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15 MORE Best Sword Fighting Games That Will Test Your Mastery

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There are plenty of methods to fight in video games, from fists to guns, or a mix of the two (with the odd chainsaw thrown in). Yet since time immemorial, swords have proven to be excessively enjoyable, not to mention versatile for the number of genres that feature them. Let’s take a look at 15 of the best sword fighting games, and how they’ll further your studies in the blade.


  1. We meant Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. Sorry about that.

  2. I didn't know you can use a light saber in bloodborne … that's just amazing

  3. I'm surprised Nioh 2 wasn't on the list. It has some of the best sword, and other weapon, combat of any game.

  4. Ninja Gaiden Black was the OG Dark Souls. You thought it was easy cause it was hack n slash but it was soul crushingly difficult

  5. Yeah, I loved that part when Luke Skywalker got wrecked by Father Gascoigne in Bloodborne: Fallen Order.

  6. You know what is "FIGHTING" game, I guess….. This list makes no sense. Teken, Injustice serials, mortal combat, street fighter etc… Remove "fighting" from the title Becouse there are several genres here. Only samurai shodown and bushido blades are. Soulcalibur ain't, there are diversity in veapons,. Maybe sword "combat" ?, but You put VR rhythmic music game on this list, what a joke,… not mentioning bloodborne mistake.

  7. I'm surprised Zelda: Skyward Sword isn't on this list. The swordplay was was very unique.

  8. I appreciate this channels hard work. Seriously. Daily uploads?! That's pretty impressive.

  9. Do “games for going combo mad”

  10. Ghost of Tsushima is one of the best games ever, and my dream game. I started another playthrough yesterday.

  11. The fact that you didn't have the PS2 game kendo Master Bushido on this list is questionably atrocious?

  12. No Nhio? And not FOR HONOR? Yea a very weak sword fighting list

  13. For Honor, Chivalry, and Mordhau worth mentioning

  14. Im surprised that My wife and Her broom are not mentioned on this list, every saturday when I came back home pissed drunk at 4am, she blade the broom with amazing precision and hit my head at unbeatable speed!!

  15. After finishing Ghost of Tsushima twice, there is litterly NOTHING that even comes close ⚠️⚠️

  16. Bannerlord is top 1 IMO: gives players full control while being easy to learn and hard to master.

    Kingdom Come Deliverance is also pretty neat.

  17. Metal gear rising needs to be on this list for it to make sense

  18. Honorable mention – the katana combat in Cyberpunk 2077; it's soooo satisfying 🙂

  19. Nioh is better than any on this list, and not only when it comes to swords

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