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5 Pauses That Caused CHAOS In Tournaments

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Todays video looks at 5 times an unintentional pause disrupted a tournament, and what happened after.



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00:00 – INTRO
01:30 – #5
03:26 – #4
05:33 – #3
07:31 – #2
09:45 – #1


  1. Why are these events filled with the biggest scum of humanity loser incels?

  2. Disable pausing maybe so it never happens?

    This is beyond stupid to me 😂

  3. Number 5 was intentional. They should've detained the friends/family of the guy who was losing.

  4. Number 2 would have been a lot sadder had Momochi lost the set, but it seems the pause didn't really matter in the end.

  5. lmfao pausing twice and then putting it on rest mode is crazy 😭

  6. Seriously, random people connecting to the console and pausing the game during an eSports event should be apprehended!

  7. Simple solution is have tournament controllers made without pause buttons or home buttons.

  8. Not a fan of esports or any of these games at all, but this is hilarious 🤣

  9. My thumb misses the buttons and hits pause all the time 😂 I wouldn't last in a tournament

  10. there should be controllers made for tournaments with some buttons removed to prevent things like this from happening

  11. 05:08 Notice the respect and sportsmanship after that accident? Incredible. Admirable behavior from both players and honestly I wish more players were like this.

  12. Hear me out: Fighting games where the developers add a mode called "Competitive" where the pause does not exist in a Local match?

  13. This wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be for me but then I’m new to this fgc stuff, I’m sure plenty of people enjoyed this for the history 😅👍 keep up the good content

  14. 2:58 This is why pad players should be banned from tournaments 😂

  15. The second match should've just been played out. It's absolutely ridiculous how these people ruin it by a technicality.

  16. Why not break the start button or disable it? I used to hit the windows key on my keyboard all the time until I removed it. WOW fucking hard right?

  17. This is why now VS fighting game have a HOLD pause button.

  18. If you can't deal with a pause, you shouldn't be playing in a tournament in the first place.

  19. This happened few times in both DOTA 1 (Warcraft 3) and DOTA 2. During intense moment of the game, troll players would pause and unpause the game to throw opponent off. Luckily, in Dota 2, pausing has 5 seconds delay on and off and each player has limited amount of pause allowed.

  20. You know you built up that Street Fighter 4 clip as the biggest gaming letdown of your entire life, and then at the very end mention how he only dropped a round and then went on to win the tournament the very next round. Why is it such a tragic and massive disappointment for the dude to drop 1 round just to win the tourny 3 mins later? So unfortunate, what a heartbreak that he…won the tournament…?

  21. You forgot about FLUX and Showstopper ? dude starting to scream death threats everytime Flux played after he lost the round to the pause

  22. Just thinking, should there be an accidental pause mechanics like when playing ONLY in multiplayer the pause button should be pressed 3 times to actually be paused.
    3 because pressing 2 times can actually be still accidental but 3 is pretty much intentional. Was thinking because I had this match with a friend of mine in a PS5 controller and the way I positioned by fingers (arcade style), I usually frequently presses the pause button. Just check the PS5 controller and you'll see how near the TRIANGLE button is to the START button.

  23. There's too much introduction in this video, 1-2 minutes introducing the video and then the same again for every single clip, and it adds nothing to the eventual clip.

  24. Guy talks for 30 seconds.

    Then it gets to the pause.

    people are like, "WOAH OMG WOW."

    Nothing really interesting happens.

  25. iam not a fan of this kind of game, but i do like watching them, yes the last video get my biggest respect

  26. John 14:6 Jesus said to him: I am–the Way, and Truth, and Life. No man comes to My

    Father, except by Me.

  27. Honorable Mention: Filipino Champ vs Kusoru

    While Kusoru put F.Champ in a super animation that would be a guarantee win, he went to the menu and scroll spammed in celebration. F.Champ noticed and immediately tried to get him DQ'd, but since he was going to lose anyway, they continued the set. Kusoru went on to win that tournament.

  28. Let's hope they won't be any pauses EVO 2023😂😂 kinda would be hilarious tho🙇.

  29. imagine if the international had a technical issue like this in front of allthe audience and players there will be a stampede

  30. i feel like disqualification for fatfingering is a bit overkill imo

  31. Or the game makers could respect the losers who do tournaments and have a configuration setting either under controller mapping or even a button combo that disables the ability to pause during that match
    Bonus points if they set it to the Konami code

  32. In cases like the gamerbee vs momochi game, rules should be flexible, it was neithers fault and you can see in both they want to keep going at it

  33. #2 While the judges were deliberating what to do, the ballroom became deadass quiet. It was wild that a room full of thousands of people could stay silent for more than a minute.

  34. "pretty sure it was an accident"
    >accidentally pauses game twice
    >accidentally rests console
    sure… accident…

  35. Not a muscle among any of those gamers. lmao

  36. 8:53 I don’t get why that is the worst time for that to happen? The guy lost that round still ended up winning right? Isn’t it better it happened the second to last match so the one with the faulty controller can address the issue? The worst time is if it happened on the last round right?

  37. The first one on the list was pretty funny lol

  38. every upcoming games like this should have a tournament mode whcih disables pause.pause in this kind of game doesnt even needed

  39. What’s the name of the music being used in the intro?

  40. come on ketchup that first one was not an accident lmao you dont perfectly go to rest mode without making mistakes on accident lol

  41. This 2023 evo sf6 grand final had disconnected controller, but since the players didn't pause and the opponent let the guy reconnect there were no penalties. You can really see the character of people in those moments

  42. Pausing shouldn't be treated so harshly, but at the same time it should since a pause literally throws your opponent off their game and gives you time to breath and maybe make a comeback, but at the same time not all pausing is done on purpose.

  43. that one where the PS4 went into Rest Mode was hearbreaking 😭

  44. I hate it cause of the way i hit buttons on my controller (the bottom of my thumb/the first line) ill sometimes pause the game for a split second and it happens at random times. If only there was a way to make it so you had to hold the button gor a second or two, lol.

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