Analysis: How to Pick a Character -

Analysis: How to Pick a Character

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Don’t know which character to play in a fighting game? This might help.

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BGM in order:

Megaman X5 – Stage Select (Σ)
Street Fighter Alpha 3 – Character Select
Marvel vs Capcom 3 – Character Select
Street Fighter V – Character Select
Skullgirls – Character Select
Megaman X5 – Stage Select (Σ)


  1. Man am I glad that I play fighterz because their lists are (almost) irrelevant in that game

  2. I'm the boring player that mains the shoto characters because they're easy to play and I'm bad at fighting games. Yes, I main Ryu.

  3. "the character you pick starts to become you"
    Kazuya players: Seesh are those those the new yeezeys

  4. my main: sakura, the reason: i think she’s cute, periodt

  5. I know that feeling. I put up with a character I don't like at all for matches I want to get serious at when playing Smash Ultimate, but when I play casually, I choose anyone but them. Banjo & Kazooie are perfectly tailored to my playstyle with their kit, but I really don't like the character or the fandom around them, which puts me in a tricky spot.

  6. The three things are
    1) are they easy?
    2) are they dandy?
    3) are they Slayer?

  7. My process of finding a main in Unist
    1. I have to like the character. If I don't like looking at them I won't enjoy playing the game.
    2. Playstyle. Don't like grapplers or other slow characters. I want someone fast.
    3. Difficulty. I wanted to play Yuzuriha but I knew it would be too hard for me and that I had to choose someone easier.

    I ended up maining Linne and am loving the game.

  8. I choose jin just because that "Tsuh" sounded cool

  9. I main, or will be maining since I just started, Beowulf in Skullgirls.

    At first for the funny haha of a wrestler with a steel chair.

    But now he is just fun. The input moves are intuitive, though I do need to practice them.

  10. I main Link cause I've been a The Legend of Zelda fan since I was 3

  11. I play big band in skullgirls cuz it's always showtime

  12. I just picked king in Tekken because he was funny tiger man, and then I proceeded to beat everybody who came to the arcade machine for a good hour or so

  13. I main Rashid because I think his fast playstyle lines up with my ADHD

  14. I like speedy and tricky characters, cuz I like smashing button. My choice is Fei Long

  15. Main: Geese Howard

    Reason: "Bring it on, I'll destroy you all!"

    Complain about 2D more…

  16. I honestly would advise people to never look at tier lists when picking a main. It can really warp your perception and make you want to play a character you don't like / enjoy because you think he's better.

  17. First step : watching the character design of various characters of a game. If more than 50% of the roster please me visually, then I can pick the game.
    Second : I use a dice or random name generator to determine which one I'll begin with among the favourite character designs. Character's style matters.
    Third : If I can't decide, I test the three favourite characters

    I don't care about tier lists because it cames from pro players who knows every single tip of the game, and it spoils the pleasure to discover the game. I also think that the best fighting games are those of which we can see the majority or all of its characters in tournaments (for example : Skullgirls).

  18. I main Chun Li because I think she is the most representative of me.

  19. My main: ibuki from the street fighter series. A few simple reasons, she’s a ninja, is a rush down character, is a girl

  20. I am a character crisis, I've mained the entire smash roster

  21. Little Mac was my favorite because he was a hard worker and I wanted to be like him

  22. The first fighting game that I played seriously is fighterz, and I instantly main base vegeta, simply because of his "command grab" that is a reincenetion of the time he killed Nappa. And I simply love that scene because its defines the character a lot more than his death in namek

  23. I main Big Band and Squigly, because they’re actually nice people and I like both of their stick motions.

  24. I main Shiki Tohno and Shiki Nanaya in MBAACC because I want to be an eroge protagonist like them.

  25. I try every character, pick a few of them which I enjoy the most. Then I pick the most badass, coolest or sexiest character of them and try to main them.

  26. I main Ibuki because cool ninja and she’s fun as well as the rest of the Kanzuki Krew as I call them they’re all so dope as well as Akira

  27. 1:11 "I don't think anyone has ever suffered a win." Tell that to Hungrybox and dodging a crab on stage.

  28. Why I main Beowulf

    Reason 1 and the only reason: Himbo.

  29. I don't play many fighting games because I'm pretty bad at them but I main Corrin in SSBU and Marisa Kirisame in Touhou 12.3 Hisoutensoku

  30. I play fighting games since 2000 and in that times i play tekken 2 and to unlock characters you have to win the arcade mode with every caracter so today i keep doing the same, i have no main, no avatar, no face .
    If i use the same character 3 times i get borred.
    In tekken 7 i just play in random pick all the time, is more fun for me.

  31. Not SF, but Potemkin from Guilty Gear has always had my heart. Big biceps, big grabs, big damage…and well…you know the rest…

  32. My first time picking playing Street Fighter Alpha 2 (my favourite SF game), I picked Ryu since he was a reliable character whose moves I knew. However, I had some miffs with him. I wished for a multi hit Tatsu, or an aerial fireball, or some other cool stuff. Anyways, I reached the final fight of Arcade mode, and lo and behold, there was Akuma, fulfilling my every wish. Anyways, I’m now a religious Akuma main.

  33. I picked Asuka in Tekken mainly because she practices Aikido, which I train irl too. It's fun seeing it actually in action lol

  34. I remember when I was a kid all the fighting games that I played I always picked the characters with the best appearance/the characters that sounded kinda familiar to me. For example: in tekken 6 on the ps3 I always picked king because he looked cool. In mortal kombat 9 (2011) I always picked Johnny cage because I used to like John cena and the name John and Johnny we similar so I picked Johnny cage. In MVC3 I was a Spider-Man fan (still am) and I knew a thing or 2 about Deadpool because I played his game so my first pick was Spider-Man and then Deadpool and then my third character was Dante. Never knew anything about him. Not a single thing. But picked him because he looked good. And now this has been my trio since. I try to look for new trios and sometimes I do try new things but Spider-Man,Deadpool,Dante will always be my pick.

  35. I main bryan fury because…
    The memes
    And even more
    Old russian meme

  36. I main the bears in tekken.
    I main Yoshi in smash.
    My reasons and advice on how to play them are: they are cute, they are handsome.

  37. People who get the funny kills but lose
    I see this as an absolute win

  38. Reason: “Picks Black Polnareff because he’s a low tier.”

    Actual Reason: “Picks Black Polnareff because he’s fun.”

  39. ꧁Spicy Meatballs II: The Spicening꧂ says:

    I main ridley in smash because we have the same values, make similar noises when we lose, and also the fact that he can drag people's faces across the floor lol

  40. I main Inkling in ssbu since I don't like killing my enemy.

  41. In GGXrd, I main Sol Badguy, becuase my nickname on the internet is Sol Reaper and I feel great satisfaction when the announcer calls, "Sol wins" (like as if I, myself, won)

    Though, im also learning to play Elphelt V, because I love her soundtrack, and she uses a f*ing GUN!

  42. Smash main: Terry Bogard, because I think he’s a cool character and he’s the reason I got into king of fighters and fatal fury games

    (As of Very recently)
    Blazblue Cross Tag Battle: Ruby Rose and Hyde Kido, I don’t have an explanation I just feel a vibe to how they play and also think they’re cool and do cool shit

  43. pick the one that looks closest to donkey kong

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