7 Weirdest Fighting Game Characters Who Were Fired After One Game (Part 2) - lightslingergame.com

7 Weirdest Fighting Game Characters Who Were Fired After One Game (Part 2)

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Once a fighting game character makes their debut, they usually stick around in that series. Except for the occasional fighters who prove to be so weird, out of place, or just downright unpopular that they only appear in one game in a franchise – then disappear, never to be seen again. Here are more of our fave fighting game characters who were never invited back. Subscribe for more videos:

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  1. I miss bloody roar I was a Bakuryu main… 😅

  2. Ammy not coming back for MvCI ain't surprising. Disney crushed any hopes of Capcom putting effort into it.

    El Fuerte also is not a character I'd count out for not appearing in SFV. Base roster alone, R.Mika and Laura already fit the bill of agile grappler. Hopefully if these Capcom vs SNK rumors are true, we'll finally get El Fuerte vs Ramon.

  3. Didn't Torr die and Ferra BECAME whatever Torr is? And that's why they didn't show up in 11?

  4. 8:49 reminds me of the nice I'm freaking dead meme

  5. They replaced Greg (Bloody Roar) with the Hajime Busuzima (Chameleon) the concept is kinda similar (weird/funny fighting stance and moves) but executed much better on Busuzima, the Chameleon is also much more interesting as an animal

  6. Amaterasu is one of my favorite capcom characters, not sure how she performed as a fighter, but Okami is just such a great game!

  7. Mortal kombat have a ton of characters who only showed up for one game. Li Mei, Kira, Rain, Fujin, etc.

    Soul Calibur also has a ton of guest characters. Necrid was a guest character. Usually they are from other games. But Necrid is basically a demon from the mortal kombat netherworld. It's not about him being a bad design. He was a guest creation.

  8. Ferra/tor can’t really be in this list since it’s only been one game since they were Introduced

  9. Also takeida wasn’t in the new game either sooooo yeah

  10. Ferra torr will probably come back to the game and they didn’t die because most intro dialogues aren’t canon and mk always introduces new characters but doesn’t put them in the next game like scarlet but she in 11 now so yeah

  11. Several others from mkx like takeda, the archer guy, um…Deadpool, phoenix wright, Sean in sf3, cable in mvc2, and marrow, ruby heart, amingo, k9999 from kof 2001

  12. I tried to create Necrid in Soul Calibur VI to some uh.. limited success.

  13. I think that this post was not thought out well. Not just ferra tor who were introduced in mk x didnt return to mk 11- also Takeda and kung jin who are even major characters of mkx. And maybe they just skipped mk 11 for some charcaters because well, not all characters can always come back in every installment. Especially when they are just newly introduced.

  14. I miss when fighting games had interesting characters, literally all just anime stereotypes these days.

  15. They probably left ferra and torr out because they technically didn't have anything to do with the past mortal kombat story since the new game is based around future vs past so it makes since to put them in mortal kombat 12


    Ps: Leopaldon is the dog I think.

  17. Mokap from Mortal Kombat Armageddon… 😅

  18. You guys forgot about Mocap from Mortal Kombat Armageddon

  19. Two complaints:
    1) I have a feeling that they didn’t bring back Leopaldon partly because of both it being way too big and the whole “being in fucking ISUKA” thing
    2) You really did an entire list of surprisingly good joke characters and didn’t include ROBO-KY, THE GOD DAMN WELL AND TRULY VIABLE JOKE CHARACTER?!

  20. A Mexican Wrestler/Cook sounds just like something a wrestler would do as a gimmick.

  21. Wasn't Norumaro a Japanese comedian? That's why he wasn't in the American release of MVS

  22. Ferra/torr needed a line like “who runs barter town?”

  23. 7:23 so,i was searching leopaldon to see if it was true,and you are wrong,leopaldon is the dog fused with the gear (that are not bio mechas,more like bio weapons) and is controlled by this sorcerer guy,sorry if i searched wrong and i am not critisicing the video,is just a comment,and great video

  24. Fan theory G from Street Fighter V is just short for Greg. He's in politics now

  25. Necrid was the coolest character in soul calibur 2 (and link) i miss him:(

  26. Things is, a chunk of these are my favorites

  27. I mean like half of the characters weren't in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

  28. I was sad that Amaterasu didn't return in the latest Marvel vs. Capcom game. She was my favorite from the game she appeared. I think they just dropped her to fit more characters in the game after that, and keeping only the usual favorite characters. A few others from the one game also never made it into the latest game.

  29. Ferra/Torr is great! Fawk You Meannnn?!

  30. I need this ferrer n tor instrumental?😳

  31. They weren't the only ones from MKX not to return. Takeda and Kung Jin didn't make it back either

  32. The reason El Fuerte isn't in 5 is because 5 is set before 4

  33. Necrid is probably one of the worst character ever made

  34. I actually liked Necrid, if he had gotten a more medieval makeover he would’ve been a good fit in later entries

  35. A moment of silence for Twelve from street fighter III

  36. This channel makes lots of bad lists…. this one is the worst.

  37. Joke characters and story specific characters like bosses are almost always specific to their iteration, just because a character doesn't come back in the immediate and last iteration is also not enough to consider it a "fired" character, the title of your video is clickbait

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