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A Forgotten Marvel Fighting Game | Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects | Retrospective Review

Always Nerdy
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In 2005, Marvel and EA signed a multi game deal with EA to produce a series of Marvel fighting games. The result was Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects. Marvel Nemesis included characters such as Daredevil, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Venom, and Human Torch against original EA characters named, “The Imperfects.” Marvel Nemesis received both poor critical and financial success, causing it to be the only game to release within the Marvel/EA contract. But was it really that bad though? In this video, we’ll go through every detail of Marvel Nemesis and discuss where it went wrong, as well as what it did right.

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  1. I owned this game on DS as a kid. It was seriously fun

  2. I just downloaded this on my psp emulator 2 days ago

  3. Hmmm I am a grown adult I have two children I’m behind on a work project deadline I have chores to do at home but when I thought of, “hey what was that one marvel fighting game called that I ran my PSP into the ground with?” Find this video, “yeah I’m going to watch all of it”

  4. I remember playing this game all the time when I was younger, wall running with wolverine before spearing fools in Xavier's mansion was always fun, same as kicking fools off the roof of the daily bugle.

  5. Games like this never sell it’s sad then people say they get sick of companies copy and pasting every year 🤔🙄

  6. Who else used to play this on the original Xbox back when video games were creative and fun?

  7. I fucking loved this game and I was always bummed to never see any sort of continuation. I loved the character backstories too

  8. The Hulk was easily killed by that drone. That really bothered me when I played it as a kid

  9. Before a title was set for this game I remember a gaming magazine I read back in the day called it Marvel vs EA. Which leaves a very different impression haha.

  10. 56:12 Wolverine performs a ''fatality'' on Solara, me thinks she would explode…
    I really liked Hazmat for some reason when I played this game as a kid
    Paragon also reminded me of Witchblade 😛

  11. I remember I had to buy three copies of this fucking game back in the day before the third one finally just worked. I dunno what it was, but this game just would never cooperate. Still fun though.

  12. Deadpool has only ever telephoned in X Men Origins Wolverine. You lost street cred.

  13. This is one of those games that I wish would be remade for newer devices and of course with better controls & animation

  14. I do wish Marvel would develop and fighter comparable in quality to DC's Injustice 2…instead it gets lost in crappy Street Fighter cartoons

  15. I just want it on the record that I never forgot about this game.

  16. I bought this game recently and just got it yesterday and I was so bad when I played it as a kid since I couldn't even pass The Thing's second stage 💀

    I still love the game but the story mode is so painfully frustrating and repetitive. Especially Venom's Wanton Destruction mission and Human Torches Blazing Speed mission. It's still a favorite of mine cause nostalgia but it's still annoying at times.

  17. It sucked that they didn't make a sequel to this game, but instead went with Marvel Ultimate Alliance.🤦‍♂️

  18. God I loved this game. The ea characters blew my mind. Been a huge comic fan my whole life and this game was like a playable comic.

  19. This game was my childhood. Had it on the PSP😂😂

  20. First played this game on my Nintendo ds

  21. I loved playing versus with my friends. The story might have been boring, but it was fun as hell.

  22. My first and only Impression of this game was from a McDonald’s GameCube, and it left one hell of an impression.

  23. I liked the characters they made for this game. Some of them were pretty cool.

  24. damn I remember playing this game in the psp shit was dope af

  25. Me and my dad’s favorite game to play lol

  26. One of my favorite things was all the special finishers when then character you versed was in the danger zone and you did a special grab I think it was R + X in the GameCube but everyone was really cool looking

  27. Weird choice to highlight the same intro dialogue for 2 characters in a row (venom v Spidey both for the VAs and the showcase of the intro lines themselves)

  28. I remember my brother and I would always yell at each other over this game. If memory serves, the rage meter slowly builds no matter what, so we would set the timer to unlimited, and just run around the arena until the rage meter is full and go in for an attack.

  29. Omg I remember playing this as a kid!! I especially remember my friend at the time screaming and crying to let him win cuz I kept kicking his ass in it😂

  30. This game had Vancouver VAs like X-Men Evolution, yet they couldn't get Scott McNeil to reprise Wolverine….

  31. Wow this takes me back, i remember choosing between this and marvel alliance im glad i chose this one because it was a unique experience and a rare find. Obviously later i grabbed marvel alliance 😁

  32. The first game I remember sinking hours into, and I looked it up so many times years later to find very little about it, I almost thought I misrembeted it for a while

  33. It's almost like a combination of sin City and twisted metal black in the marvel universe.

    Looks pretty dope.

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