7 Weird Fighting Games We Swear We're Not Making Up (Part 2) - lightslingergame.com

7 Weird Fighting Games We Swear We’re Not Making Up (Part 2)

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We’ve spoken before on the channel about some truly bizarre fighting games that made construction vehicles punch each other, or decided that the story of Les Miserables could only truly be told through the medium of one on one fistfights. Turns out we were only scratching the surface, because fighting games are wild, folks. Seriously, check these guys out, and subscribe for more videos like this from Outside Xbox!

Previously on Outside Xbox: 7 Weirdest Fighting Games We Swear We’re Not Making Up

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  1. If Vince gets reminded of the WWE demoliton derby game, he may turn it into a Saudi Arabian PPV if he was paid enough to do so.

  2. It's to damn ridiculously funny 😝😆😹😂🤣

  3. I think the idea of a religious figure fighting game is badass, I love it

  4. Another game that the creators of Fight of Gods created that is REALLY weird is Fight of Animals. It's basically 12 different animal memes each turned into fighting game characters, including Walking Cat, Power Hook Dog, Magic Squirrel, Egg Dog, Muscle Beluga, and Fluffy Sheep! It's also a bit simpler than other fighting games, making it very easy to pick up. No QCF, QCB or DP movements here. And yet, it still has quit a bit of depth to it. Definitely one of my favorites.

  5. Knock off of twisted metal surprised they didn't sue WWE crush hour

  6. So what year was the Jurassic Park game? If it was before 1994, then it stands on its own. If it is after 1994, then it is a shameless ripoff of Primal Rage for SNES. Which is a very good fighting game if also a bit weird. You can snack on your worshippers as you try to dominate the "Urth".

  7. Haven't played it and don't remember where it's found but there is a fighting game where famous youtubers fight against each other.

  8. How about Line-Kill Spirits?
    An all girls fighting game where, to complete the attack you inflict to your opponent, you have to flip your opponent and snap an upskirt photo of her undies, and only them, and if the photo is good enough, the damage will be discharged on your opponent.

  9. 10:37 now that’s a new show that can come after My Little Pony

  10. "Jesus turn-the-other-cheek Christ" is going to be the new thing I start saying.

  11. The tasty friction consequentially follow because kidney postnatally milk amidst a aboard rest. far, innate beech

  12. U forgot mobile game crash arena turbo stars.Its killing cats in killer cars as a cat in a killer car

  13. If you every do a third video, I have two suggestions:
    “Fight of Animals,” a game made by the same people behind Fight of Gods that stars animals from memes
    “Brief Karate Foolish,” a poorly translated game whose cast is a bunch of bros in their underwear

  14. Ah yes, famed successful Non-wrestling based sporting event producer Vince McMahon.

  15. The first rule about fight crab is you don't talk about fight crab.
    The second rule about fight crab is you don't talk about fight crab.

  16. There is also one Japanese game where you collect different kinds of stag beetles and fight each other until one surrenders.

  17. moses vs jesus who would win breadmaker or waterbender

  18. If you have a favorite crab you will definitely find it on crab fighting lol priceless

  19. Wait, the little caption for Fight Crab wasn't "CRAB BATTLE!"? (Sorry, I just…There was a MGS parody years back, where Snake encounters a Kenyan Mangrove Crab, and gets into—you guessed it—a battle with it. Spoiler alert: He loses. Miserably.)

  20. Man, I miss how game devs would take a chance on wild nonsense back around the turn of the millennium. Yeah, we got a lot of shovel-ware but we got a lot more gems than we do nowadays too.

  21. Warpath looks like a bad Primal Rage knockoff.

  22. A fighting game about deities! Ridiculous! Why someone should Smite those who made this!

  23. I see the crab in the thumbnail and immediately know what game it is


  25. 8:29 don't the Japanese have ridiculously harsh parody laws?

  26. That wwe game reminds me of a game called motorseige warriors of primetime

  27. I remember watching Warpath Jurrasic Park videos when I was little!

  28. um i really wanna try that god fighting game lol

  29. Surprised Matrimelee didn't make either list : (

  30. The "wrestling" one sounds like Death Race

  31. The jurrasic park fighting game was my childhood

  32. An interesting bit of trivia about Them's Fighting Herds: apparently the announcer in the game is voiced by the same actress who voiced Sakura in the English dub of the Danganronpa games.

  33. -Attack of the youtube copyright bots- says:

    but thats a racing game…….

  34. Ive actually played the jurrasic park fighting game lmao

  35. 0:32 The answer is Anubis. It is always Anubis. Also, Primal Rage was a fun and odd fighting game back in the 90s. Fight as big monsters in an apocalyptic future where tiny humans worship and cheer the big monsters as they fight. Also, gain health by eating any humans in just the right spot.

  36. Jesus taught to show the other cheek, but he never said anything of beating the crap our of the other guy if that doesnt work.

  37. That first game is honestly repulsively offensive.

  38. at one point the fight of gods game was taken off steam upon its release for budda people being angry
    but because the game is good and has all type of gods there was no reason for steam to keep it off
    i guess this is one time steam told the annoying budda people to go suck it you whiney bitches lol

  39. I'm surprised you didn't give an honorable mention to MUGEN and it's wide variety of characters

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