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Let’s take a look at some fighting games that are coming out next year that you should definitely have on your radar!

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  1. Great list. But can you switch up your footage? There was so much repeated footage, with some clips playing in cycle back to back

  2. Wake me up when dungeon fighter comes out💅

  3. Project L legit had a 4 min video showing some new gameplay , 4 characters revealed. Jinx, alright, some time jumper and the spin it to win it dude

  4. Loving guilty gear currently hope you check out the happy chaos dlc

  5. Since when did this channel talk about fighting games? Lol

  6. ohhhh didnt know you were into fighting games arekkz

  7. I am so hyped for the next gen of fighting games. DnF and Project L both look crazy.

  8. It's fine to like SNK over Street Fighter. I like Tekken way more than Street Fighter.

  9. I used to love DFO back in the day! Its been years and years ago but i LOVED playing as the monk

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