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7 Creative Fighting Game Finishers for Violence Connoisseurs

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Winning in a fighting game is great, but even better than winning, is winning with style. And while any old Tom, Dick or Ryu can win a bout by battering someone unconscious with their fists, it takes a real violence connoisseur to finish the fight in a more creative, unusual or unexpected way. Ways like these 7 creative fighting game finishes for the discerning beat em up fan. Enjoy, and subscribe for more videos like this from Outside Xbox!

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  1. So much effort was used for them SC rings outs Maxi and Siegfried both have one button ring outs.

  2. so the bushido blade 2 gun characters are just the embodiment of YA I GOT THE DLC SO PARRY THIS YOU FUCKING CASUAL

  3. I miss Bushido Blade, that game was so awesome. LOL I remember that in the first Bushido Blade you could play as the smaller character with the the smallest weapon vs a player with the giant two sword, who could simply stand in rest pose, be charged by the smallest character with the smallest weapon and impale themselves briefly on the point of the giant sword just to attack.

  4. So dramatic and cinematic finishes from Dragonball FighterZ don't make the cut because?

  5. Surprised they didn't mention Link's throwing move in SC2… With YOUR back to the edge of the arena, you'd do a little flip over your opponents arm and shove them behind you. No need to, as Andy said, "switch sides". Easiest way to get through arcade mode.

  6. Not a single mention of Dragon Ball FighterZ's Destructive and Dramatic Finishes? They go way over the top!

  7. You forgot one babalities for mk9 and obviously the developers were running out of ideas

  8. Listen, if my younger brother wasn’t smart enough to stay away from the edge when we played Soul Caliber, that’s on him. I sent him this video and he’s STILL mad about it.

  9. Bloody Roar had a fun spin on the ring out. Many stages had walls that could be damaged and broken, allowing ring outs. Well-timed and placed attacks or combos would send the enemy through the wall into ring out land.

  10. I think the my hero ones justice also has “ring outs” but the major plus ultra move to defeat your opponent is pretty awesome and should’ve been here lol

  11. Tekken tag tournament 2 item finishers should be on this list.
    I mean, what could be more creative than Kazuya's hammerhead finisher?
    Extra funny to watch, and extra humiliating to recibe.

  12. To be fair they made ring outs harder with each iteration and started making most maps without ledges, almost all the ring outs shown wouldn't have gone through in 4 5 or 6 they require decently strong hits otherwise the edge is treated like a wall, the first one the edge was an actual edge if I remember correctly and you could just walk off

  13. Street Fighter stage finishers gets a shoutout but no love for Eternal Champions? That game practically invented the stage fatality/finishing move.

  14. There was a very mediocre fighting game for the Nintendo 64 called Mace: the Dark Age. One of the characters there was a sorceress named Talia who could transform her opponent into a chicken as a fatality.
    The best part was, not only was it humiliating as hell, but it actually unlocked the chicken as a hidden character who was lots of fun to play.

  15. It’s not technically an actual finisher, but I love that in Skullgirls Annie could theoretically finish a fight by handing the opponent her autograph.

    I say theoretically, because I can’t land that attack for the life of me.

  16. For Honor had some fun environmental kills as well, if you don't mind the guy you killed getting salty because you took advantage of a game mechanic. you could throw your enemies off cliffs, into deep water because nobody can swim or impale them on spike walls.

  17. I'm not sure if it's been done but I would love to see a list of the weirdest and best fast travels in games

  18. Stage finishers from Street Fighter but not the game that put them on the map? Eternal Champions not only had "overkills" for finishing an enemy in the right spot with the right attack type, the sequel added "sudden death" finishers where falling onto the wrong location with less than 33% health was fatal. Being in the wrong place in Eternal Champions could mean being stepped on by a kaiju, shot by prohibition gangers, or burned at the stake.

