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7 Weirdest Fighting Game Characters Who Were Fired After One Game

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Once a fighting game character makes their debut, they usually stick around in that series. But some characters prove to be so weird, unpopular or tangled in licensing issues they make one appearance and are never seen again. Here are our fave fighting game characters who were never invited back for round two. Subscribe for more videos:

Soul Calibur 3’s adorable owl-headed Olcadan makes the list, as does Dead or Alive 4’s improbably canon Spartan Nicole-458, Tekken 3’s tiny orange dinosaur Gon and Street Fighter 3’s Necro. And who could forget Amingo, the cactus man from Marvel vs Capcom 2? Oh that’s right, everybody.

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  1. MK4 was my first game and I always thought Reiko was cool af.

  2. Okiden sounds like Captain Ginyu, did Brice Armstrong voice him?

  3. i think gon came back as alex in tekken tag tounament 2

  4. Street Fighter's Necro was actually in 3 games (Street Fighter III: New Generation, Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact, and Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike)

  5. Olcadan in a nutshell: I have an owl head! Aaaaaah!

  6. What about "Meat" from mortal kombat Armageddon?

  7. I was looking forward to you include even more one time appearance characters from the MK line-up. Hso Hao is one and there are a few others both can't spell their names right. MK players out there know who I am referring to.

  8. I think using guest characters is cheating

  9. Growing up I honestly always liked Olcadan. It was hilarious how he gestured if you failed one of his tasks in training, and I for some reason liked his design, plus that last cutscene of him dragging someone away made me laugh

  10. No Yokai Kusaregedo from Samurai Shodown, I see.

  11. Gon wasn't invited anymore because he utterly destroyed every other fighter physically and mentally by farting on them

  12. I'm pretty sure Olcadan is also Edgemaster from the first Soul Calibur game.

  13. Amingo will always be one of my fave character designs for a fighting game character ever.

  14. Necros girlfriend just want that stretchy limb 😉

  15. Because Gon is a licensed character.

  16. Olcadan,edgemaster,& charade from the soul calibur series all switch weapons every round.but olcadan's backstory is not as iconic as theirs

  17. if Nicole appered in DOA and Ryu Hayabusa later, doesn't that mean that Dead or Alive, Ninja Gaiden, AND Halo are part of the same universe

  18. I wouldn’t mind fighting as a ridiculous owl man

  19. Reiko did return his name changed though. It's now Shao Khan!

  20. Gon was a guest character for Playstation… in fairness very few characters from SF3 returned for other games… I think Amingo was from a canceled game like Ruby Heart and Capcom tossed them in MvC2

  21. Amingo was supposed to be a new character in the upcoming Darkstalkers, but the game never came out

  22. ah damn why first must gon 🤣🤣🤣 he's so anoying

  23. I don’t see why Olcadan the Owl-headed Messenger & strong fighter from (SoulCalibur 3), Spartan Nicole-458 from (Dead or Alive 4) or even Reiko from (Mortal Kombat 4) had once appeared in a fighting video game and then just never return. That sucks! I find them intriguing, especially when they have potential for the gameplay and the whole plot of the game. Anyone dare to disagree?

  24. Gon is more like a guest character and we know guest characters don’t appear twice in the same game

  25. I mean saying Balrog isn't Mike is probably just Capcom trying their best to avoid a lawsuit. Like I get they said it wasn't the same guy, but I don't buy it in the slightest.

  26. I got an ad of them while wathing their video coincidence Ithink not

  27. Remy needs to be brought back in street fighter also id love it if 5 got added another console like SWITCH OR XBOX ONE PLEASE

  28. Andy can definitely pull off a Dampiere cosplay 😁

  29. Canonically Reiko was killed in the Mortal Kombat X comic where he was a secondary antagonist alongside Havik

  30. Reiko was my favorite Character in both Games he was in. BRING HIM BACK MK!!

  31. They all look like so much fun to play, but Gon is the only one I really played :D. And I really liked him and his farting attacks 😀 (well, I was young when Tekken 3 was out).

  32. "Not naming any names, Dampierre." Lmao. 😅💀💀

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