6 Insane Facts That Make WWE 2K14 The Best WWE Game Ever! #wwe2k #shorts - lightslingergame.com

6 Insane Facts That Make WWE 2K14 The Best WWE Game Ever! #wwe2k #shorts

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  1. Matt Dickie makes the best wrestling games 💯

  2. Them graphics DO NOT hold up stop playing

  3. Even a game that is 10 years old can do better then 2K24’s showcase, the 40 years of wrestlmania was a huge cash grab and only gave us 21 matches

  4. People don’t realize that svr 10 or 11 up to wwe 13 had the same graphics however wwe 13 was under 2k. Wwe 12 could’ve been too

  5. It made no sense for ps and Microsoft to reremove the ability to rip music. They need to implement Spotify into the game. The last few soundtracks have been absolutely trash. No one wanted a soundtrack created by Post Malone. The soundtrack for 2k24 is all over the place. Last year's wasn't great either.

  6. Was you also saying that 2k24 is the best game

  7. All this is very cool but….Can you throw a giant Slim Jim outside of a ring into the ring and knock your opponent out? No? Exactly

  8. Bro called 2k24 the best a couple days ago 🫥

  9. No custom soundtracks kills the newer games

  10. As someone who doesn't care about graphics at all. You're blind if you think 2K14's hold up at all 😂

  11. The graphics were not good but everything else was good. Opposite of 2k15 lol

  12. Absolutely amazing game. By far my favorite 2k and one of the best WWE games ever

  13. 7. They had a match for every Wrestlemania, which truly felt like 30 years of Wrestlemania

  14. the sound design in this game should be the standard for all the wwe games

  15. bro i love 2k14, probably my favorite wrestling game, but the graphics don’t stand up to any 2k game that came after. no need to prop up the best wwe game with a statement that is factually incorrect

  16. You don’t gotta lie about the graphics. So many models in 2K14 are awful. Shawn Michaels and John Cena look especially awful and nothing like the actual wrestlers. The game is good but the graphics from WWE 12 to 2K14 aged terribly.


  18. Okay, I agree with everything, except the graphics. I think people can admit that even at the time, this shit looked likeca PS2 game. The graphics do not stand up to any modern WWE title though you absolute crackhead 🤣. Graphics aren't everything but you are lying to yourself if you think this is graphically better than of the 2K games released after 2K14.

    2K14 is no doubt better than all of the games after it, gameplay wise no doubt.

  19. 40 Years of WrestleMania was genuinely so mid when I pre ordered it.

  20. I see instead of the 2004 Royal Rumble winner we have the 1999 Royal Rumble winner💀 instead

  21. If there’s a WWE game that has 2k14’s features and gameplay mixed with modern day controls and graphics I’d give them all my money

  22. I'll fight to the death for smackdown Vs raw

  23. Nah Smackdown her comes the pain was the best

  24. Smackdown hctp for ps and wrestlemania 2000 for n64 are the goat wwe games

  25. If you hate 24 just say that instead of making these here is why videos I understand old games can be better but your making it a fool out of yourself repeating the same thing here is why 13 or 12 or whatever I understand but you posting stuff like this making you a hatin ass🥷🏻

  26. If 2k14 is much better than 2k24, then why don't we spend £10 on the best game ever over spending £60 for a trash game?

  27. Wwe 12 introduced create a arena what is bro talking about

  28. Ok then play it I don't care about your opinion

  29. He want infinity finisher 😂

  30. So we just neeed a remake of 14 and just update the roster

  31. Bro u got ur facts all wrong, the first game with create an arena was wwe 12, i know that 08 had custom music but idk about 07, it was fo sho not the first game with under the ring weapon animations

  32. 2K14 is a great game but people gotta stop meat riding it

  33. there's no Create-A-Finisher or Create-A-Titantron Video. also Road to Wrestlemania 2000 had the BEST Career Mode.

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