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7 Creative Fighting Game Finishers for Violence Connoisseurs

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Winning in a fighting game is great, but even better than winning, is winning with style. And while any old Tom, Dick or Ryu can win a bout by battering someone unconscious with their fists, it takes a real violence connoisseur to finish the fight in a more creative, unusual or unexpected way. Ways like these 7 creative fighting game finishes for the discerning beat em up fan. Enjoy, and subscribe for more videos like this from Outside Xbox!

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  1. Bedman's insta-KO is called "Nightmare Theater," in which he drags the opponent into his "dreamlike reality" and subjects them to their deepest fears.

  2. I did more than my fair share of spamming Link’s throwing move in Soul Calibur 2 (GameCube, obviously), because it was super easy to get a Ring-Out with

  3. Wow. Those Street Fighter stage “finishers” are cute. Psh…..Street Fighter finishers are so overrated they’re literally just regular moves with flashy lights in the background even the Blazing moves in Def Jam were way better.

  4. I love the finisher from guilty gear where dizzy misses her opponent and the power of the missed shot is so overwhelming that the other character just surrenders

  5. BUSHIDO BLADE!!!! That was/is my all time favorite fighting game. I soooo wish they would remaster or make a new one! OMG that game was the S***!

  6. The most humiliating finisher … is to zone the crap out of your opponent so that they never even get close enough to land a hit.
    You know you're doing something right when they literally destroy their television in rage.

  7. You forgot Blazin' moves from Def Jam: Fight for NY

  8. There’s a lot of love in this comment section for Dizzy from GG!

  9. So you put MK on the list twice and the lame ass Ring Out as credited to Soul Caliber for some reason(it started by Virtua Fighter) but don't put something like the Blazin moves from Def Jam Fight For New York.🤷

  10. The best finish is getting the other person to rage quit! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)

  11. Bloody Roar would be a good fit for this video I think. One of my favorites lol

  12. the lack of a mention for DB Fighterz Dramatic Finishes annoys me

  13. How did Mortal Kombat Armageddon make it on here for just the created fatalities??? The arena hazards were some of the most entertainingly gruesome instakills in gaming!!

  14. Best finishers for violence lovers: mercy which is literally a not finisher

  15. Hara-Kiri's in Mortal Kombat Deception surely deserve an honourable mention, where you can cheat your opponent of their Fatality by finishing yourself off in an equally horrible way.

    Even weirder, there was a bug where if a Fatality and Hara-Kiri were input at the exact same time, characters would perform their fatalities on THEMSELVES.

  16. I still can't believe that we still don't have a sequel or remaster for Bushido Blade.. It's concept is amazing! I miss this

  17. You all deserve a medal for showing Bushido Blade 2, that game is a masterpiece!

  18. A bit of a stretch, but taunt kills from tf2?

  19. Are you guys seriously going to forget about Killer Instinct where you musically beat the crap out of your opponent as a finisher? 😂

  20. Judge me all you like. I am an ace playing Nightmare Style and I humiliate hubris toxic players in Soul Calibur Online Matches, by just juggling them out of bound every time xD

  21. In Soulcalibur's defence you can normally turn the ring-outs off. Make Astaroth and Raphael actually earn a knock out. Lots of other modifiers too like ice floor or explosions that send fighters into the sky if they get knocked off their feet.

  22. Mercy is mostly used when you fail the Brutality. Or if you are a monster, you can humilliate your opponent. But there is always the risk of them fighting back and defeating you with an 80% Combo

  23. In Soul Calibur VI, all the characters have quotes expressing their frustration upon losing via ring out. My favorite is Mitsurugi shouting "Fight properly!" as he falls off a cliff

  24. I love how you flubbed the fatalities to avoid having to show them and get things age restricted, funny workaround

  25. (3:48) I honestly thought for a second Goku was in a street fighter game. Animalities were actually interesting. The babalities was when they ran out of ideas.

  26. Ah yes, the button combinations — the bane of any player trying for a cool combo. XD But it's all worth it to get Hot Dog Ryu!

  27. 8:11 What? No nuclear attack to force your opponent to "surrender"?

  28. that was bushido blade 1, kiddos, not 2

  29. As a high-level player in the SC series, the thing I absolutely HATE the most about the series are ring-outs. They're a crutch that should have been dealt with a long time ago. There's a reason nobody else except Virtua Fighter still has them.

  30. A whole list that didn't include the basic fatality?

    Eternal Champions was my fav for stage fatalities, since you didn't need to remember button prompts

    or Time Killers where the "Game Finisher" could be the first attack if you cut their head off

  31. MK's most creative by far is the new brutality system introduced in MK10 and MK11. They're 100x more satisfying to pull off than a regular fatality because they require effort during the actual fight instead of just memorizing some button prompts at the end. Some of them even require you to utilize the Mercy system mentioned in this video, while some use the stage props as well!

  32. Ring out as a creative finisher??? It's just pure cheapness for losers to win without fight.

  33. With MK 9 bringing back babalities and MK 11 bringing back friendships, you know MK 12 is going to bring back animalities.

  34. i didn't know street fighter 5 has a stage finisher

  35. I would always go for a ring out in soul caliber if I was badly losing the round and didn’t think I could make a legit come back. Just lure them over to the side, make sure I had the correct angle for a grab and knock those mother fuckers out the ring!

  36. Omg!
    THAT is Bushido blade?!
    I used to play this game when we were kids!
    We didin't like it as much as other fighting games because your guy could die from one hit,but still!

  37. These sf stage finishers are nothing compared to some DOA

  38. You're dead to me.
    Mortal Kombat got 2 enteries and you didn't include Blazblue's Astral Finishers.

  39. 7:40 – not sure what was destroyed but my heart sure did.

  40. Smash Bro.
    Where they sent the opponent flying into the POV camera

  41. SC2 is my favourite of the series so I'm super happy it was the one chosen for the list <3

  42. It's not a round out in Soul Caliber if you don't follow them off immediately

  43. you should have done smash ball finishes for smash bros

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