7 Weirdest Fighting Game Characters Who Were Fired After One Game (Part 2) - lightslingergame.com

7 Weirdest Fighting Game Characters Who Were Fired After One Game (Part 2)

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Once a fighting game character makes their debut, they usually stick around in that series. Except for the occasional fighters who prove to be so weird, out of place, or just downright unpopular that they only appear in one game in a franchise – then disappear, never to be seen again. Here are more of our fave fighting game characters who were never invited back. Subscribe for more videos:

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  1. Greg is actually my favourite character in bloody Roar. His combos are the most fun

  2. picking Ferra/Torr from a still relatively new MK game and not say, Mokap

  3. Oh, you don’t have to worry about Amaterasu. The Marvel Vs Capcom franchise will probably never come back…. thanks Marvel….

  4. It's funny because Pichu from super smash Bros melee would have been on this list if it wasn't for the new super smash Bros ultimate.

  5. @outsidexbox Ferra/Torr and El Fuerte are great characters for their series!!! What is totally f*ng wrong with you????!! What are you paid for?!!!!!

  6. that Guilty Gear character is insane lmao…. what the hell were they smoking

  7. Necrid was actually one of my favorite characters from Soul Calibur

  8. Leopaldons existence isn’t even acknowledged in the latest entry – and they covered the entire history of all the games. Seems they just retconned that abomination out of the games.

  9. As an spanish speaker the way he said "el fuerte" was so funny.

  10. Ferra/Torr – the relationship is Ike some nature symbiotic relationship shit…torr died as ferra became the brute

  11. Zappa From Guilt Gear was also no brought back…

  12. You miss the car of Daytona usa fighting in Sega fighters megamix

  13. Amateratsu is a really good character its better that she didnt show up in infinite which sucked

  14. El fuerte was a fun character to play with, hard to master specially that infinite loop never got to do more than 4 if lucky 5 hits, but speed and randomness made it up for me

  15. what like a quarter of the mk10 characters didn't make it into 11 lol

  16. So, you're expecting the return of Hakan to the saga for some reason, I presume.

  17. El Fuerte was my favorite character, too 🙁

  18. Im sad El Fuente never made a comeback i may not be good at it but i loved playing him

  19. Shame about Ferra/Torr, they were cool.
    Hope Leopaldon returns.

  20. They must've got rid of him in that game early on, cause I don't remember that character, norimaru

  21. My ears bled every time he said "El Fuerte"

  22. You're just gonna hoe takeda from mkx like that huh?

  23. If Torr was Goro with amnesia that would be an interesting twost having lost his extra limbs.

  24. Seeing El Fuerte in this list brought back near-PTSD-like memories from my childhood of getting fucking mixed and FLYIIIING GIGA BUSTOOOR'd by my brother, who mained the absolute unit.

  25. The dog from marvel vs Capcom is so bad ass

  26. "Making them the only new MKX character not to get an encore."
    Except for Takeda, and Kung Jin

  27. This list was trash. Most of the characters were in the sequel game immediately preceding the current game

  28. From the comments I can easily tell the amount of research this video had in production

  29. just me or did anyone else notice that Leopaldon from Guilty Gear Isuka reminds me of the Apostle Wyald from Berserk

  30. Leopaldan looks so cool hope they return

  31. how is Amaterasu a weird character?….. because your too white?

  32. I gurantee, El fuerte is definetly not gonna appear in a street fighter game ever again. Which is kinda sad but it is what it is.

  33. El Fuerte got called out but not Hakan?? We might have different definitions of weird.

  34. I love MK 10 and 11 but almost every new character are BS.
    Meanwhile some great characters cant be chosen

  35. Phoenix Wright in a fighting game??? Wut?

  36. isaac did actually participate in a fighting game but i don’t remember which it was

  37. I never liked El Fuerte's voice actor. That's why I kept his voice to Japanese

  38. The characters that were fired! You are saying like they were some real people🤣🤣

  39. That Ferra/Torr is a rip off forn MADMAX, Master Blaster .

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