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7 Humiliating Fighting Game Finishers Too Embarrassing to Survive

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We’ve talked before about fighting game finishing moves so humiliating that you’ll die of embarrassment before you die of blunt force trauma. Turns out that we were just scratching the surface, so point your eyeballs at seven more embarrassing finishers that you don’t want to be on the receiving end of. Subscribe for more videos like this every week!

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  1. Number 1 shoulda been bo rai cho from mk deception. His fatality… Uggh

  2. An old woman beating the tar out of someone for using her as a makeshift hand grenade is not humiliation, that is karma.

  3. I dont know why it bothered me so much but that particular jojo is not a fighting game.

  4. eternal slumber from dstalkers morrigan in M vs capcom

  5. Wait u need u need make a new top and add sumo santa from Clay figther 63 1/3 claytality where he literally shits u into pieces.

  6. I thought I had been imagining Orchid's finishing move when I played Killer Instinct ages ago.

  7. Maybe spinal can't stand not being a human male,for obvious reasons

  8. Isn't there a finisher in mortal kombat where you are made into a snow man? That to me woild be an embarrassing way to die. That, or the finisher in skull girls where you are literally thrown like a rag doll before being impaled by a sword by ceribella. She literally poses with your corpse and everything.

  9. What about villager’s final smash in smash bros

    The attack is just build a house around victim and blow it up for some reason

  10. The last one isn't a finisher 😉 and is #7 The most embarrassing or is #1 and you do the list backwards???

  11. I just watched a tiktock ad that used an instagram vid.

  12. You have to remind me that Iggy is dead and Ponareff is now t u r t l e

  13. Jesus. The female Guile…. why is it so funny to me???

  14. Nah I’d like to think zangif is just rattled with spinning confusion while he’s fighting

  15. Maybe the pirate skeleton had a boner😂 im sorry…

  16. Wow. All these comments and no mention of Mr Hakan. Just wow.

  17. 6:24 as far as I can remember this is the first bit of jojo content I ever saw, I had no idea what it was back then, today I’ve watched and rewatched parts 1-5 while thinking of reading parts 6-8, I have okuyasu set as my phones wallpaper, and jojos bizzare adventure is my favorite show of all time… Yare Yare Daze, this really was a fun trip…

  18. Bit of a necro comment, but I've gotta add one from Mortal Kombat 11.

    Kitana's Deadly Kiss brutality.

    You not only spontaneously explode from being kissed, but she must afford you a mercy prior to doing it. A mercy gives you a second chance after losing two rounds and is performed when a fatality normally would be. Which means you're so little of a threat to the other player that they can give you an extra chance and still finish you off with this move!

  19. 12 year old mermaid nurse is my tinder name…..five dates so far

  20. where is the Special Heat Attack (also from Eyes Of Heaven) called We're friends right? you straight up get knocked out by an idiot who slips and falls because friction is gone from the ground…

  21. The acidic june therapeutically long because rose intermittently follow forenenst a muddled heat. ludicrous, delicate authorisation

  22. How about Joshu’s, “Wait, I’m doing this?” From Eyes of Heaven? The dude literally disassembles you with nuts and bolts but didn’t realize until his stand showed up

  23. Luigi in super smash bros

    You get sucked into and subsequently fired out of a vacuum cleaner

  24. Try letting your parents watch the Poison's Ultra combo in Ultra Street Fighter IV or Mika's tag team slam in Street Fighter V… 😁

  25. In 2977 what makes someone a criminal?
    Releasing a broken, buggy, glitch filled mess like Cyberpunk 2077

    I had no idea about Dimitri in Street fighter.that was pretty cool that they created female versions of every character in the game. Now that is going the extra mile. Why haven't we seen that since?
    Great video as always guys.

  27. I seem to recall a pimp (I think his name is Iceberg) in the first Def Jam game who would spank his opponent during his finishing move. That sounds pretty unpleasant to me

  28. what? destroyed i was not even there!!BANG HORUU RUU RU RU RU RU RU HORU

  29. It's actually explain that orchid breast are so perfect that ppl can handle them

  30. In one of the Samurai Showdown games, Kusaregedo is thought to sling poo. But it's not a finisher. Just a regular move.

  31. higurashi and Umineko connected universe says:

    Okay the Canon one I would have literally got really emotional and get really kind-hearted to them and literally beg them not to do it don't know what route would work but it's worth a try

  32. 7:34 The move is even more embarrassing when you use Iggy's old look (alt costume) before he had a human face, where instead of crunching your nose, he farts in your face.

  33. :35…😏 The mother of ALL digitized fighting game Cameltoes…🤫 DAMN!!🤔

  34. I wondered why there was a little old lady in Outworld who hadn't been murdered yet. Of course she's a Kombatant. I want her on the roster. Her brutality should be breaking a cane over your head and impaling you with the broken end.

  35. Why is genderswapped Akuma so sexy though???

  36. What about konohamaru Ultimate move from Naruto Shippuden Ultimate ninja storm 4 road to boruto

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