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4 Of The Strangest Fighting Games Ever Made [Bumbles McFumbles]

Bumbles McFumbles
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  1. great vid I also agree an EVO of bad fighting games would be amazing. I could just imagine a room full of people who spent hours getting good at a game they never heard of like omen of sorrow or xmen mutant academy

  2. The Battle Construction Vehicle game artwork was designed by Hiroshi Motomiya who made the long running slice of life manga Salary Man Kintaro about a former delinquent become a white collar worker. Also made the manga version of Three Kingdom called Tenchu Wa Kurau that become a Capcom series as an RPG and Fighting game.

  3. @4:00 It's nice of the game to pretend Mamiya can do stuff, as opposed to the series having her instantly beaten whenever she tries anything, even by some random dude's unnamed minions.

  4. Kusoge is not specific to fighting games.

  5. Wow… how long has it been since I've heard the name Divekick?

  6. 20:23 as someone who is actually interested in real world history, i feel like arm joe is also kinda disrespectful to the original Les Misérables book & thus disrespecting actual real world history

  7. I was heavily expecting Fight of Gods tbh

  8. what's the name of the first game? just fist of the north star?

  9. I'm still waiting for you to do a video on the Earth Defense Force games. They are some of the most bat-shit insane, funny, and enjoyable shooters out there, and are a love letter to the classic B-Movie Alien Invasion stories of old.

    Plus, there's multiple Godzilla ripoffs and giant mechas. What more could you want?

  10. My favorite part of Les Miserables is when Yujiro Hanma axe kicks the entire French Revolution into the ground like fucking Looney Tunes.

  11. You know. I thought he was joking when he brought up Yujiro Hanma but uhhhh… wow. Yujiro randomly showing up for no reason is genuinely hilarious

  12. 0:41 – Yeah, "Finally a Good One," albeit with about four asterisks….said asterisks being an outright dog shit story mode that makes MK9 through 11 look like Shakespeare, terribly unbalanced characters (especially the DLC ones), game mechanics so easy to abuse that they redefine Touch Of Death combos for a modern age and of course – 30:24 – that.

    1:27 – Ooooh that was a tasty bait & switch there gotta tip my hat to that one :3

    4:17 – Okay I understand having such love for the source material that you want to celebrate it….but there's fan service and then there's completely taking the piss! That's dev time and disc space that was put towards literally nothing! I mean does the clock still tick down while he's doing it? That's literally the only possible use I can imagine for that! I…..I just…..this just goes against everything I know and respect about fighting games >:/

    5:33 through 6:35 – Yeah now this is more like it, fan service that doesn't get in the way of the core gameplay and is in fact a key component of the game's identity and fun factor.

    7:17 through 8:11 – And we're right back to fan service that gets in the fuckling way of gameplay >8 (


    9:53 – Do I even need to add anything to that bribe bit? XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD

    11:09 – Ohhhhhh no is every game on this list gonna be something that was on Saturday Morning Scrublords? 17:28 – Oh I see…well Woolie did make it clear there was no actual bottom of the fighting game barrel XD

    14:54– Wait, this game has blocking? XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD

    19:03 – Anime version huh? Is it as bad as the gargoyles in Disney's Hunchback or is it all the way down to Good Times Entertainment levels of terrible?

    19:21 through 20:20 – Oh right I forgot this is a video about fighting games damn that was four or so minutes XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD

    22:24 – Oh shit this game also has fan service that gets in the way of gameplay? XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD

    25:25 – And there he is, the myth, the legend, the storm that is approaching, the baz! ZUBAAAAZZZZZ!!!

    27:54 – Well, hope you people weren't wearing headphones during this part of the video X _ X

    29:44 – Talk about real love and passion for what you're making….

    30:16GRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH!!! (GASP!) WRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! (Clears throat) yes that has happened to me once or twice…..

