Analysis: Taunting and Mind Games -

Analysis: Taunting and Mind Games

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How taunting and mind games work in fighting games.

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More about operant conditioning:
Hungry Rat: “Motivation and Reward in Learning” 1948 Yale University:
Lerner & Keltner “Fear, Anger, and Risk:

BGM in order:
Street Fighter V – Ibuki Theme
Street Fighter III Third Strike – Makoto Theme
Street Fighter III 2nd Impact – Yun & Yang Theme
Skullgirls – Pick of the Litter (Character Select)
Rising Thunder – Edge Theme


  1. Everytime i hear Punk and Tyson talk i think they sacrificed the bass of their voices for extra power.

  2. If you get bagged you should have the right if you feel so to catch a real fade im sorry lol

  3. Taunting for me is a double edged sword. I love it and hate it. Now you can say that about anyone, "oh well yeah you love to do it to people but you hate it when it happens to you." Of course that's how we all think…or some of us. But for me, I both hate and love doing it. Online with random opponents, it's odd. I don't do a lot of it unless I am 100% felling myself and have no dignity that day. But most of the time I respect people and hate it. But I love to taunt when I'm with friends and I do respect their wishes if they tell me to stop and I apologize but we still have fun, we all taunt and are casual but when we get competitive we find a way to let taunting rear it's head in and have fun since we are all friends. Online with randoms it's a bit different, unless I see them having a fun time, I'll taunt with them like, "Ah damn you got me their nice one" and I t-bag or taunt or something like that….unless I'm getting trashed then it's different. But I feel like taunting is fine since I don't care a lot about it. It doesn't get under my skin a whole lot I just play with it.

  4. I'm the kind of player that starts hating another player for being annoying or disrespectful. In League, no matter how hard you carried the game for our team, I won't honor you after the game if you won't shut up in chat.

  5. ngl for the fact that grapplers are suppose to insight fear, they sure do fall into the bottom of the tierlist (obviously it doesn't matter most of the time) in most games

  6. "Grabbing Characters induce Fear"

    Me after getting grabbed Seven Times by Woldstien and Tager in the Same Match while playing as Yang: "DOPAMINE RUSH and UNBELIEVABLE EXCITEMENT!!!"

  7. So all this time I was teabagging and I don't know what it means… So that's why my brother gets mad when pressed down over and over again. I just do that because I'm indecisive, but I'll stop doing it now.

  8. Someone here brought up that Guilty Gear makes taunts give you 50% meter in the next round. While I don’t like that for taunts in of themselves, I think that teabagging should give your opponent meter. Teabagging carries just as much if not more psychological power than taunting whiled carrying none of the risk, which is both lame from a strategy perspective and a gateway to immature uses of it. Making it give meter weeds out the immature uses of teabagging, while furthering the disrespect given in an actual competitive environment. Giving a choice between free meter with teabagging or a free punish window with taunting appeals to me a lot.

  9. punishing that spammer in a real match?.
    its online youl never fight him again.

  10. "Cancel into fistbump" made me laugh and cry at the same time <3

  11. teabagging in shooters: gross necrophilic abuse
    teabagging in fighting games: speed crouching, rude
    teabagging in Smash bros: Kirbo SQUISH

  12. 5:15 “I’m so angry, I’m gonna marry Bill Gates” is not a sentence that makes sense to me but…

  13. bruh imagine if someone would send death threats for taunting or showboating in a boxing or mma match

  14. To all DotA players and OG DotA fans out there. This is what OG tactics are using. It is super effective. They are underdogs but still manages to win 2 straight The International Champion (A world record standing). 7:07 this is where we think that their picking strategy makes us goes meh but they still manage to win the game. I am thankful that I found this channel and thanks to the guy who make this because it is so precise. I learned a lot

  15. This is the heart of why I always main Joke/Bad Characters. Your Opponent has to win; your victory is their humiliation. Sure it means you always have uphill battles and will lose more than you win, but wins are also much mire satisfying.
    Joke characters also tend to have egos that are bloated to hell and back which is half of why they're so fun.

  16. I taunted in guilty gear strive with chipp then proceeded to get perfected
    I then perfected him back when he started throwing shurikens

  17. This is my fav video of the channel , thanks you for it

  18. I wish my dad was able to be conditioned, but for his sake. Whenever we play Tekken 7, I always block his Rage Art, and yet he still always uses it.

  19. It's always so nice to come back to Core-A gaming videos. I hope you're doing well Gerald!

  20. I love these essays. Every 6 months, I swear, I binge all of these. 🤘

  21. The virgin Spinning Piledriver vs The Chad Potemkin Buster

  22. Whenever I get scanned in Apex, I just stand behind cover and T Bag the guy before faking a direction as it wears off. Mental games are a huge piece of gaming, man.

  23. i get expressing yourself, but is anyone really gonna wanna play with someone acting like this? The answer is no if other players can’t have fun because you have to attack their pride. People come out to events like this to meet people, make friends, and improve their skills in their favorite games. Its extremely out of place to be a bully in something that ultimately is not that serious.

  24. I get mad when someone snake edges me in tekken lmao even if I block punish

  25. Damn it i guess I no longer can commit war crimes

  26. I literally liked the video instantly once the Skullgirls music started playing. No exaggeration

  27. This makes me happy the only "fighting" game I play is smash.
    Use psychology all you want, Little Mac's charge attack still knocks out.

  28. It'd be hilarious if Fighting Games make a section about "Psychological damage" in the tutorials and its just make the opponent stunned and go near it to Teabag and attack at the last second

  29. Can you imagine something like this in professional sports? Not only would it be a penalty which could completely alter the game, but that player would more than likely be fined thousands of dollars. If you allow t-bagging in a game, you need to completely reevaluate what sportsmanship is.

  30. i don't let my boyfriend tbag me but i'll sit on his face anyday

  31. As a Necro main playing Third Strike, we basically admit to being trolls just by being Necro.

  32. Four years ago and the beauty and intrucacy got me tearing up. Core-A you guys are analytical gods.

  33. Fighting games teaches you so much about human nature it’s craaazy

  34. "Oooooold now you have to just sit there and play the match ? Poor baby"

    Dixit the big man offended by seeing a squat movement.

    + how does taunt avoid people to play the match lmao ? They actually do it while winning so I guess they played the fuckin' match wtf is that nonsense ? People are so fragile those days they can't even deal with taunting in FIGHTING games wtf.

    Taunt for life.

  35. As someone who has gotten REALLY damn mad,i now take it with more philosophy and shrug it off honestly. Instead i center more around playing better and correcting those mistakes. I’m 16,and the fact grown adults still succumb to those influences is something i feel sad for,cuz it really sucks. Nonetheless,being prideful in fighting games (SPECIALLY if you’re not that good) is often what makes one not be able to go beyond certain barriers. Getting mad does not make you play better. Recognizing what is wrong however and trying to be more collected and serene DOES make you play better. I really recommend watching Brian_F’s videos for this sort of thing. They have personally helped me a lot about gaining better conscience,healthy mentality and also seeing someone else who has grown from it. I seriously recommend it to anyone out there struggling with salt in any game in particular.

  36. I hate taunting BUT everyone should be allowed to do that, because it's part of the game.

    It's cool to see who is honorable and doest fall for those tricks

  37. Wait, I just did it in halo because it's funny

  38. fellas you know when you drink water says:

    Who is the fighter with the eyepatch in the video at 9:39

  39. I don’t mind if people taunt in the game but when people taunt IRL it becomes a problem. The problem with the FGC is this kind of behavior is common. I’ve had people scream at me, hit me, make threatening gestures, etc.

  40. I don't care about how strategically viable this is, I hate it already

  41. And then there's Big Band in Skullgirls who gets to freeze time just so you can meme on your opponent before using his super

  42. i’m the kinda person to keep using the same move even if it doesn’t work

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