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7 Weirdest Fighting Game Characters Who Were Fired After One Game

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Once a fighting game character makes their debut, they usually stick around in that series. But some characters prove to be so weird, unpopular or tangled in licensing issues they make one appearance and are never seen again. Here are our fave fighting game characters who were never invited back for round two. Subscribe for more videos:

Soul Calibur 3’s adorable owl-headed Olcadan makes the list, as does Dead or Alive 4’s improbably canon Spartan Nicole-458, Tekken 3’s tiny orange dinosaur Gon and Street Fighter 3’s Necro. And who could forget Amingo, the cactus man from Marvel vs Capcom 2? Oh that’s right, everybody.

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  1. Reiko is one of the best 3D era characters, u should have included Mavado or Jerek but not Reiko

  2. Sadly Panda is still there… she and Kuma should just leave, they're trolls…

  3. that one mii in smash who just looked off

  4. Not everyone was in mk armageddon, like Tremor

  5. Ahhh Gon I think people won't believe me but when i was small i never lost with Gon.

  6. Oro coming soon lol and g has to be like a earlier model of Q

  7. Amingo was one of my favorite characters in Marvel vs Capcom 2

  8. you forgot Norimaru from marvel vs street fighter.

  9. Reiko was AWESOME. They did him dirty in the MK lore because I thought he had such a cool story behind him and I really don't know why they didn't bring him back in MK10 since it was all about a fight for Outworld.

  10. If u never hear of or seen this movie it's ok cuz it's real old b movie with Jeffery Jones, Teri Gar, & John Lovit. In the movie Jeffery and Teri are a middle aged husband and wife that go on vacation. And are abducted via a rediculouse tractor beam and r dragged to a strange planet rule buy John Lovits character Tod Spango. On this planet unfortunately they happen to have tech, weapons and space travel but are all rediculously stupid. The home world protagonists that are lead by the real aries to the throne walk around in the exact same giant bird costume as Olcadan, to avoid being found even though there are no bird of that size on their planet

  11. Hold on, what does he mean full Pucci treatment?

  12. "Despite being a fragile succulent…" lmao I loved Amingo tbh he was adorable and unique

  13. Funnily enough Oro is coming back in SFV pretty soon, and with G we kinda have Q as well

  14. Reiko doesn’t really fit here. Not only was his character severely understated here, but he came back in the comics as a central villain and now he’s in the Mortal Kombat movie. I would have gone with Jarek instead, that guy is just a whole ass meme at this point

  15. Well, funny to see this video when Street Fighter 5 has some of those characters from SF III returned (The Q for example). Also didn't Reiko become Shao Khan after he donned the mask on his face? Uncanny resemblance there at the end :P.

  16. 12 is actually a clone of Vega

  17. The new characters of Street Fighter 3 were all cool to me.

  18. And then they made Reiko into a much more imposing, if equally short-lived, character in the 2021 movie. At least his death scene was memorable 🩸🩸🩸

  19. AHA!!!! Gotta revise this video. Oro and Q (in some form) came back

  20. Amingo has one of my favorite designs. Also Gon has a Super Famicom game!

  21. Gon!!!! 😍😍😍 I miss him so much!!! He was one of my mains on T3 besides Bosconovich and Xiaoyu. My older brothers forbade me from using Gon after I kept finishing them off with his fart attack 😛

    Oh yea and Mokujin! 😀


  22. The worse part about Gon's inclusion was due to the licensing you could not get Tekken 3 on the PSN store at the time. Dunno why Namco didn't just opt for an arcade port to be downloadable, but eh..

  23. "bullied other dinosaurs and rode on things" had me dying💀

  24. Samurai Showdown series had characters that also didn’t return like Cham Cham, Rimururu

  25. There was also Phoenix Wright in MvC3, but at least the reason why he only showed up once is because well… He's a freakin Lawyer. I know She-Hulk is a lawyer too but Phoenix Wright takes his lawyering business so hard that he will point and OBJECT you into submission.

  26. Funny thing about the characters he said for SF3, most of them reappear in SFV in one way or another, Necro is in the background of a stage as said in the vid, there is a character called Eleven which is perhaps a previous model of Twelve, G may have been Q when he was younger and before he became like he is (since they share the same normal moves and a costume) and Oro is coming as DLC

  27. 1:50 3/4 characters mentioned here made a return 4 years later

  28. Gon is a platform game from the 80's, an old arcade game made by them i the past…

  29. Ok the trex with boxing gloves is the cutes thang eva

  30. Maybe Gon just wanted to go home and had to win the tournament to do it?

  31. The fact that Oro came back in Street Fighter V, as twelve who is now eleven and Q who was changed into G, who still a shit tons of move that are references to Q one's is pretty funny, talking about weird characters that would never reappear.

  32. Amingo actually looked proper funny, idk why they wouldn't bring him back though.

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