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7 Fighting Game Joke Characters Who Are WAY Stronger Than They Look

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Joke characters are a beloved fighting game tradition because it’s always funny to see someone who is bad at fighting get totally annihilated by a much more skilled opponent. Sometimes however, these joke characters that should exist just to be punching bags for the better characters, turn out to be inexplicably competent and absolutely lethal in the right hands. Here are seven of our favourites. Subscribe for more videos like this from Outside Xbox!

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  1. I swear to god, the announcer for the first one (Bloody Roar Primal Fury) sounds EXACTLY like Max Tennyson from Ben 10, it HAS to be the same voice actor.

  2. So no one is going to talk about Gon in Tekken 3, a 2-foot dinosaur that can fart projectiles and swing you away across the screen.


  3. Cronos penguin final attack is awesome honestly

  4. What about shingo from king of fighters series

  5. ofcource three of those are birds, why do you think Australia lost to them?
    Also you forgot about the toilet of doom from a hat in time

  6. Hey, don't make fun of Crispy. Chickens are scary.

  7. All this video showed me was how violently I want a new Bloody Roar

  8. Let tag 2 Dr B. drop in T7 today. Instant pick up, call him a joke if you want

  9. please remake bloody roar .. its a good game or made an anime for it its have good story line

  10. Actually: the creator for the SNK Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting and King of Fighters series were created by the game director of the original Street Fighter, who left Capcom for… Creative differences.
    Yes, Dan has always been a joke for that reason, but there is a deeper reason for that.

  11. dude the first game looks sick never heard about it

  12. PTS Tenten from Naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm revolution should be on here.

  13. "joke characters" => shows final boss. Ok ._.

  14. Where’s jar jar binks

  15. Lmao Primal Roar would be dope as an anime especially with Cronos 🤣

  16. Grey prince zote from hollow knight is absolutely a nightmare to deal with

  17. Best jojo game of history… The others ser rubbish

  18. Not really a character, but SPECIAL MENTION:
    In the last game (JoJo Bizarre's Adventures) the players learned fast enough that was a bad idea to turn Avdol into a kid, with Alessi' s stand power.
    The transformed characters are supposed to be weaker, but young Avdol can still fully control his stand and the player can use his fire projectiles moves by just pressing a button, making him a pain in the stand for the opponent for the entire time.

    You could have mentioned him, or even Alessi himself, instead of Pet Shop: that bird is like DIO' s body guard.
    He was never intended to be a joke.
    Even for a fighting game prospective: a character who can fly and shoot "projectiles" is always advantaged.

  19. obviously this is pre SFV Dan and his Danfinite combo

  20. For someone claiming to be Fgc fan you're pretty lame for dissing SNK. FYI the same person who created Ryu and Ken also created Ryo and Robert

  21. Corrections : Heritage For The Future came in 1999 for CPS 3 system. The version you are playing (or using footage) is the 1998 PSX version (Also known as JoJo's Venture) Which lacks some of the characters.
    If there was a joke character in Heritage For The Future, it would be Khan or Hol Horse w/Boingo (a.k.a Hoingo)
    Because since you can also fight with a dog (Iggy) ama

  22. Whoever put Pet Shop the falcon on this list CLEARLY didn't see the fight between him and Iggy in Stardust Crusaders.

  23. Even in the manga and Anime, Pet shop is extremely powerful…

  24. This comment section: PeT ShOp IsN't a JoK3 ChARacTer

    98% of the characters in Heritage For The Future are human sized, human shaped humans…
    Anything designed not to be that in a game full of that is a joke……

  25. I am beginning to understand why Ironmouse has a bird Phobia. LOL

  26. Pet Shop is definitely not a joke character, he's portrayed as one of the most menacing characters in the part.

  27. Beware when going to the zoo? How about anywhere there's a congragation of Black Birds?

    Alfred Hitchcock anyone? Just me? ok

  28. I will suggest Rufus from street fighter 4, one of the fattest fighter to ever be

  29. What about Gon! From Tekken 3. All of his attacks are jokes.

  30. Love how literally almost all of the comments are just people saying that Pet Shop isn’t a joke character

  31. The Fucking Gnome from L4D/L4D2 can fuck up a "Tank"

  32. If a JJBA fighting game were to add a joke character, it would probably have to be Devo the Cursed or Tamami

  33. In a similar vein, the soul calibur series sometimes has joke weapons, turning almost every character into a joke character. For example in SC 2 Nightmare can get a rowboat oar instead of his ginormous sword, that does half the damage of his default weapon but it also has the longest
    reach, making ring outs super easy to get.

  34. I’m the manga and anime of Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure, pet shop LITERALLY USED AN ICE SPIKE TO DECAPITATE TWO DOGS

  35. Clearly there needs to be an all bird fighting game. Call it something like Blood And Feathers and put in the last dodo who's out to avenge his people and you got yourself a game.

  36. What i learned from this is that small people are better at fighting

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