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6 hours of the worst fighting games ever made (THE CRITICOM SAGA)

Matt McMuscles
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Additional Art By: Bannon Rudis – David Liu: – Dan Walker:
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0:00 Criticom
23:44 Dual Heroes
49:32 Kasumi Ninja
1:14:54 Shaq Fu
1:37:22 Brutal
1:56:25 Ballz
2:13:37 Killing Zone
2:29:26 H Killing Machine
2:48:10 MK Advance
3:10:10 Star Wars
3:24:52 DBZ Taiketsu
3:38:42 Way of the Warrior
3:56:53 Bloodstorm
4:13:10 Street Fighter Movie
4:30:50 Rise of the Robots
4:47:17 Fight For Life
5:08:16 Deadly Arts
5:26:28 Double Dragon V
5:45:44 Expect No Mercy

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  1. I remember me and my friends trying to learn Shaq Fu "comp" back in 2005

  2. No. Pit Fighter for the SNES worst ever. 😊

  3. 36:50 Oh my god Dual Heroes predicted Tensou Sentai Goseiger! AKA Power Rangers Mega Force

  4. I actually found an old version of Bid for Power on an old harddrive, what a weird thing to remember

  5. I hope the fact a criticom rerelease would sell well due to this series keeps you up at night.

  6. Funny story about Brutal. The taunt heals you. And the password system in reality does nothing.

  7. May wanna check out the Battle Arena Toshinden series. First game is great, but then… something strange about the latter ones.

  8. I put so many hours into evil zone back in the day

  9. 1:19:46 i would love to see someone MOD the original shaqfu to be amazing. I still put my copy in some times to goof around.

  10. matt has to host an fgc event full of worst fighting games

  11. Is it me, or was there a surprisingly low amount of attention given to the Kasumi Ninja soundtrack? 😶😂

  12. Demonica was used in another chronos fighting game on the n64 called dark rift.

  13. Can't wait for Shadow: War of Succession! Can it topple Expect No Mercy? We shall see, oh, we shall see.

  14. Two fighter games were released for the Kinect in an attempt to make you feel like a warrior in your own living room. Both have failed. They are Fighter Uncaged and Fighter Within. Whle the latter is seen as worse than the former, I believe both should have a shot in the ring.

  15. “I have seen the amateur and it is you.” 😂. I want this on loop as my ringtone.

  16. Castlevania Judgment I would’ve liked to see you play for this list.
    But compared the turds on this compilation it’s actually awesome!! Far from the worst fighting game or Castlevania game.

  17. Pakawa looks exactly like Danny devito in the lethal weapon episode of it's always sunny

  18. I’m surprised he didn’t cover “Hey Punk, Are you Tuff E’ Nuff” on SNES
    Another SF clone that’s not good, but I was always interested in the world building. Reminded me of Fist of The North Star or something.

  19. War Gods 3d. Complain about that.

  20. This is the exact video that I was looking for. I don't even like fighting games but for whatever reason I love this worst fighting game ever series

  21. Apparently I learn today that Foxy Roxy inspired the "Kangaroo Wife" bit for Kitty0706's Team Fabulous 2, among other things…

  22. S.A.P. suck ass play // sorry ass playing // slow ass players

    W.A.P. Wack ass player // warped ass programming // weak ass playstyle 😂😂😂

  23. You should play Doomsday Warrior for the SNES

  24. that one charecter is taken from thundercats

  25. shaq fu had good animations, controls were bad

  26. Horrible game. I like the battle arena's. Falling off adds a challenge

  27. Love your choice in section title music! When i hear it my brain automatically hears FFUUULLGOOOOORE!!!! in this weird synth sounding voice! lol

  28. tbf Dual Heroes could be fun with other modern anime fighters if it got polished up and updated for today as it looked a lot of fun

  29. Dude, yes. Thundra looks just like the 'Crocodile of Wallstreet'. That's amazing.

  30. Kasumi means mist and it’s a girls name so the game is literally called Mist Ninja

  31. I played the Shaq Fu remake it was a bit better then the original but boring

  32. Poor Justin having to experience the bad that is Shaq Fu

  33. Oh MKA is definitely terrible from the looks of it.

  34. I saw an AVGN episode of this horrible game.

  35. Did anyone else notice the Loch Ness Monster in the background going to eat the fisherman?

  36. As a Kid i loved Brutal in the VS mode the singleplavermode yeah well sucks XD

  37. UR PLAYIN IT WRONG critcom should be played like skipping stones except you do it inside an active volcanoe READ DA MANUAL says it right in it, people mistake it as a video game 🙁

  38. Hey Matt, thanks for these big old compilation episodes. They remain really great for vibing to

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