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A Love Letter to Fighting Games || Purmello Talks Things (Animated Discussion)

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New(ish) year, new(ish) me.
Discussing just why we love fighting games and the fighting game community, from the perspective of a girl who got bodied in Tekken when she was 6.
Thank you so much to the following creators for lending their voices and knowledge to this project. I mean it sincerely when I say that I couldn’t have done it without them.
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  1. when I was a kid my parents were "very protective" and they wouldn't let me play anything with the slightest bit of violence or magic, I saw your video some time ago and I gave fighting games a chance, and I can say, it was worth it. .
    I don't know if you'll see this, but I just wanted to say thank you so much 🙂

  2. no, i hate fighting games, don't get randomly in my suggestions you degenerate.

  3. God bless fighting games. Thank you for making this vid.

  4. There's no community like a fighter has, because there's no opponents without one.

    I'd love to see more videos like this, please keep it up.

  5. Last week i convinced my friends (that don't like fighting games) to play Lethal League on PS4… WE HAD A BLAST.
    Nobody knew how to play and every time someone hit the ball more than 2 times in a row, WE LOST OUR SHIT AND SCREAMED LIKE MANIACS BECAUSE OF HOW FAST THE BALL MOVED.

    I always played fighting games alone, sadly, it took many time for me and my family to have internet and when we got it, the pc was connected only by wi fi… So, after having a few JOJO HFTF matches ruined by my internet, i quited trying… But maybe someday, when i finally change the freaking place of that internet machine (can't remember what it is called) i can finally engage in MAXIMUM SPIDER

  6. In my eyes, being good at fighting games it's like knowing how to draw, why? because people who know how to draw have been doing it since they were kids or atleast for several years. I Have been playing fighting games since my childhood, and while i've not played against real players until recent times, everything about movement, motion imputs and all of that, got stuck in my head, but then i always sucked at drawing, and that's because i've never wanted to improve, people say it's easy to give up on fighting games, same goes for drawing, demotivation for not doing well at the star, it's really hard to pass that barrier, this year when i wanted to draw better, i cound't beat it.
    Either drawing or fighting games, it's going to be very hard if you have never been interested before, and if we are talking about fgs, it's going to be extra hard if you want to compete against other people.

  7. ah yes a nice video about fighting gam-

    critical role appears

    i swear, you've hijacked my brain

  8. My first arcade-style fighting game that I played was Virtua Fighter 2 on the Sega Saturn back when I was a kid in the '90's. I was born in 1988 and grew up in the '90's and the 2000's.

  9. In fighting games theres really only one reason you lost. Game bad

  10. I'm grateful that I was introduced to Tekken 4 in an arcade when I was a toddler

  11. Assuming many people already know this but for anybody like me who is racking their brain trying to recall the music at 4:12, it's Under Night In Birth character select.

  12. isnt this person's profile picture the r/hentai icon as well?

  13. The reason I love fighting games is being able to sit down with a homie and scream and laugh and learn something new for like 10 hours at time.

  14. I don't understand why the make or break of people getting into fighting games is internet life and connection.
    I play Offline only. My internet sucks and the fighting games I love the most are old but I still play them alot.
    I use the single player content to push myself and I inspire the people around me to try. They never get into it as much as me and il forever be stuck at Intermediate level and I still love fighting games so much.
    Quit thinking online is the only way to go. That's not a reason it's an excuse.

  15. The fact that u using tekken 4 ocean.. UGGH love it

  16. I have just returned to fighting games after stopping in the 1990's. I found myself on warcraft for years. Darn, i am awful at the moment. Even after 35 hours on SFV. Even at my age, i have the will and desire to get better. I am making some imovements. Its slow, very slow. It took me 32 hours to find the right character to play! The ones i liked were to hard to play, Blanka and Faulk. I settled on Cammy in the end. I am 49 now, maybe by the time i am 54, i might make it into Silver 🙂 Plus i played Hades on PC, really love that game to pieces. I am awful; at that as well, but love it! Great video

  17. Hey this video was AWESOME! Idk why this is the first time I hear of you, but I had to subscribe! CAN’T WAIT FOR YOU TO BLOW UP!!! KABOOM!!!💣💥
    Thank you for your hard work, I know animating is a long deficated practice, but you nailed it! Be safe out there (^w^)/🎵

  18. Damn.. didn't think I'd watch Yang from RWBY talk about a new growing passion of mine today, nice. Keep up the good work and all jokes aside this video was awesome and your art style is just so good! Hope to see more from you soon!

  19. Why is the art style actually kind of good

  20. I love and hate fighting games. Frustrations during losses and exhilaration during wins. Just gotta let it go when I lose commend the better player and become better myself! Only fighting game I have played for a VERY long time has been SC series, top 2 chars Siegfried and Voldo second to that Tekken Im now just joining the tekken 7 wagon King and Lee were the first chars I ever picked back when I first played Tekken with Tekken 2 at arcade now Im really digging Steve FIGHTING GAMES ARE GREAT awesome vid!

  21. Amazing video what an awesome love letter to my favorite genre of games

  22. Great video it’s like documentary about how you love fighting games

  23. eddy gordo is the fighting game equivalent to a gateway drug


  25. This video is great. Definitely subscribing

  26. Me: Oh sweet an animator YouTuber
    Purmello: So yeah I liked fighting games back then when I was a kid and I still love them
    Me: Yooo I'm already subbed
    Purmello: I played Tekken 3 and absolutely loved it
    Purmello: I main Eddy
    Me: deep inhale as I put my brass knuckles on Exfuckingscuse me I didn't hear that right

  27. This video was really awesome. I'm really glad you like the fighting game genre because these games are hard to get into but I like your explanation of your experience with fighting games. I hope you make more videos on fighting games and also love your animation style.

  28. i have been playing fighting games since i was around 7 and in more recent years have become more interested in the FGC thanks to Maximillian but i think this video has encouraged me to get more involved, so thank you, fantastic video

  29. Love the video I love fighting games a lot

  30. True love we're making starts kicking in and I can hear woolie in my head AND THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN PURMELLO SAYS "You ready to play?"


  31. fighting games really make you feel like you're FIGHTING GAMES yourself.

  32. I will never get bored of listening to people talk about why they love fighting games. I've never been apart of such a strange and unique community of people that make me feel whole. Also amazing use of Friday Night Fisticuffs to segway to the next part of the video.

  33. i have an sugestion, if you like arc system works games, you should play blazblue (aside from crosstag)

  34. some of these games i actually have never seen before, there was a clip of someone playing general ram? from gears? interesting, i have only played tekken 7 and street fighter V for fighting games they just recently in my life actually interested me.

  35. Fighting Games to me are like a prize at a ledge I can't reach. I'm always fascinated by them, the community, the music, the characters, and obviously, the games themselves. But, everytime I try and pick one, it just feels discouraging, and not all that fun, but I just keep coming back, even knowing that I might not get better, or that I might get bodied and salty. Kinda like how I feel about Rogue-likes such as Enter the Gungeon, Binding of Isaac, or other difficult games, like Monster Hunter. This was a really good video.

    Also, I caught these Dunkey references here and there, lol.

  36. I still remeber back when i was 13 i played sf2 champion edition just to play vega because i like him,but i failed hard and i lost faith in fgs,it wasnt until street fighter 3 i totally pushed me to the limit,the devoloped a life long obsession with fgs for 1 decade
    and street fighter 3 3rd strike is still my favourite game.

  37. I just wanna see Purmello in more tournaments

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