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A.B.I.torial: Jojo’s Bizarre Fighting Games

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What makes a good Jojo fighting game?

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  1. Hear me out, JoJo's VISUAL NOVEL.

    That way we can have a crazy story, whacky characters and puzzle fights all in one.

  2. you know what I would like about Jojo Fighting game?

  3. I think instead of a fighter, if you had to make a multiplayer Jojo game, it would be better as an asymmetric game, like Dead by Daylight, where player A picks a Jojo villain, and then players B, C, D, however many they allow get to pick one of the hero characters, who tend to be a bit more straight forward. You wouldn't know who you're fighting in advance, so you couldn't meta a perfect combo, but each hero should have some option for dealing with the villains' shenanigans The villain would have various options to lay traps, separate heroes, and pick them off, while the heroes would need to complete objectives to defeat the villain. I think it could be really crazy, although to really be fun the players would need to understand their characters well.

  4. Actually I think I want heritage gameplay, asb visual style, and eyes of heavens team mechanic in some way. Like a marvel 1 assist for the dual ultimate because they're just so cool looking.

  5. I'm not really sure what kind of Jojo fighting game I exactly want but I am all in for a Hertitage to the Future/All-Star battle gameplay with the Eyes of Heaven roster created by ArcSys. What I do want them to add is do another original story like from EOH but also add in an event mode or an extra story mode that recreates the battles from all the parts. The best example of this is the PS2 Golden Wind game. In the game, you go through an abridged retelling of Part 5 but you actually play through and experience the battles like how it was shown, like how Fugo was trapped in the mirror and couldn't summon his Stand or Buccucci being near a car to hinder Oasis/Secco's hearing. You have to actually use your environment to win. It was really an underrated mechanic and something you don't see in these games

  6. 4:04 Say it loud, and say it proud, doods! To hell with that vile bird!

  7. Cool down abilities would help capture the jojo feel in a fighter without compromising gameplay. The puzzle comes from trying to guess which ability the enemy would use and when. That's pretty much the point in the battle where they've figured out the opponents stand and now have to beat it story mode could help with the initial process of the puzzle.

  8. you forgot the newly announced re-release of a JoJo fighting game!
    persona 4 AU is coming to ps4, steam and Switch!

  9. I think a jojo game that every character is something like Zato1/Jack-O/carl clover can be great
    Basically just give it arcsys

  10. It's not a fighting game but that one JoJo battle royale looks like it comes closest to capturing the vibe of a JoJo fight. It puts the focus on positioning and the noncombat applications of Stand powers, both of which are way more important than pure fighting ability in most JoJo battles.

    As much as I think a proper JoJo fighting game would be cool I think other genres are just plain better at doing it justice.

  11. I think the easiest way to account for JoJo's as a game with fighting would be to throw away just as many rules as the series itself does

    A 2.5D fighter like Tekken and some stands which play as uniquely as Smash Bros. Characters
    Just imagine fighting against King Crimson but your last 5 buttons get skipped over or something

  12. Welcome to the ARC System helpline center, how may I help you?

  13. I want a new JoJo fighting game from Arc Sys. Imagine how hype that would be

  14. All I’m saying is that a brutally difficult turn based jojo strategy game would slap

  15. Maybe John would work better as a single player game where both parties don’t have to start on equal footing. Maybe a a kingdom hearts or DMC type action game

  16. Give me a 3v3 or 2v2 assist-based JoJo fighter devloped in the ArcSys style and i'll be happy

  17. Since you mention that Capcom made a solid fighting game but not a Jojo game I have to admit that you are correct but that making a jojo game that is not a fighting game is near impossible. Stand battles are not linear and sometimes dont make sense so making a game with mechanics to match the style is on a level that humans cant possibly achieve right now. Imagine a physics engine that could handle Okuyasu' stand. You would need to delete parts of the world and close the gap. That includes on characters and in game objects. That alone takes enough work for its own game let alone adding other characters like Josuke where you can punch a guy and turn him into a rock

  18. Eyes of heaven is a bad fighting game and a good jojo game

  19. Fuck Pet Shop. All my homies hate Pet Shop.

  20. I always thought JoJo would work well as an RPG or CRPG. Something where you can take time to create unique scenarios that aren’t inherently “fighting game materials”.

  21. Just give Jojo to arcsys. They will make a good fighting game.

  22. 9:30 the diego's aren't clone characters though, they have are very different in moveset and in stand, and they are 2 different people.
    i can't really go into detail why/how because that would be massive spoilers to part 7

  23. I think the one thing that ruins eyes of heaven is the 2v2 style. I think a tag team system would've been better than 2 active players

  24. I really liked all star battle! Something I noticed when watching high level play was that, the game is focused around loops. I’ve seen the diavolo loop that consists of like, 3 moves but it’s an infinite. There’s also Johnny’s which is a little harder to do since it involves a charge motion. At a casual level it’s pretty great too, having a KOF max mode cancel is pretty cool and being able to have your stand start a motion and use some meter to move yourself while your stand continues attacking is great.

