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7 Creepiest Fighting Game Characters That Belong in a Horror Game

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Fighting games have a constant need for fresh new characters that some of them interpret as an open invitation to add nightmare-inducing creepshows that would be more at home in a horror game. Don’t take our word for it, get a load of these seven creepy fighters that keep us at night, and subscribe for more videos like this from Outside Xbox!

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  1. No Q.Bee from Darkstalkers? I'm disappointed. Sure, she doesn't look creepy at first glance but when you learn her lore and secrets of her design she become a lot more scary.

  2. Man I love voldo's kit so much, and in soul caliber 4 he kills everyone to put the sword on a throne and worship it

  3. Hisako from killer instinct man she's dope I love the character design and background story

  4. So we just gone forget about Baraka from MK???

  5. I love HISAKO , but I haven't the played the game yet. Quite an interesting character some sort of thrill and fun

  6. Q is Nick Valentine and Dima little brother

  7. you guys forgot about Jivatma from King of Fighters

  8. I am at a loss to understand how Relius Clover could make this list but not Arakune! Relius is undeniably a creep, but he's no where remotely as creepy as Arakune! Arakune's a black blob of goo full of bugs that wears a white mask (or is that actually his face), that used to be a man!

  9. Im pretty Sure that Q is supposed to be G because they both have a single Letter in their Name their Grabs are similar their attacks are also simmilar and their both built similarily a Lot of people think that G fought Gill and got absolutely shattered into oblivion so hard that He forgot who He is and that Just makes the Theorie so much scarier

  10. Q is for question, for he has no face, and his question is who is he?

  11. With ogre I always thought he was a kabuto

  12. The true ogre isn't that scary ye it sound its scary but if you play as him your gonna enjoy
    In tekken no one's scary

  13. Rats from sekiro also look like some aliens woth hunchbacks

  14. Kusaregedo is One of My Favorite Characters From Samurai Shodown, Too Bad He Isn't in More Games.

  15. αυτοί είναι για να τους βαράς όχι να τους διαλέγεις

  16. What about that one character from mk Drahmin i think was his name

  17. Kubikiri Basara and any character of troll kill for second part of this list

  18. Mukuro from "The last blade 2" and Freeman from "Mark of the wolves" really deserves the place of True ogre or Relius

  19. 8:32 I'd laugh, if that weren't PAINFULLY true!
    Does Bang actually know what Relius did to his own wife and daughter!? It's frankly messed-up if you think about it for even just a little bit…..

  20. Is Kusaregedo the same person from demon slayer or am i trippin

  21. Q is just the bot from the street fighter movie. The one that collects info for mbison

  22. What about devil jin Bit only in Tekken 5 Version

  23. Now I know where the idea for the Attack on Titan's anime came from

  24. I really enjoy Andy's fighting game themed lists.

  25. 2nd one was like a titan in Shingeki no kyojin

  26. Voldo is a true gentleman and you will treat him with the respect he deserves!

  27. Ah, yes, the scariest of all, a copyright infringement lawsuit.

  28. What about painwheel form skullgirls she is pretty scary

  29. Dr. Baldhead/Faust from Guilty Gear deserves a mention. Gifted surgeon turned serial killer after going mad due to a young girl dying on the operating table. He moves like a combination of Voldo from Soul Calibur and Yoshimitsu from Sould Calibur and Tekken, stretches his limbs like Dhalsim from Street Fighter, and wields a giant scalpel like a spear.

  30. Nah man Ancient Ogre is way scarier than True Ogre.
    Have you seen his Tekken Tag Tournament 2 ending? Terrifying.

  31. Where's Havik from Mortal Kombat? He was an undead opponent who broke his own bones

  32. The funny thing about Voldo is that there’s no reason he’s like that.

  33. Most of 3rd Strike could fit on this list. That roster is full of freaks

  34. I'm honestly surprised you went with Relius and not Arakune, a literal BAG FULL OF BEES- ahem, a giant blob that morphs himself into various odd shapes to rip his enemies to pieces, and then he gets curse and he starts to rip you apart with bugs.

  35. Meat and drahmin are both fitting in this list both being rotting dead bodies these characters are also both from mortal kombat

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