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A Forgotten Marvel Fighting Game | Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects | Retrospective Review

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In 2005, Marvel and EA signed a multi game deal with EA to produce a series of Marvel fighting games. The result was Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects. Marvel Nemesis included characters such as Daredevil, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Venom, and Human Torch against original EA characters named, “The Imperfects.” Marvel Nemesis received both poor critical and financial success, causing it to be the only game to release within the Marvel/EA contract. But was it really that bad though? In this video, we’ll go through every detail of Marvel Nemesis and discuss where it went wrong, as well as what it did right.

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  1. Marvel just give us a game sorta similar to this story but with the heroes and villains we know today as well Including some of the Heroes and Villains who aren’t as popular so they gain more popularity . I wouldn’t mind it having this fighting style but I would love to see this using Netherealms Mortal Kombat 11 engine . I wouldn’t mind the Imperfects coming back as characters as well but I don’t see EA doing that unless Marvel still has rights to those characters . Marvel is way overdue for a good fighting game and I’m not talking about that Marvel vs Capcom stuff.

  2. missed it when tony starks
    voice was a smidge more deeper and sinister rather than high pitched and a smart ass

  3. Bro holy fuck this just dug so deep in my memory! WTF I FORGOT ABOUT THIS SHIT. I used to love this fucking game. I was so young playing this. I loved the aesthetics as a kid though. I literally have seen nothing about this game since I was 6 years old holy fuck.

  4. I loved this as a kid, every punch that u threw felt impactful and really felt like i was beating tf out of someone. And the camera/not having a lock on system wasnt a big deal for me. Yes it was a little annoying but to me i saw it as“get better”. Really love this game and it has a special place in my heart

  5. Finally I fucking found it I remembered playing this on my GameCube then giving the game away to my cousin. This game was fantastic and I was so upset I could never remember what it was called, happy this randomly showed up in my feed

  6. Man I remember playing this with my brothers all the time really hits that nostalgia cord for me I wish they'd make another or remaster it I thought it was very fun

  7. Back when comics were about entertainment and the political points were a bit concealed. They weren't like "omg hurr durr look at these brave characters we made! LOVE THEM REEEEEEEEEE"

  8. +1 sub for bringing back the memories and the feels.

  9. Absolutely loved this game! Would give anything for a 2nd or heck even a remaster!

  10. Still playing this, my PS2 slim is still working perfectly fine so I found myself constantly going back to this game even after clearing the entire story mode, unlocking all the cards and all the characters in the versus mode. I always challenge myself to discover some combos and tricks that I can use in the game.

  11. Such a great game. Story was pretty good aswell.


  13. My dad got this for my birthday i’m pretty sure and i was like 4 it’s still one of my favorites

  14. I love this game and always talk about how id love another with similar fighting style. Not another game much like this one. Had toooo much fun playin this with friends fighting it out back in the day! Loved private match fights on here 😁

  15. A lot people forget marvel games existed before the mcu and just think everything has to be mcu

  16. I was in college skipping class for this game

  17. Was an interesting concept, The Dark and gritty style too…
    I think one one the worst mistakes was not making a kind of TeamUp between Marvel Héroes and the Imperfects… That could be Awesome cuz Lets admit it, On a Marvel Game we want to see Marvel Heroes.

  18. This is probably the darkest marvel game I played besides punisher and X-men wolverine origins game

  19. Wish they'd make it available to play on newer generation consoles

  20. Btw they were gonna make a sequel. EA cancelled it. U can see video of hulk and juggernaut.

  21. I'm just amazed how easily Venom over comes Solara, but not unheard of lol

  22. I’m currently replaying this game for the first time in years. The gameplay is a lot less polished than I remember. Then again, I was a kid when I first played. The story can be a bit confusing at times too. Especially considering there’s only about 5 or 6 areas missions take place. Off the top of my head I think about the second fight between Elektra and Daredevil. There’s really no lead into it and no cutscene after. There’s also some missions where basic enemies just randomly kick your ass. Despite all this, I still love this game.

  23. I used to play this a bunch as a kid. I'd play Iron Man or the guy with the electric powers that was an imperfect

  24. That must have been joe fix it or professor hulk; nothing in this game can match a savage hulk. Perhaps magneto could, or paragon for the sake of the story she may fight hulk to a stand still. that's about it.

  25. Bruh this game brings back memories 4real

  26. Holly shit bro, the memories this awoke.

  27. The punisher, reed, iceman, and/or deadpool woulda been mad cool for this game, beast and blade too

  28. this unlocked childhood memories i didnt even know i had

  29. Pretty good retrospective, and since I never bothered to look it up I always assume the Imperfects
    were obscure or new Marvel characters made for this, like Firestar was. My experience was different however,
    only played the PSP version yet remember it looking darker, might be 'cus of the menus. Definitely will check out
    both versions though. Having fallen in love with Daredevil because of the Netflix show it sucks he's not
    in the PSP one. And just like you, I remember the music too. Excellent stuff!Game's moody, gritty, it's own beast.
    Both an encapsulation of, and a perfect example of early 2000s superhero content

  30. Y’all we gotta talk about this more

  31. Hands down, this was my one of my favorite marvel games to ever exist 🙌. I just never knew how to do the "fatalities". I'd just button mash and sometimes it'd work lol

  32. Man, this main story couldn't be done nowdays.
    Just hear the villain's last fight intro and ending.

  33. Man this game is so hard to fucking beat it’s crazy

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