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2020’s BEST Fighting Games?!

Maximilian Dood
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  1. Too bad the +r discord got ruined by cry bullying ghouls who got rid of the guys who actually made the tournaments and held up the community for years

  2. I feel like I've set myself up for disappointment by even clicking this video.

    Them's Fightin' Herds left Early Access and came out this year. it got it's crazy ass story mode which plays more like a JRPG with fighting game battles then the "Watch cutscene, do battle" garbage that NRS has been doing, it's lobbies got completed and are some of the best fucking lobby systems in fighting games, the Salt Mines are a SUBLIME way to spend your time online, and for a better chunk of the spring and summer, we were doing pretty strong numbers because of the 1.0 launch and the EVO rub. I've become a Sajam fan because he came and honest-to-goodness played TFH after that 1.0 release and found love and respect for it in his heart.

    For all of Grandblue's extra detailed 3D animation, it's big ol' roster using a recognized and beloved IP in Japan (and the strong character design that comes with that), and it's attempts to implement easier special moves, it managed to immediately shrink it's player base because of bad netplay.

    TFH did have it's biggest player base at day 1 of early access, But since launch and the big tournaments in the summer, we had a big jump, and maintained at least double of some of our lowest player numbers since early access.

    Yeah, i realize I'm comparing watermelons to plums here, given that TFH is effectively a Niche of a Niche of a Niche and grandblue, having such strong corporate backing simply has the marketing budget and eyeballs TO retain some level of public mindshare, but I feel like you can't call a game that uncerimoniously dropped like a wet fart the best fighting game of 2020 when you have a success story like TFH.

  3. Max i like you , but what the hell are you talking about? It's either DragonBall or Smash. I mean netcode is important but the characters in DBFz is insane so is smash

  4. I PLAY TEKKEN TAG 2 ON XBOX360 TILL THIS DAY i need a remake lol or a new console i guess

  5. TBH this is only a thought it would be Hella awesome . To see Max as the face of a new era of Evo. and see him actually running it. With a team he hand picks to help back him. It would be so hype.

  6. anyone know the name of the ost that's playing throughout the vid?

  7. So I guess anime fighting games don't count for some reason

  8. Wake the fuck up, dood.

    We got an online to fix.

  9. I may be bias but melee gets it for me

  10. Shout out to GBF VS tho! Can't wait for ReLink! Happy New Year Everyone! Shine On!!!

  11. Not irrelevant but i would 💘 to see you do a playthrough of shad of morodor, if you would give it a try. Btw have a blessed day and stay positive. Also ki 2 is needed. ☺

  12. I think we have reached again a point where fighting games needs a step forward, in terms of movesets and new mechanics…maybe something near tekken in movesets, I mean they added more to the basic ones from tekken 1 to tekken 7.

    Because everytime I play a fighting game of the new era, for example MK11, there are 20 or 12 moves and thats all… the character has been reduced to that number and my game experience is limited, and of course boring at the end. Is it hard to design? Yes, I know the balance is a priority but hey there are AAA games that took 7 years or 10 at least, maybe it's time fighting games catch up with this dynamic. More time to develop a full fleshed fighting game with some new ideas.

  13. Best fighting game,?
    Me:Arc system of course
    Other: That not fighting game
    Me: I don't care, Arc system's game are best

  14. It is the best thing that came out for fighting games this ridiculous ear

  15. Honestly, that last comment on waking up affected me. I started writting down a ton of goals in terms of finances, job, career, degree, and a better new place to live bubbling through this year. Of course gaming is also included in there but it does suck it had to take a pandemic to have people wake the fuck up crazy lol.

  16. 0:19 I fucking agree
    Why the fuck Mortal Kombat won. Like seriously
    Imagine a game from 2-3 years ago WON THE FUCKING 2020 GAMES AWARD

  17. The best fighting game of 2020 was Maiden & Spell

  18. the best fighting game in 2020 still MK11 obviously 😊

  19. I don't think that in 2020 any game can be "the best fighting game" without a reasonable online. For that reason I think there is pretty much only GGACPR left standing with their great update. The time when it released first time is secondary.

  20. Just realized there are not many fighting game come out in 2020(that actually caught my attention), I know Granblue is good and all but I just find myself playing Def Jam FIght for NY in the entire 2020 cuz Im so bored.

  21. I know its not a fighting game..but for me as a hardcore fighting game player: Streets Of Rage 4 was my game of the year. The game is the best beat em up in years and the combo system is deep and very fighting game like. Gr8 vid as always Max! 🤠👍🍻

  22. Fighting games have been dead since SF5 came out and it makes me sad.

  23. Hopefully 2021 will be a better year for fighting games.

  24. I must consult with the elder gods - says:

    if you don't stream hollow knight silksong when it comes out i'm gonna kill myself 🙂 it's very good SOULSLIKE game, and i know u love souls games


  25. Parsec Marvel 3 was one of the best fighting game of 2020. Even if it was a slow year for the genre, if that isn't a sign that love for marvel still exists, idk what is

  26. Max should definitely give the demo for hellish quart a look, easy to learn difficult to master

  27. Tekken gettingn rollback and a wifi indicator was the hugest thing for me. Bliss.

  28. King of fighter 2002 UM getting rollback was best fighting game for me, its like going back in arcade days but at home. I really, really hope they give "roll back netcode" to KoF 98 UMFE and XIII.

  29. How do I use parsec and can I use it for smash bros ultimate

  30. You guys are really sleeping on Them's Fighting Herds

  31. UNICLR: Fighting game that actually came out in 2020, gets 0 mention
    GGAX+R: Fighting game that came out nearly a decade ago, wins game of the year
    I get that +R wasn't actually playable online till this year but I'm still miffed

  32. Everyone craps on MK11 but it won GOTY so…..

    Power Rangers Battle for the Grid is super awesome too.

  33. Idk… fg in general are already niche as fuck. So i def skip "community" made online patches or stuff like parsec. Why? Because who would use it? Right.. only ppl that are deep into fg's already. So you will face hell as a beginner. Not worth it. The devs should patch/make those games better so everyone can exp it.

  34. Especially considering the death of the Arcade, and the whole COVID thing, you'd think that devs would actually start giving a shit about good netcode.

  35. I think the quintessential example of "Fuck it. We'll do it ourselves." Has to go to Melee with Slippi this year. Completely community implemented rollback netcode with matchmaking is just such an amazing feat.

  36. KOF02 UM
    Was the my personal favorites out of 2020

  37. Null dc bear added a bunch of other things too including replays

  38. Them's Fightin Herd was officially released this year & it's supposedly pretty good

  39. The "fuck it, we'll do it ourselves" atitude was what brought us your MvC3 tournament when EVO promised us MvC2 and… well, we know what happened.

  40. Rollback net code has been around since 2006, these devs have no excuse.

  41. I could not agree more with the comment about parsec and the do it ourselves mentality

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