Adding Blocking to my Indie Fighting Game | Devlog 5 -

Adding Blocking to my Indie Fighting Game | Devlog 5

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Ultra Bouters Devlog #5 | My game felt so boring & unbalanced without blocking, so I added it 🙌

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  1. A turn-based fighting game seems interesting asf ngl

  2. Consider using the block system like how Naruto clash of ninja revolution used it. You don’t see anything but when you’re getting hit, there are particles that fly out that turned from yellow to red and it signifies your block is about to break.

  3. I'm surprised to learn you're using hit boxes like this, that would not had been my first guess. Cool stuff!

  4. Game is looking fun, can't wait to play test it

  5. I think each skill / action should be called a "drum" and each move has a set amount of "beats" that drum runs for when selected.
    The "beats" are a simplified version for how many frames the move takes, so if a move did 32 frames then that would probably be 3 beats, anything over 16 would be 2 beats and anything under 16 frames would cost a single beat.

    The reason for the heavy drum theme is that each player could then have the ring of drums behind them and when they block the ring would come forward when blocking.
    The ring of drums could also be colour coded (using symbols aswell) to givea hint to their opponent what moves they have avaliable.
    Or the ring of drums could represent their fatigue, slowly losing drums as they gain fatigue, kinda like the thunder in their heart is dying out.

    I dunno man! I just love that wheel menu, has me thinking all kinds of stuff!

  6. Just hold back to block, except that this is a turn based game, so you can't hold back, well fighting games have this already solved

    For some games, neutral already lets you block by default, that means that if you don't touch anything, and your opponent punches you with a normal attack, your character will by default block, but if you were moving, advancing, jumping, etc, your character would stop blocking, except by moving back, in which case they also block

    How to translate this to a turn base game, have your neutral position be an automatic block, this means that without any input, a character would by default block neutral, this forces the opponent to take 3 options in order to do damage when starting a combo: Attack low, attack high, or grab

    If you remain neutral and crouch, by default crouching will mean you block low, this once again means that for the opponent to do damage they have 2 options: attack normal, or grab low

    Why 2? well attack high would miss, and grab normal would miss too

    What about overheads and high attacks, those are not blocked by normal block, while holding up usually leads to jumping, so blocking high is usually not a thing, unless the game has a dedicated jumping button, so overhead and jumping attacks are usually mean to guarantee damage that can't be blocked by the default block if they connect, seems like then that's the go to option right always right?

    Well when a character is doing an overhead or a jump attack, they left themselves open to be punished, by being attacked back, since the attack can just miss, forget blocking high, you can just crouch and then hit them on the landing for a freeby, in this case crouching is serving the double defensive duty of being bot the way you can block low, and dodge downwards

    So this leads to dodge, dodge is just moving out of an attack, it is a bonus that comes out of taking other options, if an attack moves you out of an incoming attack, then it also serving as a doge move, same goes for jumping, or holding back

  7. fwiw i think it is important to have a strong visual design in a fighting game, and if the anime replay is a selling point for your game, then flashy and story telling blocks seem like they're something worth working on when it comes times for revisions and stretch features. so i'm gonna suggest option 3: use the block button to introduce character specific stuff that could qualify as blocking but mechanically they do wildly different things that feel in line with the character's story

  8. Got the white bug before a couple of times, thought I had some sort of superpower 😀 6:35

  9. An interesting idea would be to have some sort of "faultless defense" that has a strict cooldown or resource tied to it. It would be a panic button for when you don't know whether to block high or low that still gets beaten by things like grabs. Maybe only give it to characters who could use it, but an interesting idea nonetheless.

    I think a character by character basis is a good way to think about this, it's a less all-encompassing and more time consuming solution, but I think giving certain characters certain defensive options can make you think more about match-ups while also further differentiating the characters.

    Another thing to consider is, why would you block in a fighting game in the first place? Think about it, you know an attack is coming, but actions like parry or evading (depending on the game of course) are more risky. Blocking is safer, with lower reward.

    Parries or dodges tend to be riskier, but they yield higher rewards. Perhaps blocking is harder to get around, but you still take chip-damage and maybe you can't block for too long before getting gaurd-broken or something, in addition to being throwable. In contrast, dodges or parries are always advantageous but are also more risky, since if you parry or dodge in the wrong way, you take the full force of an attack.

    It all depends on what you prefer, of course, I don't think there's a right answer.

    Regardless, this game is looking absolutely incredible. Great work, very inspiring!

  10. Just found out about you and this game. Looking forward to this game.

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