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5 Superstars Who Will Never Return To A WWE Game! #wwe2k24 #shorts #wwe2k

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  1. That’s crazy how Chris Ben name was cut off at the end 😂

  2. the first name I thought of was Del Rio and he showed up instantly

  3. Moxley is definitely someone we might see in the future. It just depends if he ever returns to wwe.

  4. why in the hell is muhammad ali fighting ryback💀💀💀

  5. I bet my house Dean Ambrose will be back in WWE. Are you saying Cody Rhodes wasn’t a pillar of AEW? Come on man.

  6. I highly doubt Jon Moxley will stay gone from wwe forever we all thought Cody Rhodes and cm punk weren’t gonna return and surprised everyone

  7. Ryback was in 13, 2K14, 2K15 and 2K16. Plus I'd love to have him in a game again. Once again you got your facts wrong.

  8. its crazy how CM punk prolly used to be on lists like this but he some how came back

  9. "How could I possibly forget about the 04 royal rumble winner, Chri-"
    D O N T S A Y H I S N A M E.

  10. John Moxie/ Dean Ambrose can show back up in the game. Anything can happen in wrestling. He can come back to WWE one day. You never know

  11. Moxley will return to WWE one day, I’m 100% sure of it.

  12. Ryback was in other games other than 2k14… please do research

  13. Never say never when it come to John moxley Bc ppl said punk will never be back and he back and punk was worst the moxley

  14. Owen Hart, Gail kim,heath slater,Ashley and velveteen dream and tons of others I could name

  15. I mean we saw Cody and Punk return, it's unlikely but Moxley ain't impossible.

  16. Yeah, well never see a top AEW guy in a WWE game. Don't look to closely at the 2k24 cover. Definitely don't look to closely at the DLC headliner either.

    Moxley was obviously comment bait. Good job, you got me.

  17. I don't think I can confidently say never for Jon and Kennedy

  18. they will return via community creations

  19. 🧑🏻‍🦱: “Can I get some Alberto Del Rio sauce…”

    imbones: 😳

    🧑🏻‍🦱: “Or do you have a Ryback sauce?”

    imbones: 😳

    ”No Chris Benoit sauce!?”

  20. Strongly disagree with you on moxley dude, he had issues with Vince and creative. . . . They are not in control anymore which is great and I'd be shocked if he wasn't interested in a return but also I can understand his love for AEW as he can have them crazy hard-core matches he likes so much, I'd say he is living with a big win win situation and couldn't care less tbh

  21. They'll return in 10 years once they become nostalgic.

    I guarantee the Ruthless Aggression era and PG era will both get their own showcase modes.

  22. well Cody Returned and he was one of AEW's most valued guys since the start so….

  23. Mr Kennedy had issues with Randy orton not John cena

  24. CM Punk is literally coming out as DLC very soon for 2k24 and is currently working for WWE so you can never say never. Sure its probably very unlikely but guys like Moxley could easily come back. That depends entirely on him. I doubt it considering he's doing far better in AEW but time makes liars out of everyone who says "never"

  25. WWE 2k13 not a thing so that means it's not a 2k game

  26. I'm more then certain Ryback was in more then 1 game

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