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7 Weirdest Fighting Games We Swear We’re Not Making Up

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Most fighting games are a bit weird, with their fighting bears and volcano stages, but they’re nothing compared to these seven beat ‘em ups which broke our brains harder than a Mortal Kombat fatality. Subscribe for more videos like this from Outside Xbox!

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  1. time killerz should've had the black knight from monty python

  2. Andy pronounces "Teräs käsi" flawlessly 😀

  3. “”
    I think it went like this

    “Well you didn’t say they had to be a person.”

  4. Ese de los luchadores a traves del tiempo no es tan original World Heroes y Eternal Champions tenian la misma premisa

  5. The star wars one seems to have "borrowed" animations from virtua fighter. I guess the developers knew they were making a piece of crap.

  6. 1:23 Well it's definitely weird to see a game where fighters are French as they have no balls at all when it comes to figh or confront someone.

  7. Dong Dong Never Die might be the strangest title I ever heard in a fighting game.

    Now, insert whatever quarters you have to play this game called "Change My Mind."

  8. As a construction worker for over 20 years who has operated my share of heavy equipment I disagree , the point is to go after the other guys

  9. This video reviewer has balls and guts…
    Can't find that in ordinary game reviews!

  10. Fun fact- Arm Joe is a pun on the Japanese name for Les Mis – "Aa, Mujou" or "Oh, Cruelty"

  11. which fighting game had the claude raines, in qoutes who is claude raines? he was like an invisable man like character

  12. There is actualy a few one on one fights in star wars

  13. Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure deserves a mention. Not quite as weird as some of the games on here but it's very strange

  14. Someone remember the name off a PS1 medieval type fighting game where you can play with a ogre like character that have a fart base attack but if use too much his farts stars to come out mix with blood.
    Help please

  15. I was hoping to see Battle Raper in this video.

  16. So Timekillers is a shameless Eternal Champions Rippoff ?

  17. I cannot begin to explain how great this video is

  18. Hey Star Wars Masters of Teras Kasi is a great Game.

  19. How could You not include Shaq Fu, Primal Rage and Clayfighter 63 1/3 ? and Rise of the Robots

  20. Well the name if the video could not have been more accurate lol.

  21. Bikini Karate Babes. Completely unplayable unresponsive controls. I guess they blew the budget on the actresses.

  22. I'm surprised Bible Fight didn't make it to the list.

  23. The star wars one seems like a mod of the Soulcalibur hahaah epic

  24. Dong Dong Never Die is the only Long Play worth watching.

  25. @6:36 worst
    *(1 Of] THE BEST
    YW… I'd say it's up there
    with THE BATTLETOADS ⏸ theme.

  26. I'm cry-laughing over the Two Nurses in Dong Dong Never die

  27. It bears mentioning that Teräs Käsi was mentioned by name in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

  28. I vaguely remember Masters Of Teras Kasi. I saw it on display ONCE and immediately asked people who worked at the store what and where it was so I could buy it. This is the first time in over 20 years that I've seen it.

  29. TimeKillers was a machine in lots of places. I understood the objective of the game, but I couldn't get it right when I played it.

  30. I cant wait for the sequal to arm joe where they crossover with hamekton lol xD

  31. Time Killers honestly looks like a lot of fun to play! Dismemberment is always so satisfying!

  32. Teras Kasi was the board game that r2 3p0 and chew were playing on the millenium falcon in episode 4

  33. I used to play Time Killers. I want a sequel/remake!

  34. teras kasi was mention in a novel before the game (and it's canon by the way). The game is shit thou even my 8 year old brain understood that pretty quickly

  35. 7:60 domestic violence and battle for children custody but seems the kids loves their mom more

  36. Mentions Dong Dong Never Die. Doesn’t mention the guy who summons Optimus Prime as an attack. The hell?

  37. Bloodstorm was WAY worse than TimeKillers. You could slip on the blood left on the floor, disable specials by cutting off limbs, even force your opponent to crawl on two hands after being disemboweled.

  38. Oh man time killers that was a classic violent game,I was only able to play that at the swap meet on arcade

  39. Holy crap, I totally remember Time Killers. 😂 Wack ass game.

  40. "Robojean. I don't remember him." Somebody hasn't seen the remake of Les Miserables.

  41. Dong Dong never die was one of the funniest things I've seen in a while

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