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15 HARD AS NAILS Final Bosses In Fighting Games

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More than perhaps any other genre, fighting games offer the kind of mechanical depth that you can lose yourself in for years. Learning the ins and outs, learning and perfecting combos, and so many other things that make this one of the most competitive genres in gaming, even on a professional level now.

But you don’t have to be playing against another human to be challenged in a fighting game. Throughout the years, this genre has thrown multiple final bosses at us that have got us all collectively pulling our hair out. In this feature, we’ll be taking a look at fifteen such fights.

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  1. I raged so hard on Shao Kahn story mode. I threw my controller into a wall because i was angry that i couldn’t win. But i eventually beat him

  2. And in Naruto Storm 3 the final guy is the hardest boss battle like ever because it’s so unfair.

  3. I'm laughing at the fact that Galactus made it to this list!!!

  4. General should’ve been higher than Eternal Champion..

    The only way to beat him is to exploit a glitch in the A.I.

  5. Fat Joe from fight for new York belongs on this.

  6. If you think galactus is a hard boss you honestly suck

  7. u just jump behind shao khan in mk9 and hes history

  8. 3 Shao Khans…….really? He's okay as a final boss but compared to other fighting game final boss, that aren't mentioned by the way, he's not even close let alone having 3 spots on the list.

  9. Other Cheap and frustrating as all hell bosses
    Geese Howard (Fatal Fury King of Fighters)
    Akuma (Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo)
    Final Bison (Street Fighter Alpha 3)
    Igniz (King of Fighters 2001)
    Sagat (Street Fighter 1987)
    Magaki (King of Fighters 11)
    Saiki (King of Fighters 13)
    Shin Akuma (Street Fighter Alpha 3)
    Omega Rugal (King of Fighters 2002 UM)

  10. Galactus really wasn't that hard of a boss, neither was MK2. This list is kinda wonky. Eyedol from Killer Instinct 1, cyber Akuma from Marvel super heroes vs Street fighter, I could go on.

  11. I’d argue Kronika from MK11 is worse than Shao Khan

  12. Top invincible boss: Shin Akuma. Where to fight: super street fighter 2 X.

  13. Shao Kahn is easy the hardest has to be eyedol

  14. I've just beat shaokahn in mk9 and came to find him.

  15. The "I am a perfect soldier" General is the worst of them all!!!!

  16. What a fucking joke this list is,no Akuma from SSF2 Turbo? No Ultra Rugal from CvSNK2?
    Bison from SF2 is easy as hell,why not using Final Bison from SFA3?
    This list is nothing but a MK/NRS blowjob fest,pathetic.

  17. Unknown/Jun was alot Harder then Azazel he was at least slower compared to the Twin ComboAddicts

  18. Bison instead of akuma?
    94 rugal instead of 2002 UM Omega rugal?
    Also Galactus REALLY isn't that hard.

  19. You forgot to put Shin M Bison from SF Alpha 3 and the epitome of SNK boss syndrome Igniz from KoF2001

  20. No Geese…da fuh u on (Fatal Fury)
    3 Shao Kahns only one you needed was 3 for damn sure.
    Hell I'm counting Mk2 tower as a boss due to me not being able to get past 4 fights due to Ai
    No Akuma (Street Fighter)
    No Jinpachi (Tekken)
    No Wolfgang Krauser (Fatal Fury)
    No Justice (Guilty Gear)
    No Master Core, Master Fortress (Super Smash Bros Wii U)

  21. This is the dumbest list I've seen a while.. barely showing gameplay. Also the choices themselves like really…

  22. God rugal wipes the floor with all these this was a bad count down

  23. Mr Karate from Art of Fighting ? Saiysu Kusanagi/Omega Rugal KOF 95 ? Goenitz KOF 96 ?
    Zero from KOF 2000 and Igniz KOF 2001 ? Parace L´Sia from Suggoi!Arcana Heart 2 ?
    BUT all 3 Shao Khans ??? Are you kidding me ?

  24. They said it themselves hard as nails not impossible

  25. 1. Lack of footage for certain bosses does not help your case as to why some are hard, my geuss is laziness since this video took probaly 30 minutes to make. Descriing super moves that one shot but shows no footage, the seth segment was especially lazy as well as flat out wrong as no one would ever agree that seth is even close to gill 2. The reasons for many of the bosses are not the reason why they are hard, just simply using vague terms that would make anyone who is not knowledgebale beleive what you are saying 3. the #2 segment on ALpha 152 might be the worst entry i've ever seen. A still image, and she is hard ebcause of a teleport, major damage and "eratic" moveset 4. The lack of SNK bosses meant that you know nothing of fighting games, but felt that u needed to include a few, which is extra lazy as you put shao kahn 3 times. Proabbly the second worst video this channel has ever made.

  26. Rugal 94 genocide cutter has world warrior sagat's tiger uppercut damage to world warrior blanka (from a blanka ball where he took more damage if hit from this move) but applies it to everyone with even better range and recovery and world warrior shoryuken invincibility

  27. Shin Akuma in Capcom vs SNK was no jokes. Omega Rugal in KOF 95 at expert level. Ignitz in KOF 2001. Omega rugal in KOF 2002 Unlimited match. Magaki in KOF IIX

  28. M.Bison II from street fighter ex 2 plus
    Shao khan from MK trilogy !


  29. Only 2 of these bosses are worth even considering as far as how hard they are. Only Rugal and General are hard on this list. WAY harder fighting bosses out there.

  30. You kids nowadays should try the first Street Fighter and see what Sagat can do

  31. I'm kinda surprised that neither I-No or Justice are here, because both of those bosses are really hard.

  32. Shao Kahn in MK9 is by far the hardest boss in fighting games.

  33. I don't agree with some of the bosses on the list but here's some honorable mentions: Igniz-KOF 2001, Jinpachi Mishima-Tekken 5, I No-Guilty Gear X2, Night Terror-Soul Calibur 3, Zero-KOF 2000, Dark Ash-KOF 13.

  34. None of these dudes have shit on Shin Akuma from Street fighter Alpha 2 Gold.

  35. Rugal from KOF 2002 Ultimate that is my answer

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