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A.B.I.torial: Did These Characters “Ruin” Fighting Games?

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  1. Sexism. It’s sexism. As a woman who likes fighting games it’s 9 times out of 10 sexism.

  2. I hear people online say Ingrid is a mary sue but I don't see it. A lot of characters from fighting games are over powered but no one complains about them. Guess I just find it weird.

  3. 13:39 "capoeira wouldn't work in a fight" my dude doesn't know shit about brasilian history.

  4. Lucky Chloe is hated because if her personality and her "annoying move set" which I think is funny when they're the point of her character

  5. 2 years later, yeah that Sakura thing has a point

  6. Since I used to be a DOA fan and some people don't seem to reflect on what lead to the controversy surrounding Marie Rose and Honoka, I'll explain, at least what I think it's the reason, why the two were and are still hated:

    The issue is not their existence. The hate is because they literally overshadowed all the characters that defined the series before these two debuted. The fact that they kept on being shoved down at anyone's throat when they barely did anything to the series to deserve the popularity other than being loved to death by the japanese audience. Most people feel like their popularity is unwarranted and biased since they aren't even main-character material and feel they are completely forced into the franchise for the only reason being that they are little girls. They feel like the amount of work and animation was done so much into these two than anyone else due to the current producer being heavily biased with the cutesy "loli" thing, that fans feel like every other character is completely abandoned in favor of these two. That's why Marie Rose and Honoka are so hated. Because the only reason why they are popular is due to the japanese audience's (and the producer's) obsession over short girls and not because they are so cool that they deserve to be loved. Because it pretty much confirms that Koei Tecmo has officially gave up on making DOA a respectful fighting game series that we can enjoy and just embrace the fact that it's only unconditionally loved in Japan and that's it. And the remaining western fans of the series are pissed off on this and so they blame it all on the creation of Marie Rose and Honoka because those two symbolize the company abandoning the western fans as well as pretty much ALL the characters, including the OG female ones, in favor of the current japanese otaku audience that keeps making them money with Marie and Honoka.

    If they were at least put in the series just as fine additions and not necessarly being shoved down at everyone's throat and knowing how to please both sides, then the hate wouldn't have been this massive.

    So in other words, the issue is not the existence of Marie Rose and Honoka, it's how the marketing was done awfully. Which is also one of the main reasons why DOA is pretty much dead at this point and the only thing relevant is Xtreme Venus.

  7. Dude, Marie Rose and Honoka are hated because Koei Tecmo keep shove them down our throats, even putting them where they don't belong, like a Dynasty Warriors-like game. I get it that you said that we wouldn't play these fully fanservice games where they appeared in, but did you even take a look at the current state of Dead Or Alive and the way Koei Tecmo has been treating it? They have completely ignored a big portion of the fanbase and just use Marie Rose and Honoka as their "tickets" for easy and cheap money for the current japanese "fanbase" which is just a bunch of otakus who probably didn't even grow up with the series. Why else is the current focus of DOA just on the japanese-exclusive game like Xtreme Venus where they barely even have the OG ladies and it's mostly dominated by a buch of short little girls who even have the same face and body proportions of Marie and Honoka? Because Koei Tecmo has decided to completely neglect the fighting scene altogether of Dead Or Alive and now just using the Xtreme series for easy money. It's clear that they don't have any faith in the franchise and now they only rely on the Japanese otakus. It's not that hard to understand why Marie Rose and Honoka would get so much hate. They are the reason why DOA is doomed as a franchise and it will only take a miracle for it to come back properly.

  8. I'm mostly indifferent to the hate any fighting game character gets! 🥱

  9. That cancelled Capcom Fighting All Stars sure did sound interesting and would probably have been fun.

  10. Why? Because boys want every playable character to be a boy. Duh.

    The outcry is surprisingly based on emotion from the gender that wants to be about logic and reason.

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