  19. XRD overdrives are still the best finishers imo :'3 specially faust and dizzy :'3

  20. But what about the dramatic finish from DragonBall FighterZ. Its hard to pull off but feels so rewarding

  21. You left out the best Instant Kill: Dizzy's. It's an attack from her Reaper wing that would surely obliterate her foe if the kind-hearted Dizzy didn't interfere and cause it to barely miss. But it's so overwhelmingly powerful that it creates a mushroom cloud where it lands. Her opponnt takes one look at the devastation, turns to the camera, and surrenders, complete with a unique "Surrender" graphic. Every fighter reacts in their own way, too: May is crying, Chipp points at the devastation while his jaw drops, Axl raises his hands, and my favorite is Slayer, who just shrugs in a "C'est la vie" fashion.

  22. In Mortal Kombat X, the Outworld Market stage has a unique brutality wherein you bludgeon your opponent with an old woman, then the old woman – apparently of her own volition – savagely beats them to death with her bare hands.


  23. If you struggle with fatalities just use easy fatalities

  24. I guess it's not a finisher, honestly the oposite, but TJ Combo, Infinite Comboing you, the TJ Player chooses when you get to start a new game.

  25. Instant kills are fun. Detractors are just tryhards. Change my mind.

  26. Never thought I'd see Bushido Blade 2 on here. It's an amazing fighting that still hasn't been recreated properly.

  27. Mercy isn't a finisher, it is literally the opposite of a finisher

  28. I'm no longer allowed to play sigfried in soul cal because I would just spam the attack where he brings his sword down on the opponent's head and knocks them down. They can't beat me if they can't get up to get an attack in!

  29. This just in: Mike Channel has a lawsuit against Outside Xbox for deepfaking this outro without his consent.

  30. No mentions to the Dramatic Finishes in DragonBall FighterZ? They replay (and sometimes subvert) scenes from the Anime for crying out loud. My favourite is where Yamcha gets his revenge on Nappa.

  31. None of those create a fatalities were actually counted as fatalities you have to end off the chain with a circle button for it to count.

  32. I thought it was an unspoken rule to run off the edge after you ring out someone in Soul Calibur

  33. I've won against my cousin in a Soul Caliber game by knocking him out of the ring.
    Then I jumped down to "finish the job".

  34. Stage Ultras from Killer Instinct on the Xbox One is definitely up there in terms of winning with style. From smacking your opponent with a wrecking ball to sealing them away in another dimension, you can't get more wacky than that.

  35. Lol in sfv u can be put inside a cannon and get blown up

  36. No mention of babalities from Mortal Kombat?

  37. I remember playing Sould Calibur with my dad and stepbrother, we were taking turns playing through the adventure type mode whatever it was. We'd play until we lost, then next person's turn.

    There was 1 fight that we all lost at, so it got back to me. This character had a "can't be ring out" perk thing

    Well as I'm fighting her, I ended up destroying something (that break sound played) and then I knocked her off the platform.

  38. Tbh, I really miss you guys sitting in the chair. Love your videos 😀

  39. You forgot my favorite IK from Guilty Gear, which is Dizzy's. She charges up a big doom attack, misses, nukes a mountain, and your opponent suddenly decides this fight was a bad idea.

  40. Funny fact: If you ring out Raphael in Soul Calibur 5 more than once, while he’s falling he’ll exclaim “Can you do nothing else!?”

  41. Soul Calibur ring outs plus slippery floor.
    Equal watch the enemy ring out on their own!

  42. The only good games on that list are the mortal kombat games & soul calibur 2,guilty gear & its weeaboness makes me sick plus it’s lame & not stylish(like every anime)same with street fighter & any other weeaboo games,these are facts.

  43. I liked the stage finishers from Sega's Eternal Champions; eaten by a dragon and gunned down mob style drive-by we're fun and a new take on the concept at the time!!

  44. Humiliation moves from Rumble Roses are an embarrassing way to finish off your opponent

  45. Ah, guilty gear.. The one fighter i was interested in, bought, and then had stolen. All in 24-ish hours

  46. Virtua Fighter did Ring Outs better.
    None of that stabby nonsense. Get in there, grab a-hold, and toss 'em out by hand.

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