant disconnect. XD

  6. anyone know where the last song comes from?

  7. Better be confident if you're gonna bm because you brought out your opponent's sauce

  8. Imagine if people Tbagged in real life. It would be kinda funny

  9. I understand taunting after beating an opponent you couldnt beat before, but taunting after beating a complete newbie? That's just pure toxicity. And this applies to any competetive multiplayer game.

  10. “Ice cubes in a glass” That was dark as hell.. and unfortunately very real.

  11. So I was tea-bagging since the nineties then when I was about to fake Hadouken …. 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  12. Maybe I'm a softie but seeing that mouse getting shocked was hard to watch 😞

  13. That tutorial teabag “ SUCCESS” got me. Was not expecting that.

  14. "There's no spinning involved, but you get to bury your knee in their colon"

    Ah yes, the second best option

  15. They did use those pigeon for a prototype of a guided missile. Search for the "Pigeon Project"

  16. There's a technique in KOF that looks like "tea bagging", except it actually prevents you from being grappled (normal or command)

  17. 4:12 I don't agree with this, just do less SPD or change the timing, if he jump for nothing, punish that

    It's simple

  18. Taunting in real life and most video games: mental tactic that plays off your opponent's anger and ego
    Taunting in Punch Out: what the hell are you doing, you're literally giving Little Mac a free star

  19. The thing with dignity is that if you take it from smo. you instantly make it seem as if all their work, and all they've given is worthless.

  20. That drunk father comment had me actually laugh out loud, good shit

  21. Has anyone, feel when taunting feel more pressured, because then they feel like they need to put a lot of effort to live up to that taunt.

  22. Can’t lie I teabag only when I’m up. Obviously comebacks can happen but another way is if you want a certain play style (mainly aggressive) then teabagging can get in their heads

  23. somebody know who is the girls dressed like sagaf

  24. I should have expected this video to be this good. Ty for another!
    : )

  25. hold crouching shake hand cancel into crouching fistbump into gg into standing leave evo is my favorite combo

  26. Having fun is why I play games, and where's the fun if one player wishes to seize victory without a good fight? Honor is important for me in multiplayer games, which is why it upsets me when people explicitly abuse certain tactics to win. When you taunt, it had better be because you are undoubtedly better than the other player. "I beat you. You're bad. Get better. Improve." Its all in good fun, and can be motivating when the right people taunt the right way.

  27. taunt can get in to ur mine but if you stay calm it doesn't well at least that's what I think

  28. I’d watch wrestling or boxing if they tea bagged when they knock the other person down or something

  29. How the hell can you combine these topics so beautifully

  30. My brother says my playstyle is annoying. That i don't let others play. Well not my falt i got 5-10 seconds of combo in nuns3 casual! Also, who can't punish Itachi's genjutsu? The clone one? Predictably use of super leads to a clone in the face >:( ( also it was random, i always choose fireball)

  31. Call me stupid but in brawlhalla I like to use moves that force your opponent to either dodge or get punished (like katars Nair) to let the opponent think that by dodging and countering with an arial they'll beat me, then I start using faster moves so I can get reads off of their dodge that lead into massive damage buildup. (Idk the conditioning thing made me think about this tactic I use in competitive brawlhalla)

  32. 0:45 I'd smack that knuckledu guy with the gamepad and teabag him in real life.

  33. I think it's mean spirited when the receiver is not being egoistic or playing along.
    It's fine when it's banter and the receiver plays along with his own bants.
    Honestly banning it is a bad idea. If a taunter is being an asshole he'll receive enough shame from the crowd and online that he probably won't do it again.

  34. We gamers donot recognize The Geneva Convention.

  35. So if they tbag harm their inside by getting them dizzy let recover and finally win.

  36. I remember when I was playing Bowser Jr in SSBU and I used his Down Taunt to trick the opponent into thinking I was using Side B and punished his reaction

  37. So… can i start playing, Mr. Core Gaming?

  38. Getting better at dealing with salt is a skill you need to work on, like many others in fighting games. Taunting shouldn’t be illegal, the players need to train and learn how to deal with it

  39. Taunting to me is something i can laugh along with, but i play ssbu and main exclusively little mac so im always fighting an uphill battle and it sometimes gets to me and i take a short break

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