all fighting games on ps1 -

all fighting games on ps1

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все файтинги на ps1 какие нашел
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  1. 40:05 I've been trying to find this game for so long!!! Thank you for your help!

  2. Thank you so much for compiling these games. I finally found the title of the game I played when I was a kid. 😇😇😇

  3. If you didn't see your favorite game then write to me about it / Если вы неувидели свою любимую игру то напишите мне об этом

  4. wow ! amazing , there are even games I didn't know existed , thanks

  5. Thank you for uploading this, a lot of gems here! Though I'm still searching for a fighting game I played as a kid, pretty sure it was PS1 but I only ever had a demo, this is in the UK btw: It was a sci-fi, power stone-esque arena battler, and all I remember is that you were in an arena with a dark expanse surrounding it, and you'd stand on specific square pads on the ground to power up. I also recall a character with spiked hair and sunglasses, very 90's looking aestetic, bit of a rocker.

    It's possible that I missed it in the video but I was really looking out for it. Anyway, if anyone has any idea what I'm talking about let me know, thanks!

  6. playstation had the best games i love ps1 over all the others

  7. abalaburn i looking for this game some many years and i found that oh my god my childhood is safety now

  8. 18:17 virtual hiryu no Ken!! I been searching this game for so long.. Its my childhood my fav fighting game!

  9. I would have also included:
    WWF Wrestlemania Arcade and WWF In Your House – more wrestling-themed fighting games than wrestling, complete with "Fatalities". Certainly more aligned to the genre than some in this video (Celebrity Deathmatch, UFC, RINGS)
    Croket! Kindan no Kinka Box!
    Anything in a compilation – the SFII entries, SamSho 1 and 2, Yie Ar Kung Fu 1 and 2,

  10. Hello there. I am searching for a fighting game i played in my childhood. But cant remember the name. On the cover photo there were two men and two women. One man always fought with his hands in his pants and one girl with a broom. And you could play it with two players who had to walk through the scenes from one to another and fight the enemys. Please help

  11. есть пару игр у которых ты путаешь платформу пс1 и пс2, ну и нет вообще ни blaze blue ни sf4, и у стар гладиатор есть 2ая часть

  12. Hey so cool you had tatsunoko fight. This is the prequel to tatsunoko vs Capcom awesome! I might need to get that

  13. Kensei: Sacred Fist and Evil Zone are very underrated games. That Hokuto no Ken game is more of a beat'em up though

  14. Does some one know the name of this game that is. Very similar to samurai showdown but is in a fantasy world where knights and elves are the characters, help please.

  15. One missing from this list and I can’t remember what it’s called. It was a kind of an upper angle view, 3D, arena-style fighting game. Melee and each player had some type of projectile attack that would launch across the map. Maps were kind of big (for the time), and the camera would zoom out and zoom in as the characters moved in and out. Anyone know what I’m talking about? I’ve never seen any videos on it, but I swear it exists.

  16. Can anybody help me? I forgot the name of a game that figures robot fight (Tekken Style) with "Neko" producer and with a robot that was called "LEO" and a blue robot

  17. what beat em up game was that in the arcade thats similiar to Crisis Beat where you can pick up guns and rocket launchers and stuff?

  18. Patlabor is a great Anime. Great detective story.

  19. Hi guys, do you know tha character with rocket in he's legs ??

  20. Destrega merece una saga, Evil Zone un remake.

    Alguien recuerda bloodlines?

  21. Sony playstation console is came out September 9th,1995!

  22. Can't find the game I'm searching…I played it on a demo disc 20 years ago…

  23. It's sad seeing DBZ Ultimate Battle moving so slow compared to DBZ Fighters Z

  24. Hey I'm trying to find a fighting game which had a cartoon style (like marvel vs capcom) and one of the characters had a pendulum clock based power. Also on the intro movie scene, it had a funny part where this big guy is eating noodles and gets knocked off or something….plz help me find this game !

  25. 20:50 thanks. I was looking for this game, but never knew it's name

  26. i´m trying to find this game , it was a 3D fighter , and the thing i remember the most is that there was a character with a rectangular rocket launcher , and it had a very sick ost . Can anyone help me , its been driving me nuts for years

  27. KOF97とマブカプはPS1の映像じゃないと思う


  28. What was that 3d fighting game that had some sort of skeleton (with some sort of clothing, maybe Armour) as the final Boss?

  29. I am so glad JJBA HFTF is on this list, so many people seem to forget it exists

  30. Some of these games were never released in the USA and europe

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