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15 HARD AS NAILS Final Bosses In Fighting Games

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More than perhaps any other genre, fighting games offer the kind of mechanical depth that you can lose yourself in for years. Learning the ins and outs, learning and perfecting combos, and so many other things that make this one of the most competitive genres in gaming, even on a professional level now.

But you don’t have to be playing against another human to be challenged in a fighting game. Throughout the years, this genre has thrown multiple final bosses at us that have got us all collectively pulling our hair out. In this feature, we’ll be taking a look at fifteen such fights.

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  1. Missed Geese Howard.
    He just reverses you for fun. Easily as tough as Rugal B.

  2. There's a ton of games that have alot of hard-ass bosses in it you have to make a list of a thousand games

  3. MK11: Kronika

    KOF series: Omega Rugal and Orochi.

  4. 🤔Wtf,Come on now get it together no geese howard,Shin akuma,Bison from Sf Alpha 3 and not to mention Magneto from xmen children of the atom

  5. Shidd Honorable mention Cell from dragonball Z budokai 1 ,they only way you was beating him is with throws

  6. No Samurai Showdown bosses. No Arcana Heart bosses. No Jun/Unknown. No Soul Calibur bosses. No BlazBlue bosses.

    You disappoint me.

  7. Azazel wasn't bad. All you had to do was heavy hits to knock him down then back up and avoid his air drop attack and go back to hitting him more.

  8. I think an honourable mention for me would have to be soul edge from soulblade
    That bastard cost me a few broken controllers in my time

  9. I always thought Gill from Street Fighter 3 was more challenging than Seth from Street Fighter 4

  10. Yoshihiro TPA Gamer productions 667 スーパーロボット大戦 says:

    did capcom come up with other bosses in street fighter games instead of akuma that on hard mode that is more unfair

  11. I'm a tekken player (not pro) Azazel is piece of cake even in ultra hard mode, tekken difficulties is an issue.

  12. I am realy sad that many people doesnt know street fighter ex series

    From Sfex2 plus shin bison was extremely difficulte boss. He has unlimited bar and unguardable attacks

  13. You forgot akuma the boss of everyone

  14. Worst guy was that water dude in Virtua fighter

  15. Fight Night Championship. I still ain't beat frost on easy. I went through 10 controllers and 4 game discs because of him

  16. It's not Rug'l with the Schwa sound, It's an A just in "Card" for example

  17. Seriously where the F is Geese Howard, that asshole was so tough in many games especially KOF 02 UM where I used a boring repetitive combo using Yashiro and in Art of Fighting 2 I had to use save states to beat him

  18. Final boss man from eternal champions. Can’t remember his name. Hardest boss ever!

  19. Final boss man from eternal champions. Can’t remember his name. Hardest boss ever!

  20. I think capcom vs snk 2 evil rugal was a harder bose

  21. Dude , wht abt "shin akuma" in street fighter alpha3 , dude he was absurdly strong

  22. Bison and Vega were very frustrating in street fighter 2

  23. Try rage of the dragon boss, snk vs capcom 2 boss, duke and shuko from double dragon

  24. Rugal KOF 98 level 8.
    You ll shit giant bricks.

  25. Damn it's so unfair of you for not including Jinpachi Mishima in the list.. he's one real mean boss

  26. How did azazel make this list and not jinpanchi mishima? (Tekken series)

  27. Alpha 152 man.. sheesh!! childhood rage moments coming back to haunt me.

  28. Guess u forgot about Jinpachi from Tekken 5. 🤔

  29. I guess Parace L'Sia from Arcana Heart 3 and Elizabeth from Persona 4 Arena are jokes to you huh?

  30. Bison was simple. First boss I ever beat as a kid in the arcade. Blanca or Honda glitch in the corner. I have beaten almost all these games. Except Mike Tyson's punch out. Which I have been playing since its release. It should be way higher. What about contra?

  31. shao khan from shaolin monk a friend of mine and i needed to take 3 breaks to come up with a strategy to beat him talking by the PS2 did not help

  32. This list is a joke … st2 bison is fair sst2t akuma is hard …street fighter 4 seth is a joke to fight akuma or ryus master you don't eve have to be good at the game .. gill third strike isn't a hard boss if you know some basic combos … galactus is easy as hell …many snk bosses read your inputs and there are very few ways to win beside knowing some flaws and hard punishes if they do punishable moves for button smashers each game is hard … shao khan is bugged as fuck jump back kick for the win nuff said and you have a block button use it fool .

  33. SF2X GOKI !
    Show your skill takedown it by 1 coin Lv8!

  34. Mk2 i use shang sung to finish kintaro and shaw kahn easily by use of fire balls.

  35. I failed to finish Eternal Champion. MK 9 Shao Kahn is the MOTHER of all Shao Kahns!

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