  25. honestly you could make a DBFZ clone and just give everyone the utility of base goku, it could work pretty well. Imagne your ppint charachter is jotaro, and you can call an okuyasu assist to gap close the enemy, with a koichi assist to lockdown and reset a combo

  26. 4:20 I believe there was a point where everyone stopped pronouncing "Bandai Namco" correctly.

  27. If a new Jojo fighting game would come out, I wish it focuses on only 1 or even 2 parts. Yes, you heard it right. I think the main flaw with Jojo fighting games is that the series itself is extremely loing and is filled with WAY too many interesting characters with absolutely bonkers abilities, especially now more than ever before.

    Unless you have a Nintendo-level of budget and ressource like Smash, there'd be no way to make a Jojo fighting game that covers the entire series unless:
    a) You only include the main protagonists, some jobros and the main antagonists, in which case people will be disappointed with the lack of "normal" vilains which are a staple in the series (like ASB);
    b) You include a shitload of characters from every parts but everyone basically play the same and the game becomes uninteresting (like EoH).

    Focusing on 1 or a few selected part would allow a good ratio of good guys vs. bad guys, while also having a decently-sized roster with each characters getting a good adaptation of their abilities (like HftF which is considered by many as the best Jojo fighting game).

    Unfortunately, the chance of that happening is extremely low. Anime fighting games are made purely for fanservice and it would be too risky to only focus on a specific part of the series it's adapting from and so neglecting the other fans of the series, while they could on the other hand try too please everyone by sacrifying the gameplay. That's just how it is.

  28. I just want the Yakuza devs to make a Jojo game.

  29. I want a Jojo fighting game made by ArcSystems. I can't think of a better developer to make it than them. They really solidified themselves as the best anime fighter devs ever.

    Also, hear me out: what if Jojo JRPG instead of a fighting game?

  30. I feel like a turn based game would fit the series more, especially since they have the chance to monologue between every attack. A turn based single player game would also allow for very asymmetrical balance, like JRPG bosses having extremely high hp. I imagine something like Valkyria Chronicles but with stands instead of guns. Finding the right position on the field, assigning the right actions to assign each stardust crusader, exploring the map to find the enemy stand user, and mitigating their unfair advantage as much as possible, would be the most important tactics needed to clear the scenario battles.

  31. Clone character are a major problem in cc2 game. Half the roster in the ultimate ninja storm games are just alternate versions of the same characters
    They won’t use canon charcters unless they actually show something in the manga anime(but they made iruka,Hanabi and kushina playable)
    They could use some filler characters. They don’t have adapt the full story’s or even have the fight Naruto and they can be separate story sefegments. Just pick the few good ones from the movies that have legitimacy and ad them
    Guran(one possible vessel for orchimaru)
    Hiruko(her from that will of fire movie,sort of a reverse rock lee in his backstory
    Chino(from the saskue saskue shindig)
    That’s just top of my head but it would round the rooster out

  32. I honestly love ASB gameplay. If the game ran properly I'd buy a console just to play it.

  33. I'm not shocked at all

    I recently started getting into Jojo and it's fucking rad.

  34. something something please arc system works make hftf 2

    But seriously, I think the best way to adapt potential team dynamics is to have an assist system. Not like team games per say, but where you can select an assist that you can occasionally activate in battle. How I imagine it is, after choosing your character, you choose another character to be your assist. This can be as simple as Kakyoin firing an emerald splash, to something more complex like Giorno growing a tree from the ground to trap the opponent. But here's what I think is the most interesting. An assist system like this could allow some characters who wouldn't work as full fighters to be represented in the game. Characters like Keicho Nijimura would not work as an actual fighter, but having him send a barrage of tiny bullets as an assist could work. They could also do something more creative and fanservicey like Speedwagon coming in, making a comment, and giving you more meter. An assist system like this allows so many Jojo characters to be included, and it could really make it a Jojo fan's wet dream.

  35. How are you going to say the Two Diegos are clone characters?
    Sure, they're both Diego, but they don't even have the same stand. It'd be more accurate to say The World Diego is a clone character of Part 3 DIO.

  36. I been playing alot of Jojo PS1 and god I love it I haven't gotten to play alot of the other games other then a little bit of Eyes over Heaven with my friend this video makes me excited to try All Star Battle and play more Eyes over Heaven.

  37. aestetic ビじト says:


  38. Strange situations where a player has to work that way back to having an advantage using their stands, solid gameplay, interesting character Dynamics and interactions. It sounds like the perfect JoJo fighting game is a 2 on 2 MVCI style fighter with cyberconnect money

  39. It's a shame all star battle isn't more readily available. It's definitely the best of the modern jojo games. It could've atleast got a re-release on the PS4.

    Eyes of heaven is just so bad…

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