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Let’s take a look at some fighting games that are coming out next year that you should definitely have on your radar!

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  1. I think 5 force fighters is dope and could be a sleeper. Haven't heard much of their development recently though

  2. I've always been a bigger fan of Tekken and SoulCalibur more so than 2D fighters like Street Fighter and what not. But games like Guilty Gear Strive look so damn cool and I do enjoy them.

  3. Talk about timing, I’m assuming this was recorded before the recent Project L preview footage we got lol

  4. All these games look so fun. Ark systems tho is gonna be a must buy

    But, my favs are 3D fighters, wich they don't make many of :[

  6. Love what you said about not having to be great at a game to love it
    Got this video my like

  7. Kof characters are way more interesting than sf characters imo

  8. Yeah KOF 13 looks great but I think it nearly took SNK into bankruptcy.

  9. Fuck yea Arekkz talking about Bloody Roar and Soul Calibur like a true man of culture, I love it!

    I really miss Bloody Roar…. 🙁
    And I really wish SoulCalibur VI could get another season

  10. School of rivals is my favorite fighting game all time.

  11. Man I miss bloody roar. It's need such a reboot

  12. If DNF Duel has that same gachapon system and character customization of Dungeon Fighter. Yeah, they'll make a ton on gambling, but will probably kill how much reach it has outside of the East.

  13. @ArekkzGaming don't know if you've checked it out but I started to dive back into Dauntless again. To my amazement they have fist based weapons

  14. SOUND TRACK BY 2 MELLO, oh u guys don't understand

  15. Currently, my favorite is Guilty Gear Strive, but I suck at it 🙂

  16. How can someone not be a fan of DragonBall, Z, and Super?

  17. I really hope Atlus comes out with new involving Persona Arena (Ultimate), whether it'd be a Steam port of P4 Ultimax or a new installment of P5Arena (ala Xrd/Strive engine).

  18. Loved the bloody roar series or budokai/tenkaichi dragonball fighting games let's get some remakes or sequels for nextgen please 🙏

  19. of all the genre's that NEED crossplay fighting games need to consolidate their player bases instead of having them fractured behind the consoles and PC

  20. Idk if you know this yet but riot released an update on project L yesterday.

  21. Hellish quart. Totally different tho xD

  22. You posting about fighting games? I didn't think this channel would cover that genre.

  23. Sadly Project L ain't coming out till maybe 2023 so keep it on your radar but don't expect to hear anything till the 2nd half of 2022

  24. What's the point of this vid if he doesn't play them and is just a one off vid whenever the game releases

  25. Arcsystem is probably my favorite fighting game company! Also if I had to list my top 5 favorite fighting games/franchises they would probably be:

    Guilty Gear/Blazblue
    Bloody Roar
    Samurai Shodown/Bushido Blade
    Tekken/Soul Calibur

  26. If it makes you feel any better, I too love fighting games, but I suck at them. And I also went through a phase where I was obsessed with the King of Fighters characters (I still suck at KoF though).

  27. Funny how yesterday they showed new stuff for project L showing it as 2v2 fighter like a mix of MvCI and Rising Thunder (the game the devs were going to make before being picked up by Riot games)

  28. Here are my favorite fighting game franchises

    Street Fighter
    Soul Calibur
    Mortal Kombat
    Fatal Fury
    King Of Fighters
    Virtua Fighter
    Guilty Gear

  29. There's some new news for project L. A lot of new gameplay footage and a lot of changes from the initial announcement. It's going to be a 2v2 fighter and the art style and animation looks amazing even though it's it's still in development. Definitely became my #1 most awaited fighting game.

  30. what is a narrative fighter???

    edit: oooooh, he's saying Naruto!!!

  31. Project L literally just released some footage on Nov. 20th, yesterday, yet here you still only used those 2-year-old video which is both outdated in terms of visuals and gameplay…WTF.

  32. LOL DNF Duel just relaesed new Trailer 3 hours ago 😀

  33. It's so funny how right after this video goes up we get new footage of Project L and DnF Duel

  34. Should have delayed this video by like 12 hours with the new Project L update today. Whole lot of new footage, know nothing about LoL, but it looks cool as hell.

  35. They released a video, probably at the same time that you were working on this one that discusses Project L's mechanics and how they're going to make it approachable to new players–also its going to be an assist based fighter which is wild.

  36. Naruto Fighters!! You mad man! What an idea. One Piece Fighters would be banging too!

  37. Oh wow I didn’t know cerebrawl was still coming out. I’ve been listening to tracks from that game for years lol

  38. The problem with the FGC is that they act as though there is no reference of simple inputs with skill COD, HALO, FPS, Driving, Platforms, Platform fighters, what's killing fighting games is that the genre exist as though its above all genres, when really its below & behind

  39. I need dragon ball fighterz 2 or xenoverse 3

  40. I like like like fighting games even im bad at it. Yes this list is what im waiting for thanks boii

  41. Never thought I’d see dfo character art on Arekkz video

  42. You should check out Pocket Bravery. It didnt meet its indiegogo campaign but they are still developing it. There js a playable demo available.

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