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7 Humiliating Fighting Game Finishers Too Embarrassing to Survive

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We’ve talked before about fighting game finishing moves so humiliating that you’ll die of embarrassment before you die of blunt force trauma. Turns out that we were just scratching the surface, so point your eyeballs at seven more embarrassing finishers that you don’t want to be on the receiving end of. Subscribe for more videos like this every week!

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  1. Fun Fact: Iggy's nose bite is a reference to when he bites Pet Shop's beak in several pieces.

  2. Yeah, Darkstalkers has a lot of weird finishes and attacks. Turn to girls and have their blood drained, smacked onto a contract, various points of their anatomy inflated, getting turned into dummy characters, being displayed on a table…yeah, just weird but fun.

  3. Ah yes the old try to fight her in the street cause I like her last time I just ended up with assault charges and restraining order

  4. – Just wanted to make sure the Jealousy Bomber from Aggressors of Dark Kombat was on the list.
    – In regards to the fact that Zangief should be able to handle being spun around with all the spinning he does on his own, it's also worth mentioning that he's one SF character that we know is also no stranger to dancing, as seen his is SF2 ending where he's doing Cossack kicks with not-Gorbachev haha.
    – As a kid I thought Orchid's flash killed opponents because her boobs were deformed or something; they're oddly shaped and defy gravity even clothed haha.
    – Ken basically just turns into his wife Eliza when he's hit with Midnight Bliss

    I would've also added Rasputin's super move from World Heroes where he basically drags you into a garden and…has his way with you, Chaos' fatality from Primal Rage where he pees acid on you, And allowing Rainbow Mika to cut an entire promo on you in SFV and potentially being KO'd by her next attack no matter what. Being forced ass-up and whipped by Poison is pretty humiliating too.

  5. Amy from soul caliber she's literally a 15 year old that stabs you relentlessly then calls you pathetic

  6. Is it just me or does Orchid look like a rip-off Jade from Mortal Kombat?

  7. And yes, Orchid's fatality is called Heart Attack and they do suffer from said life threatening action. Except for herself.

  8. That pirate skeleton definitely had a bone-er….

  9. I think Dizzy's Instant Kill is more embarrassing: Her death angel charges up an attack that will surely kill her opponent, but Dizzy doesn't want that, so the shoved the death angel and causes him to barely miss. The attack leaves a mushroom cloud where it lands, compelling her opponent to surrender because the only reason they're still alive is because Dizzy didn't want to kill them. Best not to do anything that would make her change her mind.

  10. I need to watch the first part now to see if Faust's ass poke in Guilty Gear gets a mention.

  11. Honestly, I'm surprised you are still able to hold a controller if you were on the receiving end of Steve's final Smash in Smash Bros. It's as extreme as Minecraft's overworld can get. You are locked In the House of Boom, after being sent in there by a massive piston. And that thing lives up to its name, your character is in space once that thing goes off.

  12. Honestly, I prefer Iggy's Cinematic move.

  13. Anybody notice how Blanche's second brutality is Cassie's Beat Down brutality?

  14. genderbent finisher. no wonder mugen loved that man

  15. Unless Kisaras magic makeout partner is the crush of the opponent lol

  16. so orchid is Family guys Meg…good to knew she got a seemingly good payed job

  17. Probably her breasts are horribly deformed or something XD

  18. Whats is the name of that game that is in the start of the video. With the movie Theatre in the back ground

  19. Finishing Move: The Dancing Plague of 1518!
    My… what an historic move…

  20. Fucking hell Dimitri, stop being such a pervert

  21. Wish Dimitri's move would leave the opponent gender swapped for the rest of the fight. Could be an interesting concept for a fighter game where special moves alter to opponent's combo sets.

  22. I wonder what orchids got they ain't to big so it's gotta be like medusa

    Damn damitri now I can't rid akuma guile bison and ryu from my mind these feelings I don't a part of that world well maybe it's not to wired after all they looked female so they had all the right part glad I dudent see some other street fighter dudes like e- Honda Alex or even set hell no hmm I wander something about vaga lmao anyway I'm of gonna go brake a toilet seat on my head to rid this intrest in ryu well that'd just be sakura was it ?

  23. Having May but not Faust's butt plug super?

  24. Kinda phoned it in on that last one as it wasn't a finisher.

    Odd and entertaining, sure….. But not a finisher

  25. You guys are mean you reminded me of what happened to Iggy in JJBA

  26. Wait, English VA Slayer has a Connery accent? Why was I not already aware of this?

  27. Should update the may one to die to dolphin spam.

  28. I am surprised Ushi the Cow isn't on here. Face forced into a cow's utters rendering to get dazed or KO'd.

  29. 7:27
    ''And to add insult to injury, Iggy bites you on the nose.''

    Or pisses in your mouth.

  30. Youbmiss the satura the poket figther thats embarrasin

  31. Outworlders are scrappy. Even the old ones.

  32. "if you like her that much then why are you fighting her in the street?"

    who said anything about liking her?

  33. Wow, I've never heard ANYONE mention a Darkstalkers game on YouTube before!

  34. I'm sorry, but being shot out of a cannon is an amazing way to be killed

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