Analysis: How the Hadouken Reinvented 2D Fighting -

Analysis: How the Hadouken Reinvented 2D Fighting

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As annoying as fireballs can be, they’re responsible for the kind of fighting games we see today.

Thanks to Laugh for lending his expertise for this video! Visit for his sick arcade sticks.

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Seth Killian and Harada clips from the documentary I Am Street Fighter:

BGM in order:
The Consouls – Ryu Theme Cover
Street Fighter EX3 – Strange Sunset (Guile Theme)
Street Fighter II – E-Honda Theme (SNES version)
Street Fighter V – Akuma Theme
Marvel vs. Capcom 3 – Akuma Theme
Street Fighter III 2nd Impact – Ibuki Theme


  1. Best projectile characters? Honestly, it really comes down to the game more than the character, if I'm perfectly honest. Zoners are a tricky character concept, because their game-plan and by extension how interesting they can be is largely dependent upon how much control you have of spacing in the game. Generally, the more grounded and slow your game is, the less interesting things can be accomplished in the zoning game, because the character has to be confined to be manageable with limited mobility. Much as I like it's deliberate, ground-based design, I can't say zoners in Street Fighter are very interesting, because they are limited by the fact that characters that only really have one ground speed and a stiff jump to approach you. When you factor in more mobility options like sprints, air-dashes, aerial combat and teleportation is when things get interesting.

    To put things in broad terms, the kind of zoners I like are ones that use their tools more for setplay than raw offense. Whether it's through setting up traps or using lingering projectiles as an additive to your approach, I like using the screen-controlling aspect of fireballs and the best ones are ones that have an active presence outside of the instance of casting. Between characters I have played in the past, examples would be Hol Horse in JoJo ASB with setting up Hanged-Man mixups, Rachel Alucard of BlazBlue for her dominating screen-control, Zooey in Granblue Versus leaving dragons to wind up as you create/press advantage on openings, a little bit with Vatista in Under Night when you EX her fireball and Zato-1/Eddie from Guilty Gear, effectively using your puppet more as a very flexible projectile than a traditional puppet.

    The exemplar in my opinion though is Venom from Guilty Gear, because he has a projectile game that is incredibly proactive, adaptable and let's you do alot of freestyling with so much room for player expression. The way he dominates the screen with endless walls of chip-damage is not only a sight to behold, but decently balanced around difficult execution, as it requires alot of spacial awareness and pre-planning to accomplish. I am just about still at a stage when I am learning fundamentals with GG, but the dream is to one day try and learn playing Venom, because I can respect the thought that went into designing him and love the thought that goes into playing him.

  2. that honda sweep fireball invincibility frames

  3. Lets see if you reply to this years later, terry in KOF and smash

  4. Love the Music at the Ending…anybody know it Please?…

  5. I’m shocked that this nigga used the family guy cameo of street fighter

  6. Everytime i hear the name billy it gives me ptsd from KoF 2002

    So yeah billy, i dont use him but billy

  7. 2:25
    it still baffles me how a family guy gag explains spacing so well

  8. Mortal Kombat's Kintaro, the sub-boss of the second game, has a very interesting playstyle that rarely gets highlighted because of his absence in most titles. He's a big body grappler like Goro with a command grab, unblockable teleport, and anti-air grab, but he spices it up with a strong projectile game of high/low fireballs and a yoga flame. Kintaro is a grappler/zoner hybrid who's gameplan focuses on pressuring his opponent to make decisions no matter where they are on screen. MKX's Goro borrows a bunch of his moves for the Tigrar Fury variation and its the only way to 'play' Kintaro in any modern game

  9. Kum from gg is my favorite projectile character

  10. ok that family guy clip felt way too informative-

  11. But most importantly, always remember, it's pronounced Ha-Doh-Ken

  12. Falco is my favorite fireball character; only one in the game really. Samus was designed as a normal shoto but cause the game is so fast she doesnt really work out that way.

  13. I usually use tatsus a lot when closing on zoners like guile

  14. My favorite projectile character is- TIGER TIGER TIGER TIGER UPPERCUT

  15. My favorite zoner is probably Nu-13 (even though I've never played BlazBlue)

  16. Ryu/Ken and Scorpion (Spear) are my favorite projectile characters

  17. Ryo from KOF when he actually had a fireball !!!!

  18. My favorite is Guile from street fighter 2. Because hearing sonic boom over and over again is just as painful as get locked out by the move itself. But only the street fighter 2 sound effect. The others are eh.

  19. Something Something Something Darkside says:



  20. best projectile character is ra-SIKE IM NOT A VIRGIN FUCK PROJECTILE CHARAVTERS

  21. I wish people would stop calling it a fireball it’s a projectile dammit! Not all projectiles are actual fireballs!

  22. In my opinion dont spam fireballs against someone who doesnt know how to block or is bad at the game

  23. My favorite projectile character is obviously venom from gg

  24. whenever i'm playing something that's wildly not like streetfighter and start spamming fireballs, and doing shoryuken's and it works i go "fuck you we're playing streetfighter"

  25. I've seen this video many times, then I picked up cammy. And I noticed the cammy nod at 2:48

  26. Thank god we don't have fireballs in Tekken…..

    Harada: hold my sake…..

  27. my favorite spammer i mean zoner is sagat

  28. Can't believe a fucking Family Guy clip taught me about spacing

  29. Venom from guilty gear xx accent core plus r

  30. Duck hunt and his can from smash are my favourite projectile character

  31. It’s a tradition for me to watch all you videos, forget you exist for a few months, find you again, and procédé to rewatch all your videos once again. It’s an infinite cycle.

  32. "Often you do more damage by punishing a reaction to a fireball than you to by getting hit by one"

    This is exactly what I love about playing Spinal in Killer Instinct. If I get enough resources/Skulls to throw a bunch of fireballs, timing it so that I can turn it into a mixup with my Teleport feels so rewarding. When the entire screen is just skulls flying everywhere, my opponent's range of motion becomes quite limited and it's much, MUCH easier to catch any mistakes they make, or even better, bait them into making one that you can then heavily punish.

  33. I love venom mr man of many balls in guilty gesr

  34. Whether it's calculated or not, spam is spam.

  35. My favorite is king dedede because gordo ledge setups are awesome.

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