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2020’s BEST Fighting Games?!

Maximilian Dood
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  1. Fighting game of the year truly were the friends we made along the way

  2. We need more western fighting games. Anime fighters are overrated

  3. I'm not sure "F it, we'll do it ourselves" sends a message to devs to make better products. Sure, it worked in the case of GG Strive, but for the other games they already have our money and sold more copies of dead games because of community-driven revivals.

  4. What are your most anticipated incoming games…?

  5. The last of us is the best fighting game of 2020

  6. I'm so pissed people are acting like TFH doesn't exist and doesn't kick ass as a fighting game just because EVO didn't happen. Y'all in the comments shouldn't bitch so much about netcode if when a game with good online comes out ya snob it. Really showing those developers how important online is by all talking about the games with a shitty one and ignoring the great one.

  7. "Fuck it, we'll do it ourselves"

    ~Maximilian Dood – 2021

  8. No other fighting games came out this year?

    Cries in Gundam MaxiBoost ON

  9. And the best game of 2020 has like 200-300 avg players Steam. Awesome.

  10. 4:58 as always, there's no better way to say it than The Way of Max Dood

  11. if i had to say, the most important fighting game of 2020, at least for me, is MK11, while I know its not personally a game max plays, mk11 has consistently good online, so good that there are dozens of different tournament that've all been online, that has kept the FGC alive for me, by constantly being entertaining

  12. Are we ever going to get Max to acknowledge Undernight? :c

  13. Tekken got Pac-Man it's a 19/10 now.
    Also yha ignored the online patch.

  14. Arcsystemworks wins again. Awesome, but not surprising.

  15. Actually Tekken 7 netcode patch put it at the same level of GGac, and you can even see who are the scrub wifi users. I very much prefer playing Tekken 7 then that old GG besides Strive will come out in 4 months

  16. "no FGs came out this year"

    Them's Fightin' herds came out when again?

  17. Brad Anderson -Terrordrome-ROTL-Developer- says:

    So you know Terrordrome : Reign of the Legends was released on Steam Early Access back in July just saying.

  18. I hated mk 11. Looks great but the gameplay is really really slow and boring…

  19. I like your vids man !! Keep it up bro I feel like the fighting game industry listens to you max! You speak for us so hopefully we can get the games we’ve asked for on the new gen I really want rival schools to come back and the sf ex series aswell!!

  20. Great video Max.

    F it we do it ourselves guys are really doing tremendous work for Fighting Games which is truly amazing 👌.

    I am hoping 2021 is gonna great stuff for Fighting Games.

  21. Honestly. Whats the most played fightig games as of 2021 I want to take it serious quit my job and give it all I got

  22. Namenlos مجهول නමක් නැති says:

    Prinny: that's so impressively awesome video dood!!!!!! ~ prinny

  23. Me playing Skull Girls and not knowing much how to playing fighting games at all but gosh I like the aesthetic and music. But I try 😂

  24. Melee rollback came out this year and it rocks.

  25. Slippi rollback for melee literally revitalized the scene in so many ways. It just shows how much Melee players love their 20 year old game, and same for all the other communities. Fans who love their games so much they’d do anything to play them forever. It’s truly inspiring.

  26. good content but the music while speaking is a curse for me to understand what u're saying :'(

  27. If new characters are the reason for you to keep playing then you are not a FG player

  28. Booo who films this i could not let my kid see this

  29. soo correct with guilty gear, I feel the 2d love and excellence

  30. K11 isn't great. It's lastest expansion just push me away from the game even more.

  31. Street fighter v best fighting game of the gen

  32. Yeah I agree … Tekken 7 is awesome … Wait …

  33. Damn I didn't know nicholas cage played video games

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