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A.B.I.torial: Jojo’s Bizarre Fighting Games

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What makes a good Jojo fighting game?

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  1. i think calling the alternate Pucci and Diegos clones is pretty off mark because their stands not being the same wildly differentiates how they function in game

  2. Maybe it's cuz JoJo would be better as a battle Royale

  3. Dio deserves to have so many clones, his powersets are so different. Shit, Eyes of Heaven should've made a playable version of Dio Over Heaven.

  4. I'm honestly not convinced fighting games are the best genre for a Jojo game. Something like an RPG might reflect the nature of the series' fights a lot better

  5. I would actually love to see a Heritage to the Future version of Jojolion with the craziest characters.

  6. The coolest feature in All Star Battle that almost never gets brought up is that you can make the game play music you have downloaded on your PS3. So you can play using the anime openings and stuff

  7. I would do an unspeakable things for an arcsys jojo game

  8. I do rather have substance over style, so HotF still is the best Jojo game because it's an actual good FG.

    Still, incredible video as always.

  9. 11:35 you forget the other nature of fighting games.

    Top tiers vs everyone else.

    If the opponent your fighting has less tools or is overall lacking that your cuaracter is higher tier than them.


  10. Rule for making a Jojo game: make Petshop broken

  11. I wish Arc System Works work on JoJo after finishing GG Strive and DNF Duel. Or Capcom with a game engine that powers Street Fighter 6.

  12. Honestly, the perfect JoJo fighting game to me would probably be a version of ASB that ran at a 60fps with a the option to have 1v1, 2v2, 1v2, or 2v1 combat (with the extra combatants acting as assist/tag partners).

  13. "Vampire characters"
    shows a Pillar Man

    And there are 2 Diego Brando(s). They aren't technically the same… Might as well call 2 Joseph(s) the same.

  14. I would love to see Arc System Works make a Jojo fighting game. They made Persona 4 Arena, which had the characters use their Personas to help fight and use status effects. It would be awesome to see Stands in a fighting game like that.

  15. Request

    Can you make a video about short or small characters in Fighting games done right?

  16. Sounds like the jojo magic system would work better on a rpg or srpg

  17. I love all 3 of these game. And although I would love a new Jojo game, I would settle for being able to play all star battle on PS4/5. It can be very hard to find this game locally, and for some reason when I emulated it there were no life bars.

  18. you can still play jojo hftf online on fightcade if you are curious , the community is alive and well

  19. heritage but less bugs and more graphics would be perfect

  20. Honestly JoJo might work better as an RPG than a fighting game. You could literally play out those mind battles and try to figure out how to defeat an enemy stand user yourself!
    There’s a reason why there was a SNES JoJo RPG.

  21. those anubis characters arent even clones lmao same with the polnareffs and rubber soul

  22. Two characters I really want to see in the next JoJo game that I’ve seen get brushed off as unable to work are Lucy Steel and Axl RO . This mostly stems from people’s lack of understanding on how Ticket to Ride works and how Civil War is based on the opponents own guilt but I think they could both be amazing fighters and I’ll put my ideas in the comments if anyone wants to read .

  23. Biggest problem with ASB is it's horrible framerate (and Netcode, too lol)

  24. Give me 3rd Strike-like Heritage Online Edition with rollback on Steam god dammit

  25. fuck, Kinda want a jojo fighter made by arc system works now.

  26. Arc System Works could pull off a great JoJo fighter tbh

  27. Correction on Eyes of Heaven: It’s actually a 2015 game since the JP release came out earlier than the worldwide release

  28. I really enjoy how you break down how each game feels in comparison to each other as either games or as giant homage's to the series history. And yeah, the amount of clones in Heritage and Eyes of Heaven is kinda weird. But, in the case of the 2 Puccis and Diegos there is a reason for it. Both Diegos have different Stand abilities along with referencing both of Dio's incarnations in Parts 1 and 3. Pucci, meanwhile, was split in 2 for gameplay reasons. While his gimmick of reciting the 14 words in ASB was manga accurate, it was also impractical as all get out and made him pretty underpowered. So, in EOH, they rectify it by just making Pucci with Whitesnake and Pucci with C-Moon and Made in Heaven different characters to make things simpler. But that's just my take on the matter.

  29. If jojo gets a new game I would still like shadow dio and dio separate
    And Diego and maybe pucci

  30. Also "Eyes of Heaven" doesn't have a local 2p option

  31. I feel this point you made 4:01 is not only unfair. But extremely pointless.
    Like do you even know what an actual clone character is?

    Those 3 do not only play differently the only gimmick they share is the Anubis Skill block move. The 2 Dio's sure that's a clone character to a degree. But to main focus on the main point.

    How you described or try to make a point was fine up until you mentioned those 3 like let's be real mainly the 2 users of Anubis the Barber guy and the dude with the long sword before it gets cut. They should not be counted as clones in this tbh.

    Or even count as clones because they use the same gimmick. That doesn't make sense tbh.

  32. Ingredients: among us, decision games, chilvary, rts, fps, investigation, fighting games, horror games, survival, cooking game, card game, mini-games, craft games, game theory, birthing simulator, flight simulator, did I mention horror movies?, something similar to the movie inception, the storm by william sheakspeare…..so….The list is kilometric……I don't know, I just built something similar to Oasis world of player one and puts it all there. Take everything and mix it well in the right proportions and tastes, and voilà, a special dish with unpredictable effects.💕🦅👌

  33. there's a recent mod for all star battle that makes it more competitive, but not too different from he main game. I think they added new mechanics in the basic gameplay and new moves for every characyer if i remember right.

  34. To be fair both Diegos in EoH are completely different characters unrelated to one another

  35. I think my favorite part of the Eyes of Heaven story was part 4 Josuke decking Joshu out of impatience.

  36. If accurate jojo battle involves an enemy having advantage, does that mean the jojo battle royale has thr most accurate depiction of a jojo battle?

  37. I admit I like All Star Battle the most for various reasons, (Cast, music, basically presentation in general, and it being a bit easier to play than Heritage… I'm a scrub), I will say Heritage has some awesome stuff going on. Especially the ps1 version. I wish we could get the arcade game, but with the Ps1 super story mode. I'm glad I still have both the ps1 Jojo AND a copy of All Star Battle. I'd hate to have to pay out the ass for a physical copy now… tho if I'm correct, it's only the english copy that's pricey?

  38. I think your forgot "GioGio's Adventure Vento Aureo" on PS2

  39. Fun Fact: Roblox has a plethora of JoJo arena fighting games, all varying in quality, and they're all as fucked as it sounds

  40. OMFG god that mista fact for all stars battle made me just burst out laughing its that small of a detail

  41. I also remember eyes of heaven has some stupid levels of detail too such as Sheer Heart attack not functioning properly in the burning mansion and is drawn towards fire attacks more

    Also that The Hand can erase sheer heart attack and remove stray cat for Kira to then have to collect back

  42. the jojo stan battles actually sound like the formula for a fun single player

  43. YouTube recommended me this video again. I wonder why…

  44. i feel like Eyes of Heaven's clone characters are a bit more excusable
    like two Diegos makes perfect sense in my eyes as they have two different abilities
    the Jotaros are still dumb i feel like if you wanna make part 4 Jotaro and part 3 Jotaro you should just make that a color palette thing and give him tools from both parts

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