All SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive Fighting Games Compilation - Every Game (US/EU/JP/BR) -

All SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive Fighting Games Compilation – Every Game (US/EU/JP/BR)

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***This video shows only the games licensed by SEGA***

00:03 – Aa Harimanada
00:13 – Art of Fighting
00:23 – Ballz 3D
00:33 – Beast Wrestler
00:43 – Best of the Best: Championship Karate
00:53 – Boxing: Legends of the Ring
01:03 – Brutal: Paws of Fury
01:13 – Budokan: The Martial Spirit
01:23 – ClayFighter
01:33 – Deadly Moves
01:43 – Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls
01:53 – Dragon Ball Z
02:03 – Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
02:13 – Eternal Champions
02:23 – Evander ‘Real Deal’ Hollyfield’s Boxing
02:33 – Fatal Fury
02:43 – Fatal Fury 2
02:53 – Fighting Masters
03:03 – Foreman for Real
03:13 – George Foreman’s KO Boxing
03:23 – Gouketuji Ichizoku
03:33 – Greatest Heavyweights
03:43 – Heavy Nova
03:53 – James ‘Buster’ Douglas Knockout Boxing
04:03 – Justice League Task Force
04:13 – Ka-Ge-Ki: Fists of Steel
04:23 – King of the Monsters
04:33 – King of the Monsters 2
04:43 – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
04:53 – Mortal Kombat
05:03 – Mortal Kombat II
05:13 – Mortal Kombat 3
05:23 – Muhammad Ali Heavyweight Boxing
05:33 – Pit-Fighter
05:43 – Primal Rage
05:53 – Ringside Angel
06:03 – Rise of the Robots
06:13 – Samurai Shodown
06:23 – Saturday Night Slam Masters
06:33 – Shaq-Fu
06:43 – Slaughter Sport
06:53 – Street Fighter II’: Special Champion Edition
07:03 – Street Smart
07:13 – Super Street Fighter II
07:23 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters
07:33 – Thunder Pro Wrestling Retsuden
07:43 – Time Killers
07:53 – Toughman Contest
08:03 – Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
08:13 – Ultraman
08:23 – Virtua Fighter 2
08:33 – VR Troopers
08:43 – WeaponLord
08:53 – World Heroes
09:03 – Wrestle War
09:13 – WWF Raw
09:23 – WWF Royal Rumble
09:33 – WWF Super Wrestlemania
09:43 – WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game
09:53 – Yuu Yuu Hakusho: Makyo Toitsusen


  1. Mk 1,2,3 was the best fighting games from genesis


  3. Mega Drive 2D Fighting game Perspective Classic:Original:Art of Fighting MD (1994) 0:13Brutal: Paws to Fury (1994) 1:03Budokan (1990) 1:13Clay Fighters (1994) 1:23Deadley Moves (1992) 1:33Double Dragon V (1994) 1:43Eternal Champion (1993) 2:13Fatal Fury 1 and 2 (1993 and 1994) 2:33 2:43Fighting Masters (1991) 2:53Power Instinct (1994) 3:23Heavy Nova (1992) 3:43Final Blow: James 'Buster' Douglas Knockout Boxing (1990) 3:53MK 1,2,3,UMK3 (1993 and 1996) 4:53 5:03 5:13 8:03Primal Rage (1995) 5:43Rise Of the Robots (1994) 6:03Samurai Showdown (1994) 6:13Shaq-Fu (1994) 6:33Slaughter Sport Fat Man (1990) 6:43Street Fighter 2: Special Champion Edition (1993) 6:53Super Street Fighter 2 (1994) 7:13Time Killers (1996) 7:43Virtua Fighters (1997) 8:23Weapon Lord (1995) 8:43World Heroes (1994) 8:53Base:Aa Harimanada (1993) 0:03Best of the Best: Championship Karatê. (1993)0:43Dragon Ball z: Buyuu Retsuden (1994) 1:53Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (1994) 2:02Justice League Task Force (1995) 4:03Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1994) 4:43TMNT: Tournament Fighters MD (1993) 7:23Ultraman (1993) 8:13VR Troopers (1993) 8:33Yu Yu Hakusho: Sunset Fighters (1994) 9:53

  4. Well, many games, but you can count the good ones on two hands: The Streetfighter 2 games, four MKs, Fatal Fury 2, Samurai Shodown, Power Instinct and Weaponlord – but the rest is not really worth to play imo.

  5. Mk on genesis is pretty crap for all that hype.

  6. The evander holifield boxing its wrong, thats the Greatests heaviweights. The best boxing game in genesis

  7. The SNES, PSX and Saturn did better than what the Genesis and TurboGrafx-16 had for fighters.

  8. All SF & MK , all SNK/Neo Geo games, Enternal Champions games got to be the Best.. Slaughter Sport, Rise of the Robots , Shaq Fu Worst … Brutal I wanted to like that game but the difficult gameplay.. too bad someone doesn't rom hack the game put in better controls..

  9. I may be wrong, but it seemed like there was way more fighting game in the SNES video, which I didn't expect to see. And, not only that, but it seemed like the SNES really did have more stand-out fighting games too. I mean, I know the top few SNES fighting games beat anything on Genesis in my opinion, but I was expecting to see a bunch of similarly stand-out fighting games for Genesis, yet none of them really did for me. Surprising. But, to be fair, I'm a little bias towards SNES, and it's hard to judge them all truly fairly from just a few seconds of footage. Although, again, titles like Street Fighter II and Turbo, Mortal Kombat II, Gundam Wing: Endless Duel, Killer Instinct, Street Fighter Alpha 2 and even Super Punch-OUt!! just stand above anything on Genesis for me.

  10. Not all fighting games in the list… Im trying to find one game but cant see this one in the fighting game lists, cant remember name but graphics been similiar to Samurai Shodown, and its been hardest game with hardest button combos on sega.

  11. 4:13 all I could remember is when you get knocked down the guy says “is that all?” I grew up playing the funny lil game

  12. Who wants to play with my ballz.. on Sega CD??
    It's in 3-Deeeee

  13. amazing list, snes have more fighting games but nothing beat Fatal Fury 2, Street Fighter 2 plus champion edition and Yuyu Hakusho on sega genesis.

  14. Best of the Best needs a next gen remake

  15. No game, in which one of tre hero Vandal (from Russia) – blue body, in Russia fights at the or near the train, woman from France fight circus or like place of circus

  16. So, this has helped adjust my perspective a bit re: fighting games on the Mega Drive. Interestingly, watching this (unless it was a Capcom game, SNK/NeoGeo game or Mortal Kombat) it turns out that Rise of the Robots and Shaq Fu actually look decent compared to the rest of the titles available in this category! 😂

  17. I fill as if there is a game missing

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