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all fighting games on ps1

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все файтинги на ps1 какие нашел
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  1. Некоторые игры имеют очень необычный стиль даже для 1й плойки (Rakugagu Show Time) что довольно круто.

  2. @47:39 Finally I found the game I was looking for which I had played as a child.

  3. Wutang shaolin style ,that first when Def jam ever been made

  4. big thank u man i ffound that game i was looking for 131 evil zone

  5. WWF Smackdown 1 и 2 части? Simpsons wrestling? Бокс…любой. Их там несколько было. И конечно Knockout Kings

  6. Critical Blow, one of the best FMV Opening in fighting games…
    Tobal series… when look the character design I had suspicion it's Akira Toriyama touch signature, love the game!
    Fighter Impact remembering it's HUGE monitor arcade machine back in the days…
    Damn… so many memories…
    Those are the days… 90's kid dreams…

  7. Tobal no 1 finally i found you!!!!
    My aunt had this 25 years ago and i never found it. First fighting game ive ever seen.

  8. I'm looking for a Ps1 fighting game, I remember it was set in the middle ages, I remember a clown fighter, it was very gory. I remember vaguely a bridge stage. It was a 3D game.

    I found it! It is Cardinal Syn 32:32

  9. I still haven’t found this one game I’ve been looking for I don’t remember it very much but you would fight like in a story mode and there where cutscenes for characters deaths and the final boss was the devil no clue still what it’s called

  10. I'm looking for ps1 fighting game that essentially the character will shoot the energy from afar (thier basic mechanics) what I can remember one of the character tag line is "i feel young"

  11. All!? man thats a titanic task, well done! excellent video.

  12. All gundam games sux…

    Btw, thank you for compilate this!

  13. Where thrill kill? Tw metal and vigialante 8

  14. Mano eu costumava jogar um game de luta no PS1 e queria muito lembrar o nome, eu só lembro que no jogo tinha um cientista com jaleco branco que lutava normal mas de algum jeito dava pra beber uma pocao que ele se transformava em uma especie de inseto mutante algo assim

  15. I sat down and watched the whole video out of curiosity and research. A lot of the titles were familiar, but some surprised me. I can't believe there were that many Gundam Wing titles and Kamen Rider games at that time. Great video and great fight footage. Thanks for putting this together.

  16. Vs.! Thank you! Been looking for this game but couldn't remember the name…

  17. EDIT: FOUND IT! "The Unholy War" it was like a chess game but when the enemy encounters they battle like Reverthion! — I'm trying to remember a similar game to 1:15 number 5 Reverthion. It has the same style of 3d map and strange characters like robots or other monsters. The only character that I remember was a human like thing with triangular legs and horns, low polygon

  18. Looking for a 3d likes game, it has wooden dummy characters with different colours fighting each others, any guess?

  19. 1:55 dam just shows how art style can hold up for year i fist thought I was looking at Chinese knock off of dragon ball z fighters lol

  20. how much variety but now the video game industry spends millions more on marketing

  21. 47:52 wow that looks identical to psychic force… sounds and moves included?!

  22. From the title I thought this was gonna be a meme but it is literally every fighting game on the ps1

  23. 2:14 looked for this game for so long ! glad it was in the first minutes 😀

  24. #14 is also known as Power Instinct 2
    #44 Battle Arena Nitoshinden was a SD (Super Deformed / Chibi) 3D arena fighting game from 1996 (similar to Virtua Fighter Kids). What you showed was the original Battle Arena Toshinden game from 1995.
    #4 was also on the SNES
    #102 at 32:37 Cardinal Syn was actually a Sony 1st party exclusive fighting game. So basically their first official fighting game (years before their Smash clone Playstation All Stars Battle Royal, which ironically, did not feature any characters from Cardinal Syn)

  25. im Still trying to find this PS1 game that was a 2d fighter maybe. but i remember it being sci fi and you could go up the walls. i remember alot of squares or boxes so maybe it was almost tile based

    but i found gundam battle and thats lit

  26. Been looking for years to find Destrega 🤣 so glad I finally found it

  27. I am looking for the name of a mutant fighting game. There was a character that turns into a lion and a second character that turns into a rabbit, but I forgot the name of the game. Please, if you know the name of the game, tell me

  28. I'm looking for a horror-like kind of game with a very red-ish color pattern, with crazy fighters and it seems to happen in an asylum, with gore in the finishes and shit. Anyone have a clue? I searched till 25mins, so if it is there it's after that 🙂

  29. I came here to see if you listed the rarest and first fighting game on the PS1. I remember Zero Drive but that is not it. Shit you got it! Criticom!! Yo that was PSX big cardboard box era and an extremely detailed fighting game for the time it was made.

  30. Vs. Was one of my favorites because it had a combo system similar to Bloody Roar and features a dope rock sound track.

  31. I came here looking for evil zone 40:00 I never thought I'd find it never would have guessed the name rarest p1 fighting game I've encountered only played it once heard of it never but unexpectedly seen some cool p1 classic I didn't kno about also didn't know there were so many street fighter knock offs

  32. Toshinden 2 is one of the most magical gaming XPs in my life, when i first saw it running i felt like there was no possible way to top it. And along came Mario 64…

  33. Is Criticom the predecessor of Dark Rift?

  34. I thought I was not going to see X Unmei no tatakai, but it is almost at the end of the video xD
    Well, you have shown me quite a few games that I would like to try, I did not know that there were so many Gundam fighting games on ps1, I only knew 2.

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