Analysis: How the Hadouken Reinvented 2D Fighting -

Analysis: How the Hadouken Reinvented 2D Fighting

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As annoying as fireballs can be, they’re responsible for the kind of fighting games we see today.

Thanks to Laugh for lending his expertise for this video! Visit for his sick arcade sticks.

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Seth Killian and Harada clips from the documentary I Am Street Fighter:

BGM in order:
The Consouls – Ryu Theme Cover
Street Fighter EX3 – Strange Sunset (Guile Theme)
Street Fighter II – E-Honda Theme (SNES version)
Street Fighter V – Akuma Theme
Marvel vs. Capcom 3 – Akuma Theme
Street Fighter III 2nd Impact – Ibuki Theme


  1. I like Sion (Eltnum for anyone who doesn't play MB)

  2. Annoying fuckface:my favorite is ness
    Me:*kills him with gun*

  3. Wow, as a Tekken player, who barely touched 2d, I learned a lot from this vid. Thank you.

  4. My favorite projectile character is pichu.

  5. Huh…as if dan didn’t have enough problems already.

  6. Smash ultimate mega man is my favorite projectile character

  7. i have no trouble with fireball spam offline since its easily reactable and u can always punish them. i think when most people complain about fire ball spam they are complaining about online firebaall spam. like in sfv where u fight a sagat that spams tiger shot. if you are mid screen (not full screen since full screen fireballs are super reactable) they are hard to react to because of sfv garbage netcode on top of lag and input delay

  8. My favorite zoner, is Ironman in Marvel vs Capcom, this man literally is Ryu but with a lot of steroides, in the case, of shoot fireballs, of course

  9. Part of the reason i liked playing as Rose on alpha 3. Reflect their fireballs up,they get caught in it and combo into soul throw. So good.

  10. The biggest thing about fireballs and why they tend to frustrate people is how they can dictate the pace. Switching from poking and footsies to the fireball game and vice-versa can change the flow of match, and is why people are thrown off by the change in tempo.

  11. Hadouken = SPAM
    SPAM = 790mg of sodium

    One hadouken too many, for a given sitting, may spell the end of one's kidneys.

  12. 5:50 when Ken floats in the background. This editing is genius.

  13. Peojectiles can be very important in smash

  14. 1:52 Chun-Li sticking her ass way up high when she threw her projectile. O_O

    Aww yeah, the 90's were kewel. Shame she doesn't do this anymore.

  15. I love the mentality of the arrogant…. "… did WE just discover something new?" No asshole… the person playing the game may have discovered something new…. WE just found out about it. The Columbus Effect!!!!

  16. the fireball mechanic in my opinion is fun imagine a fighting game without projectiles also hadoken is kinda risky if you are just spamming without attention or plan but can be useful to trick the opponent and get you closer to make a combo thats just my opinion through playing street fighter and tekken

  17. I've been a Ryu/Ken player since 1992 I'm just not good with grapplers or charge characters 🙁

  18. Vatista from UNIEL is probably my favorite, though I actually like using her more in BB: Cross Tag.

  19. 3:00 wrong Ken after the heavy can use v skill 1 run up and 123 combo into ult

  20. I play Akuma because what's better than a character with a fireball? A fireball character with more fireballs.

  21. My favourite progectil character is giger fro fantasy strike

  22. My older brother hates playing fighting games because I block his attacks “too often” I’m gonna try finding a video on blocking and salt

  23. cable sentinel doom, thats my fireball team in mvc2

  24. my fav projectile character is King K. Rool because his projectiles suck and make my opponent underestimate me

  25. there is a video by youtuber Leon Massey that discusses how projectiles can be expanded to create deeply complex character, by giving 2 examples of guilty gear characters with unique projectiles. worth watching after this video, search "projectile manipulation"

  26. Im a projectile spammers worst nightmare. I absorb, parry, or reflect them in most games forcing my foe to fight me up close where i have the upper hand.

  27. MY GOD, you don't know how precious these explanations and this Analysis series are to everyone interested in fighting games. THANK YOU!

  28. I thought you would talk about motion input and how the games were before it, i'm really surprised

  29. Those wall techniques really help me on ssf2x and darkstalkers.

  30. Never been in the FGC , but you guys explaining nicely something Ive been doing without know the name since SF2 !!!! Love your vids !! 💯💯💯

  31. How did they 'reinvent' 2d fighting? Was there anything before street fighter?

  32. By the way almost none of this applies to Dragon Ball fighterz

  33. As lame or impulsive as this might sound, this channel has seriously made me consider moving to South Korea so I could be a part of Core A Gaming’s operation.

  34. My favourite projectile character is the entirety of the Hisoutensoku cast

  35. Favorite projectile character, smash ultimate Samus. She has a projectile game but also can play rather in your face

  36. Peacock is my favorite projectile character. Hands Down. (Only contended by GG's Venom)

  37. Link in smash just feels so right to me, I love having to set traps or make them come to me them right when they get there boomerang comes back and says no.

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