    31:27 – Hey so long as we're not playing Dragon Ball FighterZ I'm down for whatever…..no really I swear to Primus if you force me to play FighterZ anyway I will main Lab Coat 21 out of protest and spite! >8 (

  13. I'm the 300 comment and also isn't fist of the north star the you were already dead meme anime

    Also was that a steamroller joke in the on wheels heavy metal fighter

  14. I feel like if Arm Joe really wanted to lean into it the final boss would be like. “Dread”, a silhouette of a man who never actually touches you or uses effort with his attacks. But nah fuck it Big Muscle Man 😂

  15. My sister loves Les Miserables, so I'm going to see how she reacts to Arm Joe.

  16. "I'm not an amine guy."
    Literally proceeds to gush about an anime.

    That's some goofy ass logic there bud.

  17. I loved this video the whole segment about dive kick just kinda bummed me out beyond words :/

    The FGC community is now filled with people who call themselves fans but have never played the game, how do I know this? I've seen way too many people who's like getting into debates about certain games like guilty gear and mortal kombat and full on admit they have never played a single game in the franchise but they are still a superior fan compared to the fakers who… Actually played the game

    Is like the fallout community who are now filled WIth people who only heard the Liberty prime voice lines and nothing else

  18. Javert has always been a fascinating character to me. I disagree a little bit with Bumbles' characterisation of what ends up causing his suicide (I always figured it's not being too proud to accept his enemy's help, but that helping him proved that Valjean was a good person, and if a criminal can be a good person, everything Javert has based his life on is wrong, and he's done too much too turn back), but I can't remember that any more based on the fact that his Level 3 Super is literally Stars. There in your multitudes. Silent and sure. Falling on my enemy's face for massive damage.

  19. Dank EVO might really ends up becoming a thing at this rate.

  20. 15:19 “complete steamrolls” If there isn’t an actual steamroller in this game, at least 1 copy needs to be destroyed!
    Edit: Nevermind, I saw it. But still, missed opportunity to add “and it doesn’t just happen with steamrollers!”

  21. SO glad he did't say budakai tentchai 3

  22. "It's time for a history lesson!"
    Oh, this'll be good.
    "Les Misèrables-"

  23. Wait! The Baz isn't an original Bumbles McRumbles character?!

  24. Did we mention that Arm Joe includes a robot version of Valjean and Cosette’s bunny PonPon drives a freakin car for their super?

  25. I once had a mirror duel in a Yugioh tournament with a fellow Infinitrack player and Battle Construction Vehicles is what I imagine the duel looked like.

  26. I have never watched a single episode nor read a single chapter of Fist of the North Star, but dear god I wanna pick up that fighting game immediately after seeing that.

  27. "There are no Land of Ashura arc characters"

    What are you talking about, Kaioh's right on screen!

    What do you mean Raoh, who's that?

    Joking aside, the game being that utterly fucked up and busted and unbalanced and bizarre is honestly a reflection of the series. That thing is a MESS but so much fun. Half the joy of the early chapters is just seeing what stupid thing Hokuto no Ken will do to his enemies.

  28. What would a Fist of the North Star visual novel be about?

  29. I don’t see loss of popularity on there, unless you mean a loss of popularity of the player

  30. 11:37 well duh. I don’t think there’s a construction vehicle Anime.

  31. 19:03 how do you know this much without reading it? The musical?

  32. im kinda sad we didn't get to see lethal league in this video

    its one of my favorite fighting games of all time and it has a VERY strange gimmick

  33. "DO YOU JUST REALLY LIKE DRAGONBALL?? Thankfully, there's finally a good one" – but, mah Ultimate Butouden vs Pirate Colosseum for 3ds :((

  34. Yujiro hanma, crabs and construction vehicles are most definitely a mix of weird 😂

  35. No bumbles obvious the construction companies biggest hurdle is avoiding having to update the planning permission without the building getting torn down

    No seriously that’s a currently ongoing thing in the UK

  36. I was cooking and away from my phone and i heard "passionate gay sex scene" and i rushed to my phone to see, sadly, no gay sex

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