Analysis: How to Pick a Character -

Analysis: How to Pick a Character

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Don’t know which character to play in a fighting game? This might help.

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BGM in order:

Megaman X5 – Stage Select (Σ)
Street Fighter Alpha 3 – Character Select
Marvel vs Capcom 3 – Character Select
Street Fighter V – Character Select
Skullgirls – Character Select
Megaman X5 – Stage Select (Σ)


  1. Never cared about tier lists. I usually main who I like, and I have a soft spot for underdogs

  2. I picked Anji because I thought the fans were cool

  3. I always like the people who take one look at the weirdest or wackiest character and immediately know they're gonna main them.

  4. Fun fact: Ryu does not practice Shotokan karate. He practices a fictional combination of karate and jiu-jitsu called Ansatsuken.

    Capcom USA translated SFII's manual and interpreted him and Ken as practitioners of Shotokan karate despite not resembling Shotokan karate at all, but the "shotoclone" term stuck anyway.

    Actually, Makoto from Street Fighter III's "Rindokan" karate resembles Shotokan much more than anything Ryu does.

  5. I main only jokes or funny charakter to make a jokes when i play with fireds for wgzample when we have play jojobanhftf i always play with s.dio because
    1He is eazy but i never be learning hard long combo
    2 He is gay wampir from 1800 and i always makes gay jokes :>

  6. I main kirby in smash ultimate because I hate myself

  7. I pick my character based on how much i am familiar with them

  8. My favourite tekken character is kazuya what's yours

  9. My main? Leo Whitefang in GG, not cause Unga Bunga, but he reminds me of me and I love it.

  10. Every character have a chance to win. As long as you believe in the heart of the character.

  11. I pick my character based on how much the unga goes bunga

  12. I have pretty varied choices depending on the game

    When it comes to JJBA HFTF, I main Avdol bc he has some qualities of a Shoto and I tend to use characters that have a projectile as well as pretty cool to give a bit of pressure. Sure I like Jotaro and DIO but they are a bit more technical and harder to learn than him.

    For Melty Blood, my choice was very simple, Arcreuid, mainly bc she's hot and unintentionally I learned she's high tier with her Crescent variant and well, exactly fits my playstyle.

    I am going through the SNK games now with Real Bout Fatal Fury (I can't even play like Fatal Fury Special well bc of it's fighting physics) but I find choosing a character hard bc I am very unfamiliar with the cast.

    For Street Fighter when I do get to it, I'm gonna play a modest Ryu or Ken depending on how they feel, and depending on the game

  13. Main in Tekken: Miguel (cuz' he's got a lot of heart and a hard hitting style to boot)
    Mains in SF: Dudley, Q and Ken (cuz Ken's relatively easy, Dudley's got some good combos, dodges and nice character traits, and Q cuz' his aesthetics are excellent, despite having a complicated playstyle)

  14. I main big band because of his playstyle and also he is so fucking cool

  15. i main lee but when i am doing bad i main eddy in tekken

  16. i always pick the wierd character: faust, twelve, etc.

  17. I know this video is old but I mained Q in third strike because his taunt increased his defense and his playstyle was aggressive. I always play aggressive and try to find other characters than regular shotos and classic characters that fit my playstyle.

  18. Holy shit the megaman bit at the beginning really takes me back

  19. ken, in every sf. because he's honest, his music is always amazing, and he's cool.

  20. i main may from guilty gear strive and i have 5 good reasons
    1. shes
    2. really
    3. fucking
    4. cute
    5. her dolphin attack is fucking broken
    totsugeki for life

  21. ooo that Megaman music in the beginning hit me with that nostalgia.

  22. i main everyone with good aerials

    yep and i still somehow like little mac

  23. I mained Trunks because of his sword and projectile. I now main Ky because of his sword and shoto abilities. He also looks cool.

  24. “Ryu is a virtuous shota-con” Okay, that’s enough internet for tonight.

  25. Urien in 3rd strike
    Because he have a giant mirror of death and common he can connect 3 takles into a headbutt

  26. I usually pick female characters because 9 times out of 10 they’re smoking hot 😅

  27. I main freaks for being freaks. The stranger someone is the more likely I am to pick them. Being a human is a negative, Having absurd motivations or mannerisms is a positive. My main OC is a gay autistic alcoholic arcanaloth variant who just wanted to run a restaurant but got sent to Hell so they freely gave away their humanity and ultimately fought for Hell and by extension demons and devils to have the choice to not be evil.

  28. I've always played female characters. They feel less bulky, more nimble, and easy to maneuver. That, and they are all pretty damn bad ass.

    Street Fighter, I main as Rose or Chun Li. Dead or Alive, I main as Kasumi. Tekken, I usually main as Nina or Xiaoyu. MK would have to be Sonya or Kitana. Killer Instinct, Orchid or Kim Wu. They're all fast, have good range, and have great combo potential.

    I dunno, maybe it has something to do with me also being a woman, but yeah, ever since I was little, I'd play the crap out of these characters and memorize as many of their moves as I could, lol.

  29. I started maining Charlie Nash in Street Fighter Alpha, but because of that i had no main for a lot of time, because he DIED

  30. "the character you pick starts to become you"

    Me maining Donkey Kong

  31. I haven't seen anyone correct this, but you say that Ryu and Akuma fight using Shotokan karate. Their fighting style, while initially claimed to be Shotokan, was later retconned to be called Ansatsuken instead, because none of the moves they use in-game are actual forms of attack used in any real-life martial art.

  32. I main ibuki in 3S because her T bag looks funny but my actual main is Ken

  33. First fighting game character I really tried to get good with was Lars in Tekken 7, I picked him solely because he looked cool. I started in 2017 and have remained a Lars player since, yes even through the nerfs and terrible matchups.

  34. Ive always mained Zato/Eddie in GG literally because he's top tier hotness

  35. I picked Lil Majin because I really liked how King used him in Evo 2018- oh wait the other way around.

  36. I main king and ak from tekken since that’s the only fighting game I play, for very simple reason, I’m a wrestler just like them. Simple.

  37. I like simplicity of design, straightforward personality, a tendency towards aggressive play style, and I personally shy away from projectiles.

    Perfect blend to me: Makoto in 3rd Strike.

  38. me here with my low-tier that are annoying and pure pain to fight against.

  39. Pick any character you like. No not ken, never ken wtf is wrong with you

  40. My main: Bryan

    Reason: I love his moveset

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