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12 Most Hated Fighting Game Characters

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You know you need to find a new friend when they choose to play as one of this lot.

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  1. What the hell were cinder from killer Instinct

  2. Eddy is easy 2 defeat. Noobs find him hard.

  3. Mortal Kombat 2011's version of Shao Kahn could be defeated if you kept your distance. It was Shao Kahn from Mortal Kombat 3 that was a REAL pain in the ass!

  4. Hol Horse from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure HD Ver. should have been on this list

  5. you missed out on Rugal B from King of fighters.. especially the one in KOF 1994…

  6. A big like from me! Shao Kahn took me hours to beat, he is so cheap and going head to head with him would most of the time result in defeat, his x ray move is the worst!

  7. Seriously, why isn't Gill from SF:3 on here?!

  8. What about Night Terror from SC3? Anyone?

  9. I found myself thinking your hair isn’t that weird over and over, like “don’t focus on his hair, just watch the video” but really it is sort of weird.

  10. Gill from "Street Fighter 3: third strike". The final boss at the end of the game, he had the same move set as his brother but a devastating fail attack and like Dark Phoenix, he could we generate and as a stronger and fast.

  11. Number 1 should be
    eddie gordo

    Edit: nice, he's in the vid

  12. I really hated Kronika's boss fight in MK11.

  13. Bayonetta pretty much killed the Smash 4 scene. Just saying.

  14. Beating nancy was my proudest achievement when I was younger

  15. With certain characters Shao Khan isn't bad. Although you have to spam certain moves to win which is not fun, but it works

  16. Noob in MK11 is not OP by any standard. He has no overhead combo attacks or any 50 50s.

  17. I only defeated galactus with hulk and i have beaten it like 5 times … he is sooo annoying but shao khan… man oh man …. ptsd is personified with this guy

  18. The presenters on this channel don't know what they are talking about, they are literally put in front of the camera and told to read what comes up the teleprompter. They have no experience of actually playing the games. This channels is a joke!

  19. the jiggle phsics were god damn amazing, so im sad there gone

  20. Eddy is way more balance now and much harder to be good at however I feel that you guys should've added the special episode kazuma fight from tekken7 that fight was absolute bull even on easy

  21. Why does his head look like a mushroom

  22. Hazama from BlazBlue is worse than Shao Khan, soul draining shield anyone?

  23. Sadly missing those SNK bosses from this list. Rugal, Goenitz, etc

  24. I didn't knew there were only 3 or 4 fighting games!
    Btw, Jinpachi is a joke if you are skilled. I am not a pro but 90% of beating him on ultra hard mode in TEKKEN 5 with my main Steve are PERFECTS.

  25. No night terror from soul series, do more reasearch pls

  26. What!!! Shao Kahn was easy AF once you learnt his unblockables.

  27. I wish they would just show gameplay instead of this dudes fucked up haircut. It looks like some roadkill I saw the other day

  28. Ultron Sigma was bloody annoying on MvC Infinite

  29. Isaac Frost – Fight Night Champion
    Mike Tyson – Mike Tyson's Punch Out
    Shao Kahn – MK2
    Seth – Street Fighter 3
    Mileena – MK9

  30. Beating shao Khan isnt hard at all when you figure out his cheap AI

  31. Uhhhhh, not one mention of Rugal??? I mean are you serious. He’s made so many other list and has multiple instances of evil incarnations. I’m shocked, he’s not on here.

  32. How is Gill from the Street Fighter III Series not on this list?

  33. Never had a problem with Shao Kahn in MK 10 I think shinok should have been number on he can tank through all your moves and just beat you down through your combos he also seem to soak up damage like the words greatest sponge

  34. Shao Khan was actually easier than anybody else on this list.

  35. SK is a bitch in MK9, but he’s damn near impossible in MK2.

  36. The fact that no SNK bosses made this list REALLY drives home that you guys haven’t got the slightest idea of what you’re trying to talk about. What an embarrassing lack of credibility you’ve proven.

  37. Lol. I heard Shao Kahn say “You are nothing!” At the end
    "while overpowered combos beat my fighter to a pope"-
    YouTube Captions.

  38. Gill from Street Fighter with that damn Resurrection ability almost made me break the control a few times

  39. Some honorable mentions (in terms of either hard, cheap or irritating characters):

    Grox and Exor (War Gods)
    Gon, Boskonovich (Tekken 3)
    Azazel (Tekken 6)
    Kintaro (MK2)
    Gargos (Killer Instinct, Shadow Lords mode)
    The bad habit of developers to make almost all female characters fast pace rushdowns with little hitbox, usually without compensating in terms of power.
    Armadon (Primal Rage)
    Raone (Destrega)

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