Analysis: How the Hadouken Reinvented 2D Fighting -

Analysis: How the Hadouken Reinvented 2D Fighting

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As annoying as fireballs can be, they’re responsible for the kind of fighting games we see today.

Thanks to Laugh for lending his expertise for this video! Visit for his sick arcade sticks.

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Seth Killian and Harada clips from the documentary I Am Street Fighter:

BGM in order:
The Consouls – Ryu Theme Cover
Street Fighter EX3 – Strange Sunset (Guile Theme)
Street Fighter II – E-Honda Theme (SNES version)
Street Fighter V – Akuma Theme
Marvel vs. Capcom 3 – Akuma Theme
Street Fighter III 2nd Impact – Ibuki Theme


  1. CPU Ryu says this with his gameplay

    "See how i revolutionized Fighting games with this simple move? Now Taste the Revolution"

  2. Beam projectiles activate my neurons

  3. i love watching core a gaming cuz sometimes he just goes way off topic and you just learn something you didn’t think you would.

  4. I think it's like anything else. There's nothing wrong with the concept per se, but can be used badly in a poorly designed game.

  5. ryu from every street figher and or smash bros

  6. Ahhh… reading the hand my friends hate me for this

  7. Reptiles energy ball
    Mortal kombat
    Love it

  8. In the words of Sol Badguy: “Projectiles are bullshit.”

  9. My fav projectile character is venom from guilty gear because he make ball go big and hit with big stick

  10. one of my favorite projectiles is sol badguy's gun flame
    it's got nice reach, travels on the ground, and has a fakeout that's as easy as doing a qcb instead of a qcf

  11. I really like Algol from Soulcalibur. There's so many ways to get around his gumballs, but to make up for it, he gets some wacky stuff so you can shoot in something like 6 different directions as opposed to your normal 1 to 3 for a 2D fighter. You have to put in a little more work, but it's awesome.

  12. Im pretty sure best fireballers in sf5 is sagat or ryu. If ex considered then maybe guile.

  13. You talk about projectiles as if they're a good thing but have you ever played a young link, samus or ness online in Smash Ultimate? If not go do that and feel pain

  14. Best zoning character imo, Hol Horse from JJBA HTF, Sakuya from Touhou Soku, Mario in Smash, Lei Wulong from Tekken, Peacock from Skullgirls.
    And that's at leats the zoners i think is good from the games I've played.

  15. I think my favorite projectile character is that one guy ryu from smash

  16. imagine if literally one street fighter character had a smash bros reflector

  17. My favorite projectile character is Guile
    not moving makes the opponet even saltier.

  18. My favorite projectile character is probably venom in xrd or nu 13 in most games she shows up in. Venom has the most interesting case of setup and manipulation of his projectiles I've ever seen, allowing a complex mix of aggression and zoning while nu completely shifts how your average character is since she is a zoner that actually combos and mixes from Fullscreen, but still has reasons to advance occasionally

  19. So if the thing about Daigo changing his strategies when an opponent says what they are is true, I think I have a plan to beat him. Tell him that he has a tendency to attack his opponents during any point in a game. How does he get around that?

  20. I like axl from guilty gear.

  21. Great, now I can play Ness and the Belmont's without being called out

  22. I'm a Mii Gunner main in Smash Ultimate. Projectile zoners are super interesting to me, and my favourite one to watch is Mega Man, who uses projectiles big and small constantly to control space

  23. favorite projectile character gotta be ky kiske from guilty gear

  24. The best fireballers? Dahlsim. his limbs are the fireballs.

  25. my favorite is Sagat but they messed him up in SFV

  26. I play slow and not super aggressive, but I hate fireball or combo spam because I think it's boring to see the same move used over and over and over again.

    My go to use of projectiles, as Cloud and King Dedede in Smash Ultimate, is to either set them up for them to rush in and for me to catch them, or them to projectile back and I rush in for an attack.

  27. My favourite projectile characters is elliana in roa if she counts

  28. I like mk11 sub zero's iceball, because you can eat any other character's projectile for one meter. Then even meterless, you'll win most the trades anyway, quickly sliding up and landing a simple combo on a frozen opponent.
    This usually completely kills any zoner's will.
    Too bad they've made him a braindead coin flip character

  29. Mk11 skarlet is my favorite zoner in any fighting game so far

  30. Two of my favorite projectile characters are mega man and morrigan

  31. Favorite projectile character is definitely Falco (Melee) laser mixups are so deep.

  32. finally i have a justification to shit on people with hadoukens

  33. Spam is unwanted
    Me, a native Hawaiian: Are you sure about that?

  34. I main Robo-Fortune In SkullGirls and Samus in Smash Bro's
    I just love playing ranged characters in fighting games.
    Why? 'Because I don't like to be touched'

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