Analysis: Getting Better at Fighting Games -

Analysis: Getting Better at Fighting Games

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A look at an age old topic through the lens of pro players, cognitive science, and my first-hand experience teaching absolute beginners.

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  1. Enter a zen like state think but don’t think about the game just concentrate on a simple thought over and over and your auto pilot will use all the rest of your brainpower on destroying

  2. This is not just for fighting games but the way education should be done.

  3. Honestly I've been grinding so so hard on dbfz and guilty Gear for literally years now and don't feel any better when I play online. I know I've improved but man when you can count your wins with your hands and losses hit the triple digits you get a little downtrodden. I think I just have to give up lol it's gotten to the point where its like school not fun anymore lol

  4. Just realized everything here can be said in ANY competitive games (like shooters).

  5. I think my biggest problem when it comes to fighting games is that I misinput A LOT, which makes learning far more frustating than it should be.

  6. 自分が負けた試合を見返すのってホント苦痛なんだよね。

  7. I used this video as a reference in a school project! Such a well-researched and inspiring video!

  8. This reminds me of martial arts, dance, and weapons of martial arts. There's a level of power beyond 10 you can only understand if you're "that" good. But a lot of dweebs with glasses make videos telling you 'logically' what's possible, but they themselves can't fight or live experientially.

  9. @5:10 this applies SO MUCH to what I had to deal with for so many years in all my jobs (because none of them were fulfilling and my kindness was being used against me until I broke down), as well as within rhythm games. This is also why I never participate in tournaments of any sort: I don't find that environment fun. The FGC are already an untolerably toxic bunch of manchildren as is and I don't want to deal with a lot of smol brained morons who know nothing about sportsmanship.

  10. The big thing that help me gitting gud would be my basic martial arts background I know how to move an approach and I know when to strike to get the best opportunity

  11. ngl, best part of video is cat biting the book

  12. My motivation to get better at smash is to prove that my main Byleth is top tier 💯

  13. My first fighting game is being Ultra Street Fighter IV and I am having a lot of fun, but I confess that it is very difficult for a platform game player.

    Any tips for a Novice player who constantly drops combos?

  14. I love fighting games now after realizing how close they are to learning an instrument.

  15. I think I might be stuck in the Competency stage. I have never seen a replay of my losses because I have difficulties accepting losing (getting memed on, not achieving a goal because of an obsession with semantics, feeling like a failure/other cognitive distortions, etc.).

    I feel like I have to work on my mindset before I can work on getting a Tekken Lord rank or making Elite Smash.

  16. A guy named Bob in the Rising thunder discord is what's pushing me to make myself better

  17. I got good because my dad kept beating me in mortal kombat

  18. Yes intuition is VERY important in every game u play but becomes more effective the more u play the game.
    For exemple tekken, the more hours u play the more your feed your subconscious with characters patterns, even do u are not consciously absolving that knowladge there is a point that the bulk sum of knowladge u aquired, becomes efortless intuition. Its like mustle memory.

    So if u seen multiple law players doing the same string, even do u were not consciously retaining that information, the more u see it the more easy becomes to block it even without thinking, it becomes a automatic.

    Conclusion: Intuition is a mix of ''gut feeling'' and knowladge/muscle memory (seeing the character doing the same thing over and over)


  20. Me watching moment 37 for the first time. "What are you are trying to tell me I can dodge Houyoku-sen. Daigo- no Coty I'm trying to tell when you are ready you won't have to"

  21. In an era of solely online it’s been difficult for most smash ultimate players to keep themselves motivated as most know, smash online is extremely subpar. The way I circumvented this problem was more consistently watching vods of top level players and analysis videos like this one to increase my drive for the game. “I want to be at top level and be able to pop off like Marss did when he won Genesis 7, so I have to practice my combos, study my vods, and work out my habits.” While it’s been entirely too difficult to keep my motivation high, I feel like I definitely know how to get better, and now that our locals and offline events have returned I’m starting to win and do better against players who I used to lose to. There’s definitely a tangible level of improvement I’m seeing from myself, and I’d love to keep that up and hopefully have the chance to be the one popping off when the EVO 2022 champion is crowned.

  22. 6:17 This reminds me of this video of WarOwl (Counter Strike player), he plays a match at 75% of the game speed, and then plays the replay at normal 100% speed, the replays looks like a Pro match at very high level, what maybe means that the Pros analyzes the game at a different speed that we're used to thanks to their experience in the base mechanics.

  23. After decades of using a gamepad to play fighting games, upgrading to a decent arcade stick made all the difference and since upgrading, I can now perform consistently combos I previously had a 50/50 chance of getting right.

  24. button smash harder faster quicker for fucks sake and its easy dubs !

  25. This video has so many ties with Speedrunning it's not funny, all Speedrunners need to watch this video.

  26. Every FGC video has to have THAT Evo moment in it, that's the law

  27. Core A Gaming's videos inspire me to get better

  28. jesus i’ve had recuerdos stuck in my head for days, and i’ve been watching these videos, it is so hilarious to see them come together

  29. Sweep or Throw is a fantastic learning tool

  30. Bruh I don't even play fighting games. I'm a speedrunner so why am I so addicted to this content

  31. the fuckin sweeps and throws thing. Fighting games need that kind of thing to help teach newer players like me. The one thing I keep saying is that Fighting game tutorials shouldn't just be missions that try to teach people stuff they don't understand in a clean and sterile environment. It should be its own entire gamemode where you play dumb downed version of the game that helps you actually focus on what's important and faces you off against enemies that force you to learn by actually playing the game in a way that still actually feels like a game. I'm trying so hard to get into fighting games but spending hours going through hundreds of tutorial missions and videos and practice modes is just not fun and gets really draining.

  32. The one thing that pushes me in fighting games is to pull the most ridiculous shit you didnt know was possible.

  33. The sweeps and throws mini game and stuff like that should honestly be in the story mode for fighting games

  34. my cocky friend always keeps me motivated to keep improving, otherwise i'll have to listen to his smug ass congratulate himself for winning

  35. Ive been stuck at competent for a while

  36. I always had a passing interest in fighting games, what made me get better was finding the right game. Guilty gear strive is perfect for me, especially as a new player

  37. In my opinion, expertise is when a player has flow/in the zone.

  38. I've been play in ng SF for over 30 years. I still can't do 5 shoryukens in a row. I still flub the input.

  39. After reading that ABSOLUTE QUOTE from Daigo (07:25), he indeed deserves the title Lord Daigo. I come from meditation and I believe he speaks of the same truth. Many performers and great masters have achieved it through their craft, it does not have to say "meditation" on the label, as it is an ultimate underlying state.

  40. What helps me is to know you got your good days and bad days. Some days you win as if no one can stop you and other days where you get bodied. I think the main thing to do is to not let bad days get to you negatively, try to learn from them, and take in mind that tomorrow is a new day.

  41. Of all the games I've played I've noticed fighting games are some of the hardest to get good at or at least competitive, i never had a problem in any other game which is why most people quit on them

  42. My biggest fighting game successes are where I love the character I'm playing. Their style fits me, I like how it feels to win, and I don't feel shorthanded. Trying to get better is much easier when you love this part of the journey